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A Brave New World

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Summary: Twenty Five years later it happens again. JAG/NCIS/Walker, Texas, Ranger/Final Countdown X-Over

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Multiple Crossings > Non-BtVS CrossoversAsmodeusFR18311,7721142,57130 Oct 0815 Sep 09No

Chapter One

A Brave New World

New Disclaimer: I own none of the following:
The Final Countdown, JAG, NCIS, Walker; Texas Ranger, Martial Law, Top Gun, Stealth, Band of Brothers, Herman Wouk’s War and Remembrance, The Aviator, X-Files, Tom Clancy’s Ryan-verse post Executive Orders but pre Bear and the Dragon

Admiral AJ Chegwidden, Judge Advocate General of the United States Armed forces, stood on the Flag Bridge of the USS Nimitz looking out its windows in total shock. A storm had just appeared out of nowhere. It was like no storm he had ever seen before or heard of. It was a sort of horizontal green/black tornado like vortex with lightning around its eye.

In the port side chair the exercise commander Admiral Matthew Yelland gave an order to slow to one third speed and imposed EMCON Alpha, placing all electronics in standby. Then grabbing a handset contact all airborne aircraft telling them to place all non-essential electronics into standby, an order which he thought unnecessarily hazarded all ships and aircraft involved in this exercise. After accomplishing this he immediately turned to the Chief Boatswain mate standing on the bridge and order the fleet to GQ.

The storm continued to inexorably approach the formation of ships and aircraft.

Looking to his left he saw that the NCIS liaison, Jethro Gibbs had a similar expression on his face, while looking to his right Commander Harmon Rabb had a look of stunned disbelief and he thought a little bit of awe. Standing next to him, in the uniform of a colonel in the US Marines, Cordell Walker seemed not to know what to think or what to do.

The storm continued to approach, closing the distance and unbelievably seemed to be growing not only in size but apparently in power if the amount of lightning was any indication.

Admiral Yelland didn’t seem phased in the least by this development and indeed seemed to be expecting it. As verified by his next order over the 1MC, “All hands prepare for approaching storm.”

No sooner had he finished issuing the order than lightning began striking the ‘island’ along with what could be termed a green fog and a wailing sound could also be heard. Admiral Chegwidden immediately associated it to the wail a banshee might make.

Soon everyone on the bridge was convulsing, holding their ears and some were falling to the deck in pain. Admiral Yelland though seeming to be in great pain was hugging his wife tightly, as if his very life depended on it.

Admiral Chegwidden thought he’d lost consciousness for no sooner had the events started than they were over just as abruptly and they were in calm seas under a clear dark sky. Apparently it was now night, or early morning as the slight glowing of the horizon seemed to indicate.

Agent Gibbs was the first to recover from the effects of the storm, “What the hell just happened?” He seemed to be worried not for just himself but for his team that was embarked on several of the ships participating in the exercise. ‘Though on second thought,’ the Admiral mused, ‘Maybe not an exercise after all, if Commander Rabb’s theory proves out’.

See movement where Admiral Yelland and his wife were last seen, Admiral Chegwidden asks the figure now standing with his back to him, “Where the hell are we, Admiral?”

The Admiral then turned to face the assembled personnel on the flag bridge giving a hand to his now very young looking wife. A very young Admiral Yelland now faced AJ and then he spoke with a very young sounding voice, “You’re asking the wrong question Admiral Chegwidden,” Admiral Yelland said with a slight smile, “The question better asked would be, When the Hell are we?”

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