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The Wiccan Charmed One

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Summary: After finding Willow cheating on her, a broken-hearted Tara MaClay leaves Sunnydale for San Francisco. Meanwhile, The Charmed ones discover the existence of another Halliwell, yet again.

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Chapter One: Discoveries

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Charmed are owned by Joss Whedon, David Greenwalt, Aaron Spelling and Constance M. Burge. I only own the plot.

Author Note: Feel free to review. I wanna hear how my readers feel about my work.

Chapter One: Discoveries


Tara MaClay sat on a bus crowded with people. She had nothing much in the way of possession except the 2 packed suitcases and duffel bag at her side, and of course the clothes on her back. Her eyes were red from crying and she just took a spare moment to glimpse at the passing sign that said, “You are now leaving Sunnydale. Please come back soon!” Tara certainly hoped not.


Tara walked into her home at 1630 Revello Drive, where she lived with her girlfriend, Willow Rosenberg, the Slayer, Buffy Summers, and the Slayer’s little sister, Dawn. She had been busy for the past week trying to find some answer explaining a robbery that had happened the week before, where a priceless diamond was stolen and a security guard was frozen solid. Buffy had gotten the idea of a frost demon who eats diamonds.

She heard moaning upstairs and got a quick fright. Buffy was supposed to be patrolling, Dawn was having a sleepover at her friend Janice’s house, and Willow wouldn’t be back from the library for another hour and a half. Summoning up her courage, Tara crept up the stairs to find out the cause of the noise.

She found more moaning and grunting coming from her room and quietly opened the door, only to see what would surely scar her for the rest of her life.

Both Willow and Buffy were half naked on HER bed, making out and groping each other like there was no tomorrow.

With that, Tara screamed, “What the HELL!”

“Tara?” said Willow having heard her soon-to-be ex-girlfriend’s voice, “What are you doing here?”

“I could ask you the same thing,” she replied, “Weren't you supposed to be at the library, like you have been all week? Convienient that I was away all those times."

Willow attempted to make an excuse, "No it's..."

"What, did I just get too boring for you?” Tara asked with a heavy heart.

Willow tried to reply, “Tara, baby, this is all a bi…”

But Tara cut her off, “And what do you have to say for yourself?” clearly having directed the question at Buffy.

The Blonde slayer hung her head in shame, her voice not leaving her mouth.

Willow tried to speak again, “Tara, please, I’m sorr…”

“No Willow,” Tara replied, “Just how long has this been going on?”

Buffy was on the verge of tears when she replied, “A few months,” she clearly was digusted with herself for hurting someone like this.

“A few months,” Tara said, unbelieving, “Willow, if this is how you want it. Fine. We are through!”


Tara thought of the moment and still could not believe what happened only hours ago. After the shouting match between her and Willow, with her doing the shouting, Tara packed her bags and left. Tara silently forgave Buffy before she left, she knew that the young slayer was remorseful for what she had done and had slim to no control over the situation. Willow had been abusive with the magicks lately, so much that Tara would not be surprised if her ex had bewitched Buffy into this.

She also didn’t want to leave Dawnie behind, the girl had become a younger sister in every way but blood in the past few years, but she couldn’t stay in that house when she knew what was going on.

She went to the bus station hoping to get out of town. She considered going to L.A., but that was Angel’s territory and she did not want to get caught in that mess. So, she quickly decided to go to San Francisco. She went there once as a kid with her mother and she always liked the idea of going back.


Piper Halliwell was in the kitchen making dinner for her family and her sister, Phoebe, was writing the latest entry for her column, "Ask Phoebe," when Leo, Piper’s lovely husband and whitelighter, orbed in, clearly worried about something.

"Leo," Piper started until she saw his worried face, "Sweetie, What's wrong?"

“Piper, Phoebe,” started the guardian angel, “I’ve gotten news from the Elders.”

“How does that involve us?” asked Phoebe curiously.

“I think all three of you should hear this,” Leo replied.

“Alright,” Piper said, taking a breath, “Paige!”

Next to her, the youngest Charmed One, Paige Matthews, materialized in orbs.

“What’s the hubbub?” asked Paige.

Piper replied, “Leo has something to say.”

“So what is it?” asked Phoebe.

“Earlier today, the Elders showed me a witch who will soon tap into her full potential…” said the angel.

“AND,” all three sisters pushed on.

“And,” Leo readied himself for the fireworks, “The Elders want to place her in our care.”

“Leo, I don’t…” Paige started.

“I’m not finished,” Leo interrupted, “The Elders want her to stay with us because they claim her to be your youngest sister.”

“WHAT!” exclaimed the Charmed Ones.
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