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Revelations of Darkness

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Summary: The Powers That Be decide they are tired of Buffy *ruining* their plans and decide to get rid of her to a place far, far away...

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Star Wars > Buffy-CenteredBillGopherFR181343,84198848,85131 Oct 0822 Nov 10No


Revelations of Darkness

By Iceflame55 & Bill Gopher

Disclaimers - None of BtVS or SW belongs to me. Those are the properties of Joss Whedon and George Lucas respectively.

Author's Notes - Stories are Post "Chosen" Buffy Season 7 and (42 BBY) 10 years prior to the events of "The Phantom Menace".

A/N 2 - This is a dark fic, it also will contain violence, slash and some hetero sex later on. Warning. Chapter Two contains a rape scene, while not graphic it can still be considered disturbing. Please be aware.



She'd gone to sleep in the motel on their way to Los Angeles, nobody had had the strength to drive all night and day just to get to LA. Instead they'd taken over a small motel, even with the ex-Potentials doubling up. The last thing she remembered was looking at the ceiling and letting the feeling that she could do *anything* now run through her mind over and over. But when she opened her eyes instead of seeing her room Buffy found she was standing in the middle of a large, circular chamber of some kind. Vaguely off to the sides Buffy could see high benches that ran around the room, but the only light was focused on her and the everything further back was shadowed...

"You've become too powerful and dangerous to stay here, Buffy Summers." A voice boomed out of the darkness.

"Yes, go you must. Or you will destroy the Balance we have so long strove for." Voice #2 said in agreement.

"You actions have already destabalized our relations with our fellow Dark Brethren, now you have an army of Slayers at your hand, so go you will to some place else." Voice #3 said urgently. "A less capable leader will take your place, the Slayers will be destroyed until only one remains."

"Who heck are you and who do you think you are to judge me?" Buffy snapped out.

"We are the Powers. It is our duty to keep the Balance for Good as we have for Millennia uncounted, never was there supposed to be more than one Slayer, until you defied the Prophecy and did not stay dead at the Master's hands. Then all of a sudden there are now *two* Slayers and with that you destroyed our treaty with our Dark Brethren. It is *your* fault that the First was freed, your Watchers Council was destroyed and so many Potentials murdered by the Bringers."

"BULLSHIT!" Buffy yelled angrily at being blamed for everything that happened. "I didn't make whatever stupid treaty you did and I wasn't going to just roll over and die because you said so in your little Prophecy. As far as the rest, I did whatever was necessary to keep the world from being destroyed by the First Evil. You don't like it? Tough." Buffy paused and turned around completely to look around her. "I'm betting you think Faith is that 'less capable' leader," Buffy said with a smirk, "Too bad you're wrong about her and killing my Sisters off. We'll be around for a while protecting humanity, whether that meets with your agenda or not!"

"Perhaps, but *you* will not be here to see what does happen." Voice #3 said triumphantly.

Before Buffy could say anything more, the ground at her feet disappeared and Buffy fell straight down into nothingness...


Buffy felt herself plummeting straight down to wherever when she was jerked to a sudden and complete stop. Suspended in mid air, Buffy looked around to see if she was dead, having hit rock bottom somewhere only to see herself hanging just a foot from the ground. "What the...?" Buffy started to say when she suddenly found herself standing once again. "Okay, now this is getting *really* weird. Can someone tell me what's going on?" Buffy said to the nothingness around her.

"I am sorry child. That should never have happened, but there are certain things in motion right now and so events are *chaotic* and far less controlled than I might wish. Suffice it to say your unexpected victory over the First has thrown the beings you know as the Powers That Be into turmoil and chaos. As you can see they have not reacted *well* to your success..." A deep basso man's voice explained as it echoed all around the room.

"Well isn't that just the icing on the cake." Buffy said sarcastically.

"You have no idea child. For the first time in two Millennia the Balance has swung away from the pendulum of Good or Evil. You see for the last 400 years Evil has held sway, having its way mostly while Good settled for its minor victories that held Evil from completely winning the Game. But in the length of the Game Good and Evil have forgotten why it was they played the Game and the reason for their Champions. It has now become a matter of 'winning'. Now, just as both sides were preparing to wipe the table clear of all pieces and players and restart, *you* not only didn't lose the battle to the First Evil, but you defeated her Priest and then her as she opened the Hellmouth. And to the Good Powers extreme annoyance you not only *didn't* die, but you cheated by activating *every* Potential across the entire Planet! But then you did not go and seek out all the demons and their ilk across the planet, destroying them. Instead you changed the Rules of the Game, for you chose to stop those Demons who actively sought to do Evil in this world, not blindly destroying every one you found. In essence you were no longer a Champion of Good, but became our Champion for the Balance between the two."

"Yay me!" Buffy said sarcastically. "So what happens now or do I just get to go *splat*?"

"No child, there will be no...*splat* as you called it. Since we now hold the reins as it were we will not be allowing it. But neither can you go back to your home as that would cause too many problems for both you and your Sisters who will have their hands busy in any case. The *Good* Powers have set things in motion before we were prepared and now they must play out however that may be. We are the center of Balance you see, we are Neutrality and cannot interfere directly in mortal matters, but you are another matter."

"So what does all that mean? Because you lost me a while back."

"It means you will go to a place far removed from the Powers That Be and where they cannot influence or interfere with your choices. We have done what we could to alter their plans but your life there will be a harsh one at times. Our other gift to you is that your choices now are just that, yours and yours alone. We thank you for what you have done and wish you well child."

Before Buffy could say anything more she was falling once again into the blackness below...


Sidious sat up with a start in his bed, with a wave of his hand he activated the light switch on the wall across from him, bringing the lights up in the room. He rarely had 'prophetic' dreams, it was not one of his many talents and in fact Sidious knew that he had exactly one other. Closing his eyes Sidious began to recall the details of the vision; a blonde girl, a vision of the galaxy at his feet and as he stood there. Sidious felt the slightest pulse that seemed to come from the Outer Rim and finally the fact that she could be either a strong ally or an enemy were the things that were most clear about the vision. Sidious set the girls image to his memory, he could do nothing right now and the vision seemed to imply that he had time so Sidious turned the lights out with another use of the Force and lay back down, sleep coming to him quickly.

Continued in Chapter One
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