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Harry Potter and the Other Slayer

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Summary: While in the graveyard, Harry is saved by someone, the one person who can possibly bring an end to the coming war.

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ChosenOneFR18713,19501014,8481 Nov 084 Apr 11No

Chapter One: Risen from the Ashes

Disclaimer: Harry Potter is owned by J.K. Rowling, Buffy the Vampire Slayer is owned by Joss Whedon. I only own the plot.

Set in:
-Buffy Season 2
-Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


Harry Potter and the Other Slayer by ChosenOne

Chapter 1: Rise from the Ashes

Harry Potter ran through the bushes. It was getting dark and he still hadn't found what he had been looking for. It was the Third Task of the Triwizard Tournament; a race to the Triwizard cup, and Harry had to get there before all of the others.

Fleur Delacour was already down for the count, Harry found her unconcious a few minutes after he entered the labyrinth. He sent up red sparks, and help came for her.

Now, Harry was hiding behind one of the tall bushes, hearing footsteps coming his way. The task so far had been too easy, no challenge at all. He had barely faced any opposition. Now, it looked like it was about to become harder.

Harry looked to find the Bulgarian champion, Viktor Krum, walk past him, gripping his wand tightly, which was glowing an eerie green from the tip. Harry thought that he had gone unoticed, when Viktor turned around and pointed his wand at Harry's face, point-blank. Now, Harry saw Viktor's lifeless gaze, how his eyes were completely white. Harry recognized this as a sign of the Imperious Curse, which left the victim as a slave to the caster, unless the castee had a srong will of his own. But by looking at the state of Viktor, he didn't.

Suddenly, someone lept from the shadows, and tackled Viktor to the ground, knocking him out. Harry now realized that his rescuer was none other than Cedric Diggory, the other Triwizard champion for Hogwarts. Cedric had an angry look in his eyes and pointed his wand at the Bulgarian.

"No, Cedric," said Harry, putting his hand on the other wizard's arm, "He was bewitched, I think that he was just a pawn in all of this."

"Makes sense," replied Cedric, "Are you alright, Harry?"

"I'll survive," Harry answered his question, "Cedric, look."

Both boys looked to see the Triwizard Cup, and both ran for it.

The shrubs surrounding them started to lash out, trying to stop them from getting to the cup.

All of a sudden, a horde of vines jumped from the ground and tangled themselves around Cedric, strangling him. Harry quickly weighed his options, The Cup or Cedric.

Quickly, Harry waved his wand and chanted, "Reducto," which sent a beam at the vines, destroying most of them, Harry helped Cedric get the others off of him. This left them in front of the Cup. The wind was blowing harshly, and some force was coming from behind them, fast.

"Take the cup," Cedric insisted, "You saved me. Just take it."

"Both of us," said Harry, wanting to share this moment with Cedric.

With this, they both counted, "One...two...three."

At three, both Harry and Cedric grabbed the Cup, when they both felt a familiar pull on their navels. The Champions disappeared in a flash and found themselves caught in a whirlwind of light and energy, only to be dumped onto new ground seconds later, the Triwizard cup was thrown to the side.

They found themselves in a creepy graveyard, surrounded by gravestones and tombs of all shapes and sizes.

"You okay?" asked Cedric.

"Yeah," responded Harry, "You?"

But Cedric never answered, instead he looked at their surroundings and asked, "Where are we?"

As Harry didn't know, he remained silent. Until he got a good look at the place and said, "I've been here before."

Cedric inspected the Cup from afar and observed, "It's a Portkey. Harry, the cup is a Portkey."

But Harry ignored the statement and told him, "I've been here before, in a dream." He looked at a nearby tombstone, that had a large statue of a winged Grim Reaper, his scythe standing prominent, when he noticed that the headstone held the name, Tom Riddle 1905-1943.

Harry knew that the name meant trouble and called out to his companion, "Cedric! We have to get back to the cup. Now!"

Cedric was inspecting a cauldron that was standing nearby when he replied, "What are you talking about?"

Harry was about to answer when he saw a grubby, rat-looking man walk out of a nearby tomb, with a small bundle in his arms. Wormtail.

In seconds, Harry's lightning bolt scar was ablaze and a fire lit itself under the cauldron, bringing the liquid inside to a bubble.

"Harry!" Cedric cried, concerned for the other boy, "What is it?"

"Get back to the cup!" Harry screamed, wanting Cedric out of danger as quickly as possible. It was then that Harry saw the snake-like face of whatever was in Wormtail's arms.

Cedric raised his wand to the older man and commanded, "Who are you? What do you want?"

Then the creature said in a dark, hissing voice, "Kill the spare."

That was all Wormtail needed as he raised his wand and said, "Avada Kedavra!" emmiting a sickly green beam from his wand, which hit Cedric right in the chest.

Harry screamed, "No! Cedric!" But it was too late, Cedric was dead before he hit the cold, hard ground.

With a flick of his wand, Wormtail had Harry on his feet, and backed up to the statue, where the Reaper held Harry in place with it's scythe.

Once the task was done, the creature hissed, "Do it! Now!"

Wormtail followed it's commands and raised the creature high above the cauldron, and proceeded to dump it in.

The rat animagus then pointed his wand at the grave and the sound of shifting earth could be heard as a single bone was raised out of the ground. And Wormtail said, "Bone of the father...unwillingly given," and he hovered it above the cauldron and the bone burst into flame as it was dumped in.

With this, Wormtail withdrew a dagger from his cloak and said, "Flesh of the servant...willingly sacrificed," as he sliced off his hand over the cauldron, which fell in immediately.

Now, Wormtail turned to Harry, with a mix of pain and raw anger in his eyes, and said with venom in his words, "And Blood of the Enemy...Forcibly taken," as he sliced into Harry's arm, painfully drawing blood. Wormtail dripped the blood into the cauldron as he said, "The Dark Lord shall rise...again."

Harry's scar erupted in pain, Wormtail hurried away, and the cauldron twisted into a large ball of flame. The flames receded to smoke as a figure started to form. Slowly, the figure took shape as the smoke turned into black, billowing robes that clothed the new figure. It's snake-like figure gave away who it was. Lord Voldemort.

Voldemort walked slowly to his servant, testing his new body and commanded, "My wand, Wormtail." The bleeding man bowed and handed over the wand of ivory to the Dark Lord.

"Hold out your arm," He demanded.

"Master," said Wormtail, in thanks, "Thank you, Master."

"The other arm, Wormtail," correcting his servant.

Wormtail obliged and Voldemort held it in place, placing his wand over the Dark Mark, which turned a vivid Black at the touch. The Dark Lord looked up as several Death Eaters apparated in.

"Welcome, my friends," Voldemort greeted his servants, "Thirteen years it has been, and yet here you stand before me as if it were only yesterday. I confess myself...disappointed. Not one of you tried to find me."

At this point, Voldemort waved a hand at each of his servants, calling them out, "Crabbe! MacNair! Goyle! Not even you...Lucius."

"My Lord, had I detected any sign, a whisper of your whereabouts--" Lucius said but was cut off.

"There were signs, my slippery friend," interrupted the Dark Lord, "And more than whispers."

"I assure you, my Lord," continued Lucius, "I have never renounced the old ways. The face I have been obliged to present each day since your absence...that is my true mask."

"I returned," Wormtail cut in.

"Out of fear," Voldemort rebuttled his servant, "Not loyalty. Still, you have proved yourself useful these past few months, Wormtail," and with a wave of his wand, a sliver hand came to be on Wormtail's stub of an arm.

"Thank you, Master," Wormtail responded, "Thank you."

"Tut. Tut. Tut," said Voldemort as he kicked over Cedric's head with his foot, "Such a handsome boy."

But Harry hollared, "Don't touch him."

"Harry," Voldemort said, noticing the boy, "Oh, I'd almost forgotten you were here. Standing on the bones of my father. I'd introduce you...but word has it you're almost as famous as me these days. The Boy who Lived. How lies have fed your legend, Harry. Shall I reveal what really happened that night thirteen years ago? Shall I divulge how I truly lost my powers?" turning to the Death Eaters, "Yes, Shall I? It was love. You see, when dear, sweet Lily Potter gave her life for her only son...she provided the ultimate protection. I could not touch him. It was old magic. Something I should have forseen. But no matter, no matter. Things have changed. I can touch," he finished as he placed a finger on Harry's scar, making him feel pain he had never hoped to feel. Until an invisible force pushed him away, onto the ground, freeing Harry from his torture.

"You will not touch the boy again," said a boy that everyone had just noticed. He was around Harry's age and was wearing a black, long sleeved shirt, stonewashed black jeans, black leather combat boots, and a pewter cross necklace.

"You," Voldemort acknowleged the new-comer, with fear in his voice.

"Voldie," the boy gave the Dark Lord a nickname, "I honestly thought that you had forgotten about little, old me. Did ya miss me?"

"Enough of this," commanded the older wizard, and turned to his Death Eaters, "Kill him."

All of his servants sent killing curses at the boy and Harry thought another boy would be killed on his part.

All of a sudden, the boy jumped and flipped over the oncoming curses and landed behind Voldemort. And with a swift kick to the base of his skull, the Dark Lord was knocked unconcious, and his wand fell out of his hand. The boy picked up the dropped wand and said, "I've been looking for this," and slid it into his left boot for safe-keeping.

Lucius tried to send another curse his way but the boy punched him in the face before he could finish the incantation. All of the Death Eaters were frozen in fear, except MacNair, who launched himself at the boy, who grabbed the offending wizard by the front of his robes, threw him on top of a headstone, gripped his head, and with a firm twist, snapped his neck. Then the boy grabbed Lucius raised him over his head, then brought him down on his waiting knee, killing him, and nearly breaking his body in half.

Now, everybody tried to flee, but the boy slid the wand out of his boot and with a quick, "Stupefy," Wormtail was knocked unconcious.

The remaining Death Eaters grabbed their lord, and disapperated away, leaving the corpses, and the unconcious rat.

"Harry," the boy said, waving the wand and releasing Harry, catching him as he fell, "Are you alright?"

"My arm is bleeding a lot, I still have a headache, and I think I broke my wrist earlier," replied Harry, who was still weak after the whole ordeal.

"Then we better have Madame Pomphrey take care of you when we get to Hogwarts," said Harry's rescuer.

Then Harry noticed Cedric and said, "What are we going to do with...?"

"I just might be able to help him," said the boy, who went to Cedric's fallen body, and started to release a golden energy from his hand. Something came alive in Cedric as he started to blink his eyes and move around.

"Cedric," Harry said, not believing that his fallen friend had just came back to life.

"Harry," responded Cedric, noticing the young seeker, "How am I still alive?"

"Not still, again," corrected the boy, "Courtesy of me. Right now you should be a little weak, so we better get a move on. We have to get him first," pointing Wormtail out, putting him in a full-body bind before lugging him over.

"Why are we bringing him?" asked Harry.

"He's the only way to prove Sirius' innocence," The boy stated, as he got them together, he chanted, "Accio," and summoned the forgotten cup to him, and the group of four disappeared.


Everyone was waiting for one of the champions to return. It had been over an hour and there had yet to be a winner of the tournament.

With a flash, a group of four appeared. Everyone cheered, until they noticed what happened, and they all had looks of concern for the fallen champions.

"Albus Dumbledore!" called out an unknown boy dressed all in black, when the headmaster made himself known he said, "Your students need to be taken to the hospital wing and this man needs to be put into a holding cell in the dungeons," pointing out Pettigrew.

"After that," continued the unknown boy, "We need to talk."


"This is hopeless," said Xander Harris, "We've been through these books over a thousand times. There is no way we are going to get Angel back."

"There's a way, and we'll find it," said Buffy Summers.

"You're being blind!" said the teenage boy, "He is not coming back, and right now I'm all for staking Deadboy."

"Guys," Willow Rosenburg tried to say, but was ignored.

"You've never even liked him before he lost his soul...," contined the blonde slayer.

"Guys!" Willow tried again, but it didn't go through.

"Don't even try," said Cordelia Chase, "Give it a couple of seconds and it will be strictly name-calling and hair-pulling."

"We'll see about that," Willow stated, "GUYS, GET YOUR HEADS OUTTA YOUR ASSES!"

"Sorry Wills," they said in unison.

"It's alright," Willow forgave them, "Now, Why is there an owl at the window?"

Everyone turned their attention, and true to Willow's words, there was a barn owl at the window. Buffy let it in and it flew to the table. Everyone noticed the letter on it's leg and the owl pushed it's leg to them.

"Buffy, I think it wants to deliver this," Willow informed.

Buffy took the letter and noted, "It has Giles' name on it."

"Did I hear my name called," Rupert Giles said as he walked out of the office. He noticed the letter and took it immediately. He read it for a few moments and said, "Dear lord."

"Giles," said the concerned Slayer, "What's wrong?"

"Buffy," started Giles, "I think there is someone that can help us with this issue with Angel."

"Who is it?" Buffy asked.

"Well, I have to tell you something," Giles began to admit to Buffy, "I have nearly told you everything about my past, except one major detail."

"Giles," Willow cut in, "If you have anything to say, you can tell us. You know that, right?"

"Yes, I know," replied Giles, comforted by the girl's words, "When I was about your age, I had just became a Watcher. I don't know why the Council trusted me of all people with this duty, but they did. Buffy, you need to understand're not the first slayer i've looked after."

Buffy's look of concern changed into that of surprise.
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