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Chaos Raynes

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This story is No. 11 in the series "Tales of the LSH (Legion of Sunnydale Heroes)". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween in Sunnydale ends up being a lot more chaotic than even Ethan intended.

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Chapter Four

Author's Note: I apologise for not realizing that it's been a year since I updated this story. I'll try not to let that happen again.


Dimension Kinari Minor Mark Four One Two

Periphery of the commercial area of town
Sunnydale, CA

As the last of the skeleton-armored soldiers, who'd been attacking her and various other innocents, dropped in a bloody heap to the rubble-strewn street in front of her, Siobhan turned her attention to the screams and various other noises originating from an area a few blocks further down the street she was currently traveling.

"Ah, Siobhan, ye bloody idiot, ye don't owe anything to any of the fools who might be in trouble down that way," the young woman reminded herself, as she examined the area in question with a careful and deliberate eye that didn't miss the slightest detail.

"The best thing ye could be doin' fer yerself would be to open a portal and get yer delectable arse off the battlefield and back home, to a place where ye can be absolutely certain no one's trying to kill ye," she murmured reminiscently, only to sigh as the shrill scream of a terrified child rang out at that particular moment.

The delicate-looking blonde sighed and a grim semblance of a smile crossed her lips as she took a firmer grip on her katzbalger and took off in a ground-eating lope towards the spot the scream had seemed to issue from, even as she murmured to herself, "But then again – think of all the interestin' things ye'd be missing, if ye did something like that."

As she silently came up on the scene, Siobhan could see group of several beings resembling the traditional image of werewolves forming a semi-circle around the front of a small two-story building, one whose entry alcove had a dark-haired youth, dressed in what looked to be a black bodysuit, a copper-colored sleeveless tunic cinched with a black sash and copper bracers on his forearms, standing at the front of it.

A second glance showed that the alcove was jammed with at least a dozen and a half clearly terrified children, and the youth had just successfully fought off the attacks of three of the beast-men, rendering all three either unconscious or dead, as they'd attempted to overwhelm him in order to get at the children he was protecting.

What was even more impressive was the fact that the dark-haired young man had disabled all of the wolfen attackers using only his bare hands. He'd moved with a speed and fluidity which she had only seen a few times over the course of her life, and he'd also demonstrated both a degree of skill and a knowledge of the martial arts she couldn’t ever remember witnessing in any single person, especially one so young.

Unfortunately, just one person would never be able to hold off all of the creatures she could see were starting to gather around the man and the innocents he was protecting; it was only a matter of time before some of the beasts waiting and watching would be able to slip by him, and then one or more of the terrified children would be nothing more than a quick meal for the slavering creatures currently biding their time and waiting for their chance to strike.

{ 'Death is lighter than a feather, duty heavier than a mountain,' } the diminutive blonde quoted one of the Meiji period samurai she'd trained with years earlier, when she'd lived in Japan for several years, when she'd been searching out a small group of nationalistic fanatics who'd been intent on going back in time and ensuring that the Emperor gained supreme power over the country. { And there is no conceivable way I could ever walk away and leave any children at risk to monsters like these. }

Pulling the matching dagger she'd commissioned from Herr Balk when he'd been creating her katzbalger, and which had then been enchanted, along with the sword, by his wife, Elfriede, Siobhan allowed herself to flow into the first of the intermediate forms she'd learned all those long years before, her footsteps making no noise at all as she approached the pack from behind.

As her katzbalger's blade sliced deeply into the neck of the wolfman ahead of her and to her right, beheading it, her dagger's blade slid easily and deeply into the throat on the creature on her left before ripping forward and outward, half-decapitating the second monster.

The shock of unexpectedly being attacked from their rear sent waves of confusion and fear through the band of monsters, and Siobhan slew another pair of the creatures before any of the wolfen could begin to react in any effective manner.

The man who'd been protecting the children took advantage of the pack's confusion and attacked from the other side of the muddle with a single-minded ferocity, his hands seemingly effortlessly breaking limbs and crushing skulls. Thus, it was but the work of seconds before the few still ambulatory survivors managed to escape the two wrathful guardian angels, leaving the bodies of their packmates behind without a second thought.

"Thanks for the assistance, miss," the youth gave Siobhan a grateful smile as she shook the blood off both blades before crouching to wipe the last races off on the fur of the nearest body.

{ Early Thirtieth Century Terranglo, Eastern NorAm accent, } Siobhan reflexively catalogued the youth's speech, even as she returned the smile.

{ Now what's a thirtieth century warrior doing in what appears to be the early twenty-first century United States? } she wondered. { Is he a chrono-cop, too? I think I'll wait and see if he drops any code words to identify himself, before trying any of them, myself. Best not to arouse any suspicions, if I can possibly avoid it. }

"Glad I could help out," Siobhan replied, in the same dialect. "It's not like I could just let those thing chow down on a group of kids, now could I?

"I'm Siobhan Halley," she introduced herself, holding out her hand after taking a moment to sheath her katzbalger at her waist.

"I'm Val Armorr," the young man introduced himself as he took her hand in a firm, yet gentle grip.

"And if you don't mind my asking, do you have any idea what's going on around here?"


"May the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth drain him of all his power and render him but a normal mortal, forevermore!" Dr. Stephen Strange, Sorcerer Supreme of Earth, cursed his nemesis as he saw Dormammu open a portal and allow a group of the Mindless Ones' to pass through, so as to wreak havoc among the helpless population of the town he'd suddenly found himself in.

How and why he had been summoned here – to what appeared to be nothing more than a small residential American town – had puzzled him for a moment, until he'd sensed the malign presence of the nearby Hellgate.

Dormammu's lust for power of any kind was well-known, so whatever strategy the Lord Of Chaos was planning on implementing, in order to gain mastery of the Hellgate and its nigh-infinite energies, Strange knew he could not allow it to succeed.

So, despite his feeling as weak as he did at the moment, he needed to stop the power-mad demon lord as quickly as he could manage.

Exactly how he was going to do that wasn't quite clear at the moment, granted; but it was unquestionably something which he *had* to do, if humanity was going to avoid becoming yet another subject race under Dormammu's tyranny.

Gathering the remaining fragments of his power to himself, the Master of the Mystic Arts (who had been a high school student names Jonathan Levinson before Ethan Rayne's spell had gone into effect) prepared to go into battle. A final and decisive battle with his classmate, Andrew Wells, who had also been transformed by Rayne's spell into his costume, the Dread Dormammu.


Dimension Kinari Minor Mark Nine Five Four

The partially rebuilt Sunnydale High School
July 17, 2002

"Any idea what might be causing this thing, Bree?" Buffy Summers asked as she eyed the rip in reality which was currently floating directly above the spot where the Hellmouth had been located in previous years.

"At the moment, I don't have the faintest idea, Buffy," Sabrina Spellman readily admitted with a frown, as she evaluated the situation before them. "I think it's definitely not a 'natural occurrence,' but since it doesn't have any specific magical tinge to it that I can detect, I can't possibly identify who it opened it."

"Can you sense anyone – or anything – in the area, Buffy?" Xander Harris asked as he, too, scanned the area around them, the futuristic-looking rifle in his hands held ready for any possible action. "'Cause usually, whoever's responsible for opening a portal generally hangs around so that they start givin’ orders to whatever it is that comes charging through it."

After a moment's pause for her to check the area, the Slayer shook her head in the negative as she answered, "Nope. I'm not reading anything sentient, other than the three of us, in the area, Xand."

"Hey, I'm starting to feel some major fluctuations in the magic flowing around here, guys," Bree announced a moment later, narrowing her eyes as she evaluated the dimensional tear on front of them.

"I think this might be a result of –"

The rest of the witch's sentence went uncompleted, as the portal suddenly flared with an unexpected brilliance, taking them all by surprise and momentarily blinding them and anyone who might have been in the vicinity.

When the flare subsided, a moment later, the ruins were once again empty of anyone or any living thing.


Dimension Kinari Minor Mark Four One Two

Residential area
Sunnydale, CA

"What in the name of everything sane is going on, here?" Jesse heard a gruff, worried voice demanding, as a boulder the size of a small car flew by their small group, followed a moment later by a larger pickup truck. The speaker appeared to be a centaur of some type, who was leading a pair of smaller versions of him/her/itself across the debris-strewn lawns on the left side of the street and into the unlighted – and quite possibly safer – backyards of the houses lining that side of the street.

Glancing down the street in the direction from which the air-bound vehicles had originated, the werewolf saw a huge, emerald-colored figure stomping their way down one of the intersecting streets a short way further down the block, swatting any cars or trucks in its path out of its way.

The colossus was followed by a group of beings attired in what looked like some sort of armor fashioned to look like metal skeletons. And based on the way the armored figures were firing what looked to some kind of lasers at the green giant, Jesse was just as glad to remain unnoticed for the time being.

"We need to get the hell out of here and find a way back home as fast as we can, Aims," the lycanthropic teen declared as he checked the area for any indications of anyone who appeared to be actively focusing their hostility towards them.

Sure, there were plenty of hostiles in the area surrounding them – possibly even more than they'd seen during their own Halloween crisis two years previously – but it didn't look like anyone was actively targeting *them*, to the exclusion of anyone else on the street.

And since Amy was focusing on levitating and keeping safe all three of the unconscious Willows – their own Willow, and the other two they'd stumbled upon, after being transported here by whatever power was responsible for their unscheduled appearance in what looked to be an alternate version of their very own Sunny-Hell – it was up to him to make sure that they weren't taken by surprise and ambushed as they tried to make their way back to this alternate world's high school library, where they'd first appeared, not all that long ago.

With the redhead falling unconscious after just touching her doppelganger, and Amy's spell identifying the two apparently comatose brunettes as Willow Rosenbergs, too, the two still conscious Scooby Gang members had decided that a strategic retreat (AKA – running away) back to where they'd first popped into this topsy-turvy world was the best course of action for them to take, at the moment.

{ Hole up in someplace safe and away from the most obvious dangers, try to figure out what happened to Willow plus two, and then determine the best course of action, } Jesse reminded himself of the plan he and Amy had agree upon.

And if they couldn't figure out what was wrong with Willow and wake her up…

Jesse's mind shied away from that particular train of thought for the moment, and focused his attention on making sure that there weren't any potential enemies lurking in the shadows – as he carefully led the small group all back to the analogue of the place they'd blown up just over a year before in their proper timeline.


As she flew above the chaos-filled street, trying to determine which of the various groups of screaming people that filled the streets most required her assistance, Warbird found her attention drawn to one particular area by the sounds of battle emanating from it.

She was surprised to see her missing teammate, Sersi, engaged in battle with a horde of creatures that most closely resembled stone golems – albeit ones fashioned by a hyperactive five-year-old, given the creatures' barely humanoid forms.

As Carol flew down the crash-strewn avenue to assist her friend, one of the golems noticed her approach and turned its head in her direction, shooting a deep purple beam from its single eye socket and barely missing her. The beam blasted a massive hole in the building behind her as she wove to the side to avoid the attack.

Retaliating with one of her starbolts, Carol was pleased to see the monster crumble into a mass of fist-sized fragments, and she moved on to the one lumbering along the street next to it, treating it in exactly the same way, with identical results.

Unfortunately, however, after a moment's delay, the various fragments and debris left of the monster began to flow back together, she noticed, and within two minutes, the creatures had been restored to their original condition and had resumed their apparently random paths of destruction.

"Transforming them into harmless creatures or objects has exactly the same results," Sersi informed her fellow Avenger with a frown, once Carol had joined her, floating above the creatures and blasting them into pieces. "And my own force blasts are just as ineffective as anything else I've tried.

"All I've been able to accomplish is to keep them away from any areas with people in them, and generally moving in the same direction," Sersi told her. "They don't appear to be a great deal smarter than a herd of sheep – although they're definitely a lot nastier."

"Given some of the various other things I've seen happening so far tonight, I'm not really all surprised," Carol nodded her agreement with the brunette's comments and observations.

"Have you managed to contact any other members of the team?" she asked, frowning as she watched two more of the monsters begin to reassemble themselves after being blasted into small piles of debris.

"No," the brunette Eternal shook her head negatively. "No one's answered their communicators, despite repeated requests for assistance."

"That's odd," Carol commented. "I haven't received any calls or requests for help at all. And I've made periodic requests for both assistance and for a general roll call over the past half-hour."

"I also haven't been able to contact anyone telepathically, either," Sersi informed her fellow Avenger. "There seems to be some sort of psionic interference covering the entire town. Or at least as much of the town as I've been able to cover."

"Hmm. It's looking as though whoever's behind this mess wants to make sure no one can either call for help, or trace responsibility for it back to them," Carol hypothesized as she dodged yet another random optic blast from one of the stone monsters.

As she returned a starbolt at her attacker, Warbird felt her seventh sense buzz and she shifted several feet to her left as she floated above the street.

An instant later, a large segment of the building which had been directly behind her seemed to explode outward, and a man-sized and -shaped object slammed into the pavement, directly in line with where she had been hovering an instant earlier.

"Simon?" Carol gasped in surprise as she thought she recognized the man wearing the blue and white outfit with the large white starburst emblazoned on the chest, who was currently pushing himself out of the crater his impact had created.

"Karen?" the man returned Carol's stare with a disbelieving expression as he caught sight of the gorgeous blonde hovering above him.

"Where have you been? What happened to you?" the black-haired man asked with a look of mixed relief and astonishment as he looked up at her, and then slowly floated up to hang in the air beside her. "You disappeared, along with half the group, in that final battle with Gilgamesh, when his armor's reactor imploded," he told her. "I thought you'd been killed in the explosion."

As she examined the man hovering in front of her, Carol saw that the man she'd originally thought to be her teammate was actually someone quite different, though he did bear a very strong resemblance to her friend.

"I'm sorry, but I'm not this Karen person you think I am," Carol replied as she looked at the other flyer. "And I thought, at first, that you were a friend of mine, someone who looks a lot like you – but I can see now that you're not."

Shaking his head, as though to dismiss his concerns, the man said, "Yes. And I see now that you're clearly not the woman I though you were, either – although you do have an uncanny resemblance to her.

"But we can talk about the possible reasons for our resemblances to other people, later," he said as he glanced back in the direction he'd come from. "Right now, Metallo is running rampant, and I need to stop him before any more people get hurt.

"Could either you or your friend give me a hand with that?" he asked, evidently quite concerned with the situation he'd been involved in just a few moments previously.

Glancing over at her teammate, the former counterintelligence agent saw Sersi nod her head as she said, "Go ahead, Warbird. I can handle these things for the moment. Besides, we need to start being more proactive about damage control, or there won't be anything standing long before the emergency services can get a handle on whatever it is that's going here."

"All right, then," Carol nodded her agreement. "I'll be back as soon as I've helped deal with this Metallo character," she promised her Eternal teammate before turning and flying after the blue and white costumed Wonder Man semi-lookalike.


Dimension Kinari Minor Mark Four One Two

Downtown area
Sunnydale, CA

Given the unquestionably extremely chaotic instances taking place throughout the town, no one paid the slightest bit of attention to the latest flash of light that lit up the street, nor even blinked at the sudden appearance of the three new individuals, who all reflexively dropped into defensive stances as they surveyed their surroundings. After all, all three of them looked completely human, and there were plenty of extremely NOT human things walking around and to focus one's attention on, instead.

" – the magic surging," Sabrina finished her ill-timed warning, even as she was scanning the area around them for any indication of hostile action.

"Oh, hell," Xander swore mildly as he spun so that he, Buffy and Sabrina, were all guarding each others' backs against any potential attackers.

"Okay, guys, we're obviously not in Kansas no more," Harris observed dryly, a comment which earned him distracted – but nonetheless effective – snorts and arm slaps from both girls.

"Correct me if I'm wrong, Buff-meister," the sole male in the group continued his commentary, uncowed and unabated by the girls' reactions, "but it's looking to me like this is Halloween '97, all over again."

"Yeah, it looks like you could be right, Xand," Buffy agreed after a quick glance around at the variety of weirdness around them.

"Are you talking about that whole mess with the chaos spell that turned you guys into your costumes?" Bree asked, as she gestured towards a small group of furry, goblin-like creatures that were rushing towards them, growling, knocking the leaders backwards and into the rest of the pack and causing them to scurry away upon righting themselves.

"Yeah, that's right, Bree," Buffy confirmed with an annoyed frown, as she recalled her time as the prima donna she mentally referred to as Lady Useless.

"Which means, that the first thing we should do, is check and see if Ethan Rayne is in the same shop as he was," the blonde Slayer continued, "and then, if he is, I get to stomp his ass into the ground."

"Sounds good to me, Buffy," Xander nodded his agreement with the Slayer's proposal, a somewhat vicious smile on his face.

Bree growled and added, "If he's using magic to screw people over the way you say he is, Buffy, then he'll be lucky if all that happens to him is that you just stomp him into the ground!"

"Okay then, from what I remember, the bastard's shop should be about three blocks away, on Main Street," Buffy said as she headed off towards the nearest intersection, with her two teammates quickly catching up with her and matching her rapid pace. "Let’s go get him..."


The End?

You have reached the end of "Chaos Raynes" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 31 Oct 13.

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