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Your Home Security Bites

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Summary: Now with more chapters! Xander finds out his cousin Calleigh is in a little trouble. And you know how Xander gets when one of his girls is in trouble. BtVS/CSI Miami.

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CSI > CSI MiamiMikeDavidFR13104,74937760,3791 Nov 0822 Dec 08Yes
CoA Winner


Disclaimer: The same disclaimers as the previous chapters. Well, this fic started with a drabble, so I think I’ll end it with a drabble. Thanks as always for the reads and reviews.


Six Months Later…

Daniel Cooper was surfing the Internet when the curiosity go to him.

He entered ‘Calleigh Duquesne’ into the search engine.

Several news articles and a MySpace page came up. So he closed out the page and continued networking.

Five minutes later his cell phone went off.

“Dan Cooper.”

“Hey, Cooper.”

Cooper felt his blood run cold.


“What did I say about searching for Calleigh?”

“I was only…”


“Not to,” Cooper whimpered.

“That’s one Cooper. Don’t let me get to three.”

The line went dead.

Daniel Cooper never looked for Calleigh Duquesne again.



Author’s Notes: I would like to thank everybody who read, recommended and especially reviewed this fic throughout the chapters. The reviews have been complimentary and constructive. This has been my most read fiction as well, so that has been an extra thrill as well. A special thanks to those that reviewed multiple chapters--you guys were one the reasons this fic kept going.

Like many other stories, “Your Home Security Bites” started out as a 100 word drabble that grew into the 10-chapter mini-epic that stands before you. It takes to of my great loves: Buffy and CSI Miami and puts them together. Plus, Xander and Calleigh are fun characters to write.

I was planning a Holiday fan fic as well, but time has precluded any fic like that from me.
So to everybody on Twisting the Hellmouth, the Happiest of all Holiday Wishes to you and yours. Peace.

The End

You have reached the end of "Your Home Security Bites". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking