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Revelations of Darkness

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Summary: The Powers That Be decide they are tired of Buffy *ruining* their plans and decide to get rid of her to a place far, far away...

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Star Wars > Buffy-CenteredBillGopherFR181343,84198848,82031 Oct 0822 Nov 10No

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Chapter Twelve

Authors Note - I know the last chapter was seriously short, but this one wasn't back until yesterday, so enjoy the next part :)

Chapter Twelve
Two Months Later...


Ice sighed, hating this part of her 'job'. "Yes Apprentice Legislator Naberrie?" Ice answered.

"Do you have my updated schedule for this week?" Padme asked.

"Yes, here." Ice said and she paused as something caught her attention, by the time she looked at it it was gone but Ice knew that something was 'up' and then the feeling of being watched was gone...


Ice shot up out of bed, instantly awake from her sleep and reaching out with her senses to find what it was that woke her. Unable to sense anyone else Ice slid out of bed, picking up the 6" long dagger off the bedstand as she padded outside towards Padme's bedroom. Ice could see the seals were untouched and turned her attention to the outside of the house. Peering out the window Ice saw the half-moon just illuminating the large yard, but with all the trees much more was left shrouded in shadows, especially by the walls. Unwanted guests, so using the door is a no-no. Buffy thought to herself before sliding the window open and moving outside into the darkness. Gliding forward Ice stopped under a nearby tree and closing her eyes before pushing her senses outwards as Cara had been teaching her months earlier. After several minutes Ice knew there were three of them; one by the South wall and the two others were closing with the house....

Ice felt the branch below move and stopped her breathing as the figure of a man dressed all in black stepped beneath her. Ice let the assassin pause, looking around as she silently slide the 6" inch dagger out of its sheath before locking her legs on the branch and quietly letting the top half of her body down. One hand covered the man's mouth while the other hand buried the dagger in his throat before twisting it. Ice pulled the dagger free in a spray of blood before burying it in his heart. With her free hand Ice caught the body before it could fall, pulling it up where she had been waiting. Dropping down to the ground Ice ran to where she felt the second assassin was ahead of her, catching up to where he was near the entrance to the house. "Don't you know you should knock before you enter a house?" Ice said outloud and the assassin turned around just in time to see the fist as it hit his face and knocking him into the door. Ice saw the assassin reach into a pocket and grabbed the arm by the wrist before it could come out with whatever it was and her elbow slammed into the assassin's mouth, shattering teeth. Pulling the assassin's hand out of the pocket Ice saw he was holding a long needle, bringing the hand up and around Ice stabbed the assassin with his own poisoned needle before pulling it free and tossing it away. Ice watched as the assassin collapsed without a sound to the ground. Two down, one to go... Ice thought before turning and running towards the shadows and where the last assassin was waiting, but this one she wanted alive...


Tono Nur knew something was wrong, first Kelek had gone off, the last thing he'd heard from him was a gurgle. Then Solon went silent, all of which meant that there actually *was* security on the Naberrie girl. Backing up quietly Tono was getting ready to beat a hasty retreat when he heard someone clear their throat behind him. Whirling around Tono drew his blaster pistol with right hand and his dagger in the other...

"You know they just don't train assassins like they used to, when I was younger they would have kicked you out of Ninja school for letting a little girl sneak up behind you," Ice said casually to the last assassin and watched the twin looks of embarrassment and anger flit across the assassin's face. Grabbing the hand with the blaster in it Ice twisted and expected him to fight only he dropped the blaster instead. Realizing her mistake Ice bent over backwards just in time to see the dagger pass right over her face. Her left foot lashed out and met air and Ice did a back flip to give her room between them. "Not just a pretty face are you? Well, you probably never had a pretty face," Ice quipped but she realized she was facing someone much more dangerous and skilled than the others. Closing, Ice ducked and twisted to avoid the initial dagger thrusts from the assassin, instead of attacking Ice just watched and analyzed the assassins attacks as she dodged, weaved and otherwise avoided all his attacks. Having seen enough Ice followed her pattern of avoiding his attacks, but 'fell' backwards, landing on her hands and both feet shot up catching the assassin in the face, knocking him backwards. Rolling up to her to his chest before Ice lunged forward just beneath the dagger thrust to land both fists into the assassin's stomach. Ice saw the assassin lurch backwards and jumped up to land one kick and then another kick to the assassin's chest that threw him backwards onto the ground in a roll. Running towards the assassin Ice reached him just as he came up on his knees, his hands in front of him and still clutching his dagger. No longer content to play games Ice quickly grabbed the wrist of the hand holding the dagger and broke it with a hard twist to the outside. The dagger clattered to the ground and Ice pounded on the assassin until he was barely able to move as he lay on the ground. Grabbing the assassin by the shirt Ice dragged him back towards the main house where she saw the lights were now all on, both inside and outside the house.

"Ice!" Padme said as she opened the door to see Ice dragging a man dressed in dark clothing and bleeding. "You're okay!" Padme said a little bit worried. "Who is that?"

"This is Bo-Bo," Ice said as she hefted the assassin she was carrying one-handed. "Bo-Bo is one of the scum who came to have a 'late-night' visit with you and I intend to have a little *talk* with Bo-Bo and get a few answers on why he was here tonight. Now you go back to sleep, this is going to take a little while..."

"Oh no! We are not doing anything like torture for information Ic-Saché! We'll turn him over to the Planetary Police and let them handle this through proper methods."

Ice looked at Padme and saw she was serious, that she was not going to back down on this. "Fine. But you're putting you're life in danger by not getting answers from him now, before he can have an 'accident' and that only makes my job harder to protect you," Ice said coldly and threw Bo-Bo on the ground. "Move one inch Bo-Bo, twitch...whatever I don't like and I'll spread your guts out on the lawn as a decoration. Are we clear?"

Tono found himself only able to nod as he looked into the eyes of the woman who he knew would have no compunction about doing what she said.

"That may be, but I will not tolerate the torture of prisoners, no matter what they may be accused of," Padme said stubbornly, refusing to back down on this.

"Pretty ideas, but pretty ideas don't keep you alive in the real world," Ice said before taking several steps back to put some distance between her and the door.

Padme could feel the anger coming from Ice, but angry bodyguard or not Padme refused to compromise her principles. Before she could think about it any more there was a knock on the door and Ice was there, opening it after using the vid camera to see who was there.

"The 'proper authorities' are here princess..." Ice said as she opened the door, after seeing the police identification. "Goodnight," Ice said without another word.

The police walked in and took the assassin into custody, cuffing him. "We'll take him from here and get some answers Assistant Legislator Naberrie," The sergeant said before leaving with the prisoner.


Ice waited until she knew Padme was back in her room, having already dressed and armed herself so that as soon as Padme was asleep she was ready to go. Silently, Ice left the house and headed straight for the dirty, little, underbelly of Theed...


Three Nights Later...

It had taken her longer than Ice thought it would, but after an even amount of ass-kicking and money, but Ice finally tracked down the name of the guy she wanted and his name was Lukef Nulrus. Now, according to what she'd been told, Lukef was part of something called Obsidian Moons, a sort of splinter group of the Dark Suns organization. Lukef wasn't the top dog, but he was the one she wanted since he was the one who'd given the Nellis Boys their target....


Twenty-Minutes Later
The Dug Hole

Ice walked into the bar and her first thought was a flashback to Willy's. What a dump that place was and this place doesn't seem all that different... Ice walked past the Trandoshan and a human who were *guarding* the front door, if you could call it that and over to the bar which sat at the far back of the room. As she stopped at the bar Ice took mental note of where each of the dozen patrons were as she walked through the room. "Bartender," Ice called and the bartender slithered over a moment later. "Bottle of Tihaar and a glass." A bottle of clear liquid appeared along with a shot glass a moment later in front of her and Ice filled the shot glass to the rim before drinking the entire glass down in one gulp. Ice had to fight the urge to shake her head after taking the shot of Tihaar, That stuff always packs a nice kick to it!

Turning around in place Ice looked out over the room. To her left Ice saw two Chistori, who basically looked like bipedal lizards. "Hey! Do you have a problem here?" Ice asked with an annoyed look on her face.


"Yeah you! You shoved me derp-wad!" Ice said angrily right before she shoved the Chistori backwards with a hard push into his friend behind him at the bar. "Well, what are you gonna do about it?" Ice said with a sneer and a moment later Ice saw the reaction she wanted as the friend got up and started stomping his way over to her. [Oooooh! this is just *perfect*!] Ice thought as she saw how quickly they were surrounded by the other bar flies. Ice waited for one or both of them to try and attack her, a moment later Ice saw the Chistori charge her. Grabbing his jacket as she twisted to avoid him Ice threw lizard guy through the wall of idiots behind her.

Yells, cries, and gurgles were heard right before someone drew a blaster and started shooting. Cyan, yellow and green blaster bolts tore through the room and Ice dove behind the bar for cover. Peeking out a minute later Ice saw that at least half of the barflies were dead or just down and the rest had taken cover over the various parts of the room, but there was only one spot that had her undivided attention. And that was a door about 20' feet across from her guarded by a Dug and a Twi'lek, both of whom looked very heavily armed...


Ice was through the door and into the next room when she heard a loud roar, when she looked up Ice saw another guard, this time a Trandoshan and he was waiting for her...


Panting heavily Ice used the Trandoshan's body as a battering ram Ice slammed his body into the door one last time before she dropped the dead Trando's body to the ground. After a quick search of the Trando's body Ice found the key and the code to open the security door."Lukef Nulrus, we need to talk."

Lukef looked up at the blonde woman walk into the room and he tried to maintain his appearance of calm in front of this small, blonde and bloody human girl who was now standing in front of him. "Go someplace else for that. I have a business to run," Lukef said dismissively even as he shivered inside.

"I'm here about the Naberrie bounty..." Ice said and she saw Lukef look up at her for the first time.

"What about it? It's already been picked up by the Nellis boys," Lukef said dismissively.

"Not anymore, three are dead and one's in police hands and Naberrie is alive."

"So you want the bounty then?" Lukef said with a appraising look.

Ice's hand shot out, grabbing Lukef by the throat and held him up. "Now I'm gonna tell you what's going to happen. The bounty on Padme is officially gone. If anyone else comes around offering money about killing Naberrie, I want to know about it."

"And what are you going to do to me if I don't?" Lukef asked nervously.

"Then you and I are going to have a little 'chat' and you will not be happy with the results when I'm done..." Ice said menacingly. Holding Lukef close so he could see her eyes, Ice saw a look of understanding in Lukan's eyes before he nodded a moment later before she released him.

"O-Okay. No problem. Just that's it, right?" Lukan got no answer but watched as a small, blonde woman walked out of his office in what he had thought was the safest place on the planet...


That Afternoon...

Ice waited impatiently at the starport, waiting for the inbound shuttle from Corellia, her foot tapping a constant beat. Cara and Ardana were on it and due any minute now, but each minute felt like a year after all the months they'd been apart. Standing off to the side, and dressed in red and yellow robes and scarf and cap that covered most of her face, Ice looked nothing like her alter ego, Saché, Apprentice Legislator Naberrie's assistant. Finally, Ice saw two cloaked and hooded figures walking down the shuttle's ramp. It took every ounce of Ice's willpower not to run right up to Cara and Ardana, instead she held up the placard written in Twi'lek with Cara and Ardana's name on it.

Ice saw both figures walk over, "Mistress Kala, I am your guide and I will be taking you to your quarters." Ice said meekly, keeping her eyes averted as she bowed towards the floor.

"Excellent," 'Mistress Kala' said imperiously.


Ice had had to fight to keep from fidgiting during the drive in the aircar to the apartment Jobal had setup for the sisters. Leading the way up to the sisters's new home Ice stopped in front of the door, unlocked it and stepped to the side so the sisters could enter first. Following, Ice closed the door behind her and locked it before continuing through the foyer and into the large living room. "Will there be anything else Mistress?" Ice as asked as she kept her her distance.

Cara and Ardana looked at each other in surprise, "Ice? Aren't you staying?" Cara asked.

"No. I have a meeting with Lt Iverson, he's the head of Padme's security force, about an assassin who tried getting to Padme three nights ago....and if I come over there...I'll want to pull those robes off of you two and make love until we fall asleep, and I can't stay how long I'd want to."

"And why can't you just stay for a little while then, Ice?" Cara asked as she slowly stepped forward and opened her cloak.

"Because I wouldn't want to leave and I have to see Iverson first thing in the morning."

Cara stopped just mere inches before Ice. "You won't miss that meeting Ice, I promise."

Ice kissed Cara hard as she pulled Cara against her, feeling Cara's lush curves against her own. "God I've missed you both!" Ice said before kissing Cara once more and her hands removed the offending robe from Cara's body, letting it drop to the floor. Walking forward Ice guided Cara without breaking their kiss until she stopped in the living room and pressed her body against Cara's, only to feel another body sandwhich hers in between. Hands slid down her back and sides to cup and squeeze her butt and Ice moaned into Cara's mouth at Ardana's touch. Quickly enough Ice found her clothes were removed so she was standing naked in the middle of an equally naked Twi'lek cookie filling.

Somehow they wound up in the bedroom and after making love to both sisters Ice lay in between them, holding Cara with Ardana pressed up against her back. "Gods, I can't believe we were apart for so long," Ice murmured as a feeling of contentment washed over her. Cupping Cara's breast as she ran her thumb over the hardening nipple Ice kissed the base of Cara's neck before moving one lekku over Cara's shoulder so Ice could run her tongue along it, feeling Cara shudder. I think I'm going to have to make up for lost time..." Ice said with a saucy grin.


The Next Morning

Ice hated having to leave the sisters, but she had a meeting with Lt. Iverson about the attack the night before on Padme's life. Walking into the meeting room Ice saw Lt. Iverson, Padme's personal security forces chief and Sgt. Pendergast of the Theed City Police., neither man was smiling and Ice wondered what they knew that she didn't... "Lieutenant, I'm Saché, Apprentice Legislator Naberrie's Aide. The Apprentice Legislator sent me to see if you had any information on the man who was captured on her grounds."

"We have bad news Saché," Sgt Pendergast began, "...the prisoner that we captured several nights ago, died. Apparently he hung himself in his cell and no one noticed until it was too late..."

"What? Are you kidding me?" Ice recovered quickly while she cursed herself mentally for such a slipup. "So you were unable to find out why he would have tried hurting Apprentice Legislator Naberrie?" Ice asked, already knowing the answer was 'no' and also wondering which one of these two was paid off to silence the assassin.

Shaking his head, "No, he refused to even give us a name or anything else, ate his dinner and then somehow disabled the camera in his cell and hung himself."

Ice said nothing, but looked over at Lt. Iverson, "What about the other two? Did you find anything on them that could help us identify them?"

"Their clothes could have been bought anywhere on Naboo, and their weapons were common but in good shape. No help there either."

Without thinking about it Ice reached into her pocket and took out a coin the size of a half-dollar and started rolling it across the fingers of her hand and then into her palm over and over again. It was something she'd learned to do to keep her hands busy when something was really bothering her shortly after arriving here in this reality/universe.

Iverson saw Saché rolling the coin over her fingers as she seemed to be in deep thought, "Saché, the only thing I can tell you is to keep a close eye on Assistant Legislator Naberrie. We will keep you informed of any further developments, thank you."

Ice knew a dismissal when she heard one and without a word, turned on her heel and left the building.


"A bit of an unusal one there, isn't she?" Lt. Iverson said once "Saché" was gone.

Yawning, "Ahhh! You know the Naberrie family, they've always attracted the square pegs for the round holes. Odd? Yes. But from what my people tell me she's very good at her job. Always around Naberrie taking notes and such." Leaning forward conspiratoraly towards Lt. Iverson. "You know there's been talk about those two, yes?" Sgt. Pendergrast added with a knowing grin.

Shaking his head, "No. What do you mean?"

"Word is that the two are lovers, with the way they were seen together at all times night and day. That Saché girl even had them make a door from her room into Naberrie's which was right next to hers."

" I don't think that speculating about the Apprentice Legislator's love life is appropriate, especially considering her age...Sergeant!" Iverson ordered, wanting to cut that line of the conversation off right there. "And Sergeant, let the other men know I do not think such comments are appropriate for the Security forces in Theed. At least if they wish to continue working there. Am I clear on this?"

"Yes Sir!"


Ice had time to think about things as she walked back to the building and the walk gave her time to think some of those ideas out. Ice walked into the suite where she was staying with Padme and into her room, she knew she couldn't continue to do this alone, things were moving to a point where Padme was going to be in situations where just one pair of eyes weren't enough and that meant that at some point an assassin was going to get past her and kill Padme. And that meant being the solo bodyguard was going to have to change...

End Chapter Twelve

The End?

You have reached the end of "Revelations of Darkness" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Nov 10.

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