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All Hallow’s Eve and All Different Costumes

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Summary: YAHF. A change in Ethan’s supplier and a mysterious fire at Partytown leads to Xander becoming a very different kind of soldier, Willow becoming a very different kind of ghost, Buffy becoming a very different kind of noblewoman, and others coming along.

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Multiple Crossings > General > Theme: HalloweenDarkGoddessFR1536,6612199,78231 Oct 0820 Dec 08No

Halloween Night

Cordelia awoke with a pounding headache. She sat up slowly holding her head. She opened her eyes slowly and jumped. Standing over hear peering curiously were Harmony and an anthropomorphic lion.

“Are you okay, neko-chan?” Harmony asked, “Oz-san and I found you lying here after we chased off the monsters.”

“No, I’m just fine, Harmony” she said sarcastically, “There’s a human-shaped lion here and you just called me some weird new nickname.”

“Actually Cordelia, it’s me, Oz,” he said, “I think I might be dreaming or something, seeing how I’m a lion, and you’re a cat and Harmony thinks she’s some girl named Moka.”

“No,” Cordelia replied, “it’s just this nutso town. Vampires, and demons and magic are real, by the way, which totally makes sense if you think about all the weird stuff that happens. So this is probably some freak’s sick joke, turning you into a lion and making Harmony go mental.”

Cordelia paused.

“Wait, I’m a cat?”

Cordelia only then began to inspect her body. Her looked at her body and noticed how much shorter she was. Her gloved hands now sported only three fingers. She reached behind herself to feel her tail, which she moved back and forth for good measure. With continually growing horror she felt her face and ears.

“Oh my god!” she screamed, “I’m a cat! Oh god, I hate this place! I hate it! Why can’t I live in a nice normal town where invisible girls don’t try to disfigure you and people don’t turn into talking animals?!”

She paused in her panic, realization dawning.

“Someone turned us into our costumes! Some kind of icky evil witch or something must’ve done it.”

“I thought you’d already established that,” Oz muttered, “And you’re going to have to run that invisible girl thing by me one more time.”

Before the conversation could continue, a wall of the Bronze exploded inward, sending debris flying everywhere. A projectile of black, white, and pink flew across the dance floor and hit the opposite wall. Through the newly formed opening in the wall came two figures. Cordelia recognized Willow turned into some kind green furred centaur and Jonathan with huge wings made of ice. Each was wielding a weapon, a green lance in Willow’s case and a long katana in Jonathan’s case.

Jonathan leveled his sword and flew forward.

“Ryusenka!” he shouted.

His blade pierced the pink haired man, causing a huge block of ice to encase him. He was about to shatter his victim when Moka intervened, making a huge leap to stand in front of him.

“Please wait,” she said, “I don’t know what you have against this person, but apparently he isn’t who you who think he is and you aren’t who you think you are. I guess I’m not really me either. Someone’s cast a spell or something to make us think it.”

“You can see me?” he asked.

“’Cause it’s so hard to miss the guy flying around on wings made of ice,” Cordelia muttered.

He cast a brief glance at Cordelia and then turned his attention back to Moka.

“How do I know you’re telling the truth?”

“Your enemy is incapacitated already and if I’m right, you’d be hurting an innocent.”

Jonathan regarded her for a moment, then his icy wings dissipated and he sheathed his sword on his back.

“I am Toshiro Hitsugaya, Captain of the Tenth Divison of the Gotei Thirteen,” he replied, “And if you’re right then we need to find out who’s done this and undo it. My companion is Neliel Tu Oderschvank, the former Third Espada, though she prefers to be called Nel-san.”

Willow came running up beside him, now back in human form with a sword now sheathed at her.

“It’s nice to meet you,” Nel said smiling.

“Likewise,” Moka responded, “I’m Moka Akashiya, a second year student at Yokai Academy.”

She motioned towards Oz and Cordelia.

“These two are Oz-san and Cordelia-san,” he said.

“Okay, so I’m guessing neither of you remember who you really are,” Cordelia said.

Hitsugaya nodded while Nel looked a it confused.

“Great,” she said sarcastically, “Okay that means that Buffy’s probably out of commission, too.”

“What’s Buffy got to do with this?” Oz asked.

“She’s like a superhero who fights vampires,” Cordelia said offhandedly, “Now, I guess that means we should head for the school library and see if Giles knows what to do.”

“So is Mr. Giles a superhero, too?” Oz inquired.

“No, he’s Buffy’s Watcher which means he trains her and knows all kinds of stuff about the supernatural. Now come on, I don’t know about you, but I’d like to be human again as soon as possible.”

“Will he be okay?” Oz asked Hitsugaya, pointing at the pink haired man.

“Most likely,” he replied, “If this really is some kind of kido, the ice will dissipate when I am no longer here.”

The rest of the group followed her out of the hole in the wall. Outside stood a boy wearing a red coat over a black outfit who looked vaguely familiar and Buffy’s mom in a black dress with black gloves and black boots with a red tattoo over her breasts

“Okay, who do they think they are?” Cordelia asked.

“I’m Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist,” he announced, and motioned at Buffy’s mom “And this is Lust.”

“Seriously, do all you people have titles or something?” Cordelia asked, “Wait, forget it, I don’t care. I just want to get back to normal.”

“I’m sorry, but there’s no way for a chimera to become human again,” Edward said with a twinge of sadness in his voice.

“Sucks for them,” Cordelia replied in an annoyed voice, “but I’m more concerned about me, now let’s go! And somebody please catch him up on the situation.”

She began to walk off and the others had no choice but to follow,

“I suppose we’ll have to finish our discussion later, Fullmetal,” Lust said.

The group trudged toward the school mostly in silence. Monsters largely avoided them because of Oz’s intimidating looks and the strange aura given off by Hitsugaya and Nel that even Cordelia could feel.

A large hairy demon had been either brave or stupid enough to attack them, but a few cuts from Hitsugaya’s sword scared it off.

The actual school grounds were a battlefield. Various newly created demons and vampires had gathered around on the grounds. Two figures stood against them. As Cordelia approached the school, Cordelia recognized Giles and Ms. Calendar, though Giles had a long beard and Ms. Calendar had longer hair.

Giles was shooting blasts of colored light from a stick, which seemed to paralyze the demons while Ms. Calendar was firing glowing arrows which burned the demon’s flesh and dusted several of the vampires.

“I hope I didn’t know those guys,” Cordelia said, “Or if I did, I hope they were jerks.”

Predictably, everyone but Cordelia and Oz rushed in.

“Should we…” Oz began, “Help or something?”

“Nah,” Cordelia said, “It’s usually best just to let the hero types take care of it.”

“Shouldn’t we at least keep them from killing people?”

“Yeah, that’s probably a good idea. You first.”

Sheena looked at her surroundings, a bit confused. One minute she had been celebrating bringing down Mithos and reuniting the two worlds and the next minute she was in some strange land. She didn’t see any of her friends and didn’t recognize the town as any place from their adventures. A blonde twelve year old girl was lying on the ground next to her.

“Lloyd! Zelos! Anybody!” she yelled.

The girl on the ground stirred briefly and muttered something that sounded like ‘stupid fox.’

Sheena a voice called out of nowhere Please summon me.

“Origin?” she asked, “Um, okay. I call upon the Source of Heaven, Earth, and Everything In Between, the Ruler of All! I summon thee, come Origin!”

A circle of light appeared around her, followed by the four-armed King of the Summon Spirits himself.

“Greetings,” he said.

“What’s going on here?” Sheena asked.

“Your spirit has been transported into another body in another world by a spell,” he replied, “But this may prove to be a fortuitous event.”

“I don’t understand, exactly what about this is good?”

“The newly sprouted Great Tree Yggdrasill may well whither and die before it can reach full maturity and provide the world with its infinite mana. But this world has an overabundance of mana, both of its own and leaking in from other worlds. If a link can be established between this world and the newly reunited worlds of Sylvarant and Tethe’alla, then the strain on Yggdrasill will be greatly reduced.”

“How would we go about doing that?”

“By creating seals for half of the Summon Spirits in this world in locations where the barriers between worlds are thin, such as this town. This will create a situation in which the worlds lie adjacent to one another and mana flows from this world to ours. However, it will require the power of the Eternal Sword.”

“Okay, this is sounding a lot like what Mithos did. Besides, Lloyd has the Eternal Sword.”

“That is incorrect. Mithos split a joined world in two and attempted to use his power for his twisted ends. This will benefit everyone. As for the Eternal Sword, this situation has created a wrinkle. We now hold simultaneous pacts with you and the girl whose body you now inhabit. Something like this should not be possible, yet it is. By taking advantage of this, a second Eternal Sword may be created. But for now I must take my leave. Summon me again at the exact location where the barrier is thin and do not worry, you will return to your own body as soon as the spell is broken.”

With that he disappeared. Sheena sighed. After a long journey all she had wanted to do was spend one peaceful night with Lloyd before they went to gather up all the remaining Exspheres, but now she was stuck in a strange world until a spell was broken.

“Sasuke!” someone yelled, causing Sheena to jump a little.

The blonde girl was apparently awake now, taking in her surroundings before jumping up and taking a fighting stance

“Where am I?” she demanded, “Where’s Sasuke? Who are you? Do you work for Orochimaru?”

“Just calm down. My name’s Sheena and judging from your reaction, you aren’t from around here either. I know this is going to sound really crazy, but we’ve been transported to another world and been put in other people’s bodies and…”

The two kunoichi jumped out of the way just in time to avoid two long, dark tentacles. They looked to the source of the tentacles to see a strange black creature which had a lower body of long spindly appendages and an upper body that looked like a female humanoid.

“You two are fast,” she said, “But I’m not really interested in you. That creature that was here, what was he? I didn’t sense any yoki from him, but there was something else about him. He was stronger than anyone I’ve ever sensed, even stronger than that girl.”

“You got any idea what she’s talking about?” the blonde asked.

“Nope,” Sheena replied.

“Oh, how rude of me,” she said, “I’m Riful of the West. If you can control that creature, whatever he is, then I’d like you to join me. With his power, I would be able to beat Isley and the Organization. Of course, if you don’t join me, I’ll just have to kill you so you don’t become a threat.”

“Look, I don’t have time for your petty vendettas. I have someone waiting for me at home and I really don’t care what’s between you and this Isley guy. So if you want to fight, let’s get this over with,” Sheena replied.

“Well, all right then,” Riful said.

Several of her appendages lashed out Sheena and the blonde. With acrobatic grace, the two jumped and somersaulted over them until they were on opposite sides of Riful. Sheena attempted to get in close for an attack, only to have to leap back to avoid tentacles. The blonde had a bit more success using kunai and shuriken to fend off the appendages.

As Sheena was forced even farther back by the tentacles, the blonde took a flying leap. She formed a sign with her hands.

“Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!” the blonde shouted.

Countless copies of the kunoichi appeared out of thin air. Riful was forced to turn her full attention to them, giving Sheena an opportunity. She pulled out one of her cards and concentrated. She had no idea what element this thing might have, but fire was generally effective against most enemies.

“Silva Seal!” she shouted.

Meanwhile, Riful was destroying clones with her tentacles. She watched the smoke resulting from the clones’ destruction intently waiting for the original to emerge. Sure enough, the blonde kunoichi flew out with a blue sphere being formed in her hand by the last remaining clone.

As Sheena released her tech, the sphere doubled in size and took on a red color. The blonde brought her hand forward as Riful sent out her appendages.

“Rasengan!” she shouted.

The tentacles caught in the sphere were ripped apart and burned away. It continued on its path until it finally struck Riful in the abdomen. It ripped into the Awakened, burning and mangling her midsection. Several retaliatory tentacles went up to hit her, but the blonde jumped out of the way and landed next to Sheena. They watched as Riful collapsed, defeated.

“Wow, what was that jutsu you used on my Rasengan? That was so cool!” she asked, “Oh, I’m Naru Uzumaki by the way.”

“Well, like I was saying before, I’m Sheena Fujibayashi and as I was trying to say before…”

Unfortunately, she was interrupted again by loud rumbling. Riful rose up again, the wound on her abdomen rapidly healing.

“How could she have survived that?!” Naru asked.

“I guess we’ll have to save that for later,” Sheena said, “All right, here’s the plan, you distract her and I’ll hit her with one of my summons.”

Naru nodded and charged.

Gaara was not having a good night. He had awoken in a strange place with the frustratingly familiar voice of Shukaku in his head. Ever since the bijuu’s extraction Gaara had enjoyed certain perks. Not the least of which were the absence of the mad tanuki’s ramblings and the ability to sleep without a demon taking control of his body.

Just to add to his woes, he was continually being attacked by demons. At that moment he even had five of them in his Sabaku Kyuu. So the only thing left was…

“Sabaku Sousou!”

Several of them appeared to survive the crushing sand, but Gaara decided to just leave the incapacitated creatures on the ground. There was something in this town that Shukaku did not like and Gaara intended to find it and, assuming it wasn’t human and possibly even if it was, kill it so that the damned tanuki would shut up. Fifteen years of experience told him that just killing it would not be enough, but at least it might quiet down for a while.

Gaara wandered the darkened streets, using Shukaku’s ramblings as an indication of whether or not he was moving in the right direction. It did not take long to locate a fairly unassuming building that seemed to house the source of the Ichibi’s distress.

He brusquely went through the door and a bell jingled overhead. A man in a red robe was standing around, a smug expression on his face.

“Ah, a satisfied customer,” he said, “I trust you’ve been enjoying the show.”

Gaara growled in response. Shukaku was begging him to kill this fool, although not any more emphatically than anyone else. Whatever was bothering it, it was in the back room of this place.

“Sabaku Kyuu,” Gaara said.

The sand rose up and wrapped itself around the red robed man. He did not seem overly concerned about his predicament, so Gaara ignored him and walked toward the back room. In the middle of the floor was a glowing, two-headed bust. Shukaku’s ramblings had now reached a fever pitch.

Gaara called up some of his remaining sand around the bust and crushed it. All faded to black.

Ryusenka: Dragon Hail Flower
Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu: Multi-Shadow Clone Technique
Sabaku Kyuu: Desert Coffin
Sabaku Sousou: Desert Funeral
Tanuki: Raccoon-Dog
Ichibi: One tail
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