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The Wiccan Charmed One

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Summary: After finding Willow cheating on her, a broken-hearted Tara MaClay leaves Sunnydale for San Francisco. Meanwhile, The Charmed ones discover the existence of another Halliwell, yet again.

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Chapter Two: Conversations with Dead People

Chapter 2: Conversations with Dead People

Last Chapter:

“I’m not finished,” Leo interrupted, “The Elders want her to stay with us because they claim her to be your youngest sister.”

“WHAT!” exclaimed the Charmed Ones.



“Leo, what do you mean ‘sister’,” said Piper, “You mean to tell me that Mom had another child behind our backs. Surely Prue would have been old enough to remember having another sister.”

“Not if your mother used magic to cover it up,” responded Leo.

“How could she have had a child at the time?” asked Phoebe, “Paige was born a year and a half before Mom died, I didn’t think she would have gotten pregnant so soon.”

“Well, she did,” said Leo, “But the more important thing is how she got so powerful, so soon. For all this time she has been just under the radar, but now we can sense her without even trying.”

“Could someone have been trying to hide her?” Paige inquired.

“No, it wouldn’t explain why we can suddenly find her now,” the whitelighter replied.

“Unless someone wants us to find her,” said Piper.

“I don’t care, I just want her home,” Phoebe said, with worry in her voice, worry for the sister she had never met.

Suddenly, the cries of a baby could be heard throughout the house.

“Wyatt,” Piper responded to the noise, “I will get him.”

Piper left to tend to her child.

“So, do we have any idea where to find her?” asked Paige.

“Not yet,” Leo replied, disappointed, “But it will only take a matter of time.”

Phoebe responded to this, “Time is the one thing we might not have.”

“Then we should head to the attic,” said Piper, with hers and Leo’s baby boy, Wyatt, in her arms.

They went upstairs to the attic, where the Book of Shadows was standing on a pedestal. Phoebe opened it up to the spirit-summoning spell.

“The first thing we should do,” said Phoebe while setting up the candles in a circle, “Is see what Mom and Grams know about her.”

When they were ready, the sisters chanted together,

“Hear these words, Hear our cry,

Spirit from the other side,

Come to us, We summon thee,

Cross now the Great Divide.”

Within moments, two figures appeared in glowing white orbs, Patty and Penny Halliwell, Mother and Grandmother to the Charmed Ones.

“Girls,” Penny said, surprised, “What’s wrong?”

“Mom, Grams, we know that we have another sister,” said Piper, getting right to the point.

“I was hoping that you wouldn’t find out so soon,” said Patty.

“Well it’s too late to take that back,” Phoebe replied, “But now we need to know what you know.”

Patty sighed, “Very well then. A few months after Paige was born, Sam and I broke up. Losing our daughter was too much for us to withstand. Though I didn’t see it that way then. I want to save the story for later but I will tell you this. I was hoping to drown my sorrows in alcohol, but instead a young man comforted me. We spent the night together and nine months later, your sister was born. I knew that she was powerful from the beginning, maybe even more powerful than the three of you. I knew demons would come after her, so, I decided to give her up.”

“Like me,” said Paige, who seemed to relate to this situation.

“Exactly,” Patty responded to her daughter, “I had her powers bound before I knew what they were, took her to the local church, the same one I took Paige to, and the nun put her in a good home. Ever since I died, I have been watching over her, just like I have been with you three.”

“How has her life been?” asked Piper.

“She grew up knowing about magic,” started Patty, “Her mother was a Wicca.”

“Wicca?” asked Paige, “Don’t you mean Witch?”

“No, wiccans practice earth magic,” Penny explained, “They cast spells by pulling power from the Earth or pleading to some higher power.”

“Right,” said Patty, agreeing to the statement, “Her mother practiced earth magic, and taught your sister the craft. She gave her a peaceful, nurturing childhood, but died early on.”

“You’re forgetting about her father,” Penny added, “He and the rest of the males in that family were afraid of her and drilled the thought into her head that her power came from her being a demon.”

“Are you kidding me?!” belted Piper.

“Now’s not the time,” said Phoebe, interrupting Piper’s tirade, “Right now we need to find her.”

“Right now she is beginning to give off waves of power,” stated Penny, “It would be easy to scry for her at this point. But now, the rest is up to you.”

“Just one more thing,” Paige began, “What is her name?”

“Her name is Tara MaClay,” said Patty, “Blessed be, my beautiful girls.”

With that, both Patty and Penny vanished in the glowing orbs they appeared in.

Piper then took command, handing her son to Leo, “Alright, Paige, get a map of the city, Phoebe, grab a crystal and start scrying, I will go down to the kitchen and grab some vanquishing potions in case some demons are looking for Tara.”

Everyone did their jobs and soon, they had Tara’s location and potions, in case if they met any resistance.

“Are we ready?” Piper asked.

Getting the affirmative from her sisters, The Halliwells orbed off to finally meet their baby sister.
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