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A Watcher's Charming Encounter

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This story is No. 2 in the series "A Watcher Most Charmed". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Babies, brides, and battles with the added lesson that information is power

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Prologue: Six Survivors

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Any characters you recognize are copyrighted to someone else. Specifically, Joss Whedon, Aaron Spelling, J.K. Rowling, Brad Wright, Stephen Sommers, and David Panzer. There may or may not be other, copyrighted things that you recognize. If you recognize them, also be aware that I’m just borrowing them.

Author’s Notes: This is the sequel to A Watcher Most Charmed. If you haven’t read that one, you won’t understand this one. There are still several crossings including:

Buffy: Not comic book compliant

Angel: AU as of Season 5

Charmed: AU as of the end of Season 3

Harry Potter: AU as of the end of Book 5

Highlander: AU as of Season 6. Nick Wolfe actually comes from Highlander: the Raven but we’ll say everything’s AU for that series.

Stargate SG-1: AU as of the Season 7 episode “Fragile Balance”

Stargate Atlantis: AU as of the end of Season 1. Timeline wise, the expedition probably started earlier than in canon, around the time of “Fragile Balance”

The Mummy: Has nothing to do with the third movie and is set at least 70 years after. Mostly Canon compliant, though. Reduced mostly to a cameo. I think.

Warnings: I still pick at Angel even though I like him. And I still curse. A lot. If you’re familiar with the fifth season, some of these things are going to seem very familiar while just as many are going to change. That is what happens when you bring several people back from the dead and mix several canons on top of one another. Also, this is a WIP. I'll be posting as I write but please, don't rush me.

Pairings: Faith/Xander/Oz, Piper/Leo, mentions of past canon relationships, and several others. You’ll get to see those unfold.

Prologue: Six Survivors

Jack had been a soldier long enough, dealt with enough aliens and politicians to know: nothing was a coincidence. Six military personnel of the SGC had several things in common: to be so young, they were incredibly jaded, a similar note could be found in their file dictating that, in case of death, they were to be cremated and Alexander Harris was to be notified, and they were all from Sunnydale. Had, in fact, all graduated together. Jack had noticed them two years ago, shortly after their home town became a crater. He’d been surprised at how well they’d handled it.

They were close despite having such extremely different personalities. They’d also had no trouble adjusting to the idea of aliens. Their team leaders had commented on how well they took surprises of the alien nature and how quickly they could read a situation. Trouble did not sneak up on them.

Now, Jack needed them. Orders had come down from the very top for SG-1 to get briefed on a certain organization, by that organization, and to brief that organization on the SGC in turn. Only problem: say anything even resembling U.S. military to a member of the Council and they clammed up, shut down. Jack needed an in. And the only ones he had were the six men and women standing at ease in front of them.

“So,” he began, “who wants to tell us about the Council?”

“Clearance for the Council is higher than for the SGC, sir,” First Lieutenant Aura Barren, Ph. D. said after everyone else stayed quiet. “And any military personnel that needs to be briefed on them has to go through Special Agent Riley Finn, sir.”

Jack raised an eyebrow. That was more useful information than he’d managed to gather in a month. “Yeah, sure, you betcha. Any idea how I’m supposed to find this Finn?”

Lance Corporal Percy West pulled out his wallet and pushed a rather plain business card at him. “That’s the only number we have for him, sir.”

Jack flipped the card looking for more information, but no, it really did only have the man’s name and phone number on it. “What do you know about this Finn guy?”

“He’s Army, sir. He’s the Council’s military liaison, still on active duty on a highly classified project, and has a history with the Council higher ups,” Corporal Rhonda Kelley answered promptly.

“I’d like a volunteer for a guide for when we go visit them,” Jack said, fiddling with his pen but studying them intently.

“No, sir,” West said immediately.

“That’s not how it works, sir,” Barren said, shaking her head. “They’re going to be wary enough. Treat them like freaks and they’ll return the favor.”

“We can give you some hints, though, sir,” Corporal Tor Hauer said, smiling slightly. “Never trust what you’re seeing.”

“Don’t discount anyone because of their age, sir,” Dr. Amber Groves, Second Lieutenant said quietly.

“None of them are stupid, sir. Crazy, yes. Stupid, almost never,” Barren warned.

“They’ve been doing what they’re doing longer than SG-1’s been a team, sir,” Kelley said.

“And they’re good at it, sir,” Second Lieutenant Kyle Dufours added seriously.

“And, this is just a rumor, sir, so I can tell you, but scuttlebutt is they’ve made some very important people cry, sir,” West said.

“Authority’s not their favorite thing, sir,” Barren nodded.

“You keep saying ‘they’,” Daniel said, leaning forward eagerly. “Who’s ‘they’?”

“That’s classified,” the six said.

Daniel sat back, stunned. It’d been awhile since he’d heard that.

Jack smirked. “You’re dismissed.” The six left quickly and Jack said, “They, Daniel, are the Council head and his six lieutenants.”

“You know who they are, sir?” Carter asked, frowning.

Jack flipped open the file in front of him to show them. The majority of the information was blocked out. “All I’ve got are seven names and the town. This is what the Pentagon could give me until we’ve been briefed. Thankfully, Hammond put in a note that some of our own might be more helpful.”

“O’Neill, is it not strange that six such individuals from the same town should work at the SGC?” Teal’c asked.

Jack nodded. “Normally, you’d be right. But any military personnel that originated in Sunnydale are automatically slated for special ops. It took me a month of looking for information on the Council to find that little tidbit out.”

“Sir, that’s not standard operating procedures,” Carter argued.

“No, Carter, it’s not. And when we meet the Council, we can ask them what’s going on,” Jack said, fiddling with the card West had left. 
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