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I Was A Zombie For The FBI.

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Summary: Buffy is brought back from the dead, and she is not unchanged. This starts a chain reaction that leads Buffy from Sunnydale. Eventually finding herself in a small town that is having major problems of it’s own, zombies. X over w/ The House of the Dead 2.

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Games > Horror(Past Donor)FireDragonFR1524,343061,5931 Nov 0815 Nov 13Yes

Chapter One

I really am not sure on the rating so I will say FR15 or FR18 if you are more squeamish. This is a story with rather gross zombies.

Crossover with The House of the Dead 2. I don’t own Buffy or the House of the Dead 1, 2 or 3.
Spoilers, there isn’t much to spoil. Buffy TV Series and a few quotes from the games..

A.N. This is my response to Pol’s Halloween B Movie Challenge from her group Worlds Of Possibilites. I’m afraid the B Movie part may be lacking. I guess just imagine cheep cheesy special effects and there you go.

I am using writers discretion and saying that the AMS is a branch of the FBI. I am also moving the events of the House of the Dead 2 further forward in time to fit my time lines and of course changing them to fit my purposes, I still haven’t finished the game so I am not completely sure how it ends, but I have played most of the House of the Dead 3 so I have a pretty good idea. (There will be some quotes from the game so minor spoilers.) There will be AU elements here and there throughout. The beginning, and most of the story so far is mostly flashbacks. This is still a work in progress.

Buffy had been wandering for some time when she finally stepped foot into a town that reminded her quite forcibly of her old home. She had survived alone going from town to town, destroying any evil creatures of the night that she could find. She constantly worked on learning control. Though it had become harder for her to differentiate what constituted evil when she herself was now existing in a grey area. She had suffered from her own share of accidents since the horrifying discovery she had made back in Sunnydale. When everything seemed to fall apart into a world of horror, misery and loneliness.

It all started back in Sunnydale when she had awoken in darkness. Trapped in the dark, enclosed on all sides and the little oxygen remaining was rank with death. Her death. Instinct for survival had her tearing her way out and through the rich earth that embraced her. The Earth tried to draw her back to her rest but she fought against it. As if it were another creature of evil that she had lived and died fighting. If she had only realized that it was trying to save her, if she had only welcomed it’s dark embrace, would she have returned to the peace she knew in her heart she had been torn from? She could only wonder for she was beginning to believe she would never return.

She hadn’t known what was going on, she had wandered though town in a cloud of haze. She had a disjointed memory of being attacked by something, and suddenly feeling stronger, healthier, even more alive.

The World was too bright and hard. It was cold and though she thankfully didn’t remember where she had been, she could feel the difference and thought that she was in hell. Trying to remember what had happened to her she went back to the sight of her last clear memory. The tower where she had died.

Climbing the shaky scaffolding Buffy stood on the plank she had dived from and looked out on the town that had killed her twice. Her eyes were unseeing as she stared. She was still standing there lost in the haze of shock when the World seemed to fall apart around her.

She had been found later in the crumbled pile of scaffolding without a wound on her and a dead dog lying next to her. There was nothing left of the poor creature but shriveled skin and bones. This was the first hint but one that the others thankfully overlooked, for a time.

For a little while after that things were difficult for her but still mostly ok. Her appetite was completely changed, she could eat but she was never really hungry. She could literally go for days without eating.

She had no idea what had happened to her, and though she felt like she had been dragged from heaven, she blissfully did not remember ever being there. Willow was nearly insufferable constantly patting herself on the back for saving Buffy from a hell dimension. Buffy did what she could to smile thankfully as much as she could, but she really didn’t feel thankful at all. After what happened next she wasn’t sure she could ever forgive Willow.

Shaking her head from the remembrances Buffy walked into the town that looked so quaint and sweet but felt decayed and twisted. There was evil in this town and Buffy would feed well tonight she would drink her fill and allow the slayer within her to vent it’s energy.

Buffy wasn’t far into the town before she saw what the cause of the evil she felt beating on her slayer senses was. A dead and rotting corpse was masticating the remains of a human body. Buffy stopped and watched as their teeth rent the dead flesh of their victims. It was disgusting and horrifying, but not as much as when another zombie walked past her and joined the other eating away at the dead. It didn’t even look at her twice. As far as they were concerned she might as well be one of them.

Turning Buffy found herself retching at the mouth of an alleyway and collapsed to her knees lost in the horrifying memories of her past and wondering how different she really was from those horrid creatures that so disgusted her?


Once Buffy had come out of her shock she had discovered that things were not as she had left them. Dawn had gone to live with her father, Spike had followed her to keep his promise to Buffy and Giles had gone back to England.

Willow had wanted to call everyone back, but Buffy didn’t allow her to do so. Instead she had taken a trip to LA to look in on Dawn and make sure she was safe and happy. To say that Spike had been surprised to see her was an understatement. He helped Buffy to make up her mind about Dawn. Dawn was happy and safe away from the mouth of Hell. Their father was acting more like a father should and Buffy knew that this was the best place for her. She kept herself a secret from their father, not being able to explain why she was alive again, but spent some time with her sister.

Spike was still in love with her, and longed to return to Sunnydale to watch her back. Buffy who could almost feel his love, knew that it would be too easy for her to fall into his arms and use his love as her comfort and place of safety. She had been sorely tempted but his devotion to his promise to protect Dawn had softened her heart to him. She found herself respecting him too much to use him in such a manner.

Spike accepted her words but did not understand them. How would giving him what he wanted be using him? He loved her and would trade his undying life for her. The memory of their parting conversation and it’s result still filled her with powerful mixed emotions.

Her return to Sunnydale marked the beginning of Buffy’s own version of Hell. It was her first night of patrol when she discovered that she could take incredible damage that no human could ever live through. The demon that had wounded her also turned out to be the life force that healed her, leaving the demon a dried up corpse of skin and bones. Just like the mysterious dog found dead beside Buffy at the ruins of Glory’s tower.

Buffy had asked Tara to research the spell that had brought her back, making her promise to keep her condition secret from the others until they knew what was going on.

While she was waiting to find out from Tara, Spike would periodically show up with letters from her sister. They ended up spending time together off and on. Buffy’s new fear of what she now was had opened her mind and heart to accept Spike as he was. She wanted so badly for her friends to accept her; she couldn’t not give him a chance. Their relationship slowly changed into a friendship with potential for more. Buffy wasn’t quite ready to take it that far but she couldn’t deny the potential that their relationship could develop into. Fortunately Spike’s promise to watch over Dawn gave her a relief from him and the desire she couldn’t ignore in his eyes.

The results of Tara’s research were not something Buffy could have ever prepared for. In Tara’s words Buffy had become like Schrodinger’s cat; alive and dead at the same time. She needed the life force of living or dead to heal and sustain her and her taking of that life force was something that would happen it’s self when she was in need of it. Tara assured her that it would mostly be like taking a few drops from an ocean, except if she is badly wounded. Then she would have to be very careful so she wouldn’t end up draining them dry. It was then that Buffy discovered that she was basically immortal now.

Buffy spent the next few days reeling from the shock of Tara’s discovery. Tara herself had been shocked at Willow’s audacity as she discovered that Willow had to have known that these results were a very real possibility and it had been more likely for things to have turned out even worse for Buffy. She and Willow broke up, and that was the night that Buffy was wounded on patrol with only Xander and Willow around.

Beyond her control Buffy started to drain Xander and Willow. She managed to pull away and run off into the night to find a vampire. She made sure she was fully healed before coming close to her friends again. When Buffy returned home it was to find a powerful magical trap that Willow had set for her. Pain filled her veins until she passed out from the fire within her. When she came to it was to discover that she was chained to the wall in her own basement.

Willow, Xander and Tara were arguing about Buffy and what was to be done about her. Tara became Buffy’s greatest ally. Xander was still freaked out. Being drained by Buffy felt like when the Incan mummy girl had drained him, only without the kissage. Yet, he wanted to give Buffy a chance to prove that she would not turn evil. Willow seemed determined to prove that she was a good responsible wicca who cleaned up her own mistakes. She wanted to try a spell, a spell that Tara was convinced would make Buffy into Willows servant bound to carry out her masters will for what would possibly be all time as it would force Buffy to share her new immortality with Willow.

The events that followed had her escaping a crazed Willow. Finally breaking down she, Xander and Tara called Giles. Once he had gotten over his shock and finished cleaning his glasses he had told Buffy that she had to leave town until they could get Willow under control.

She had longed to go to Spike, to let him hold her and comfort her. But she feared that Willow would expect her to go to Dawn and Spike. So LA was the one other place besides Sunnydale that she avoided like the plague.

Now here she was dry heaving in an alley because she feared how much she was like the zombies that were still gorging themselves on the dead flesh of their victims not fifteen feet away. She hadn’t killed any humans yet, but if she lived forever, then it was likely just a matter of time. All it would take is for one human to touch her when she was badly wounded and unable to pull away before draining them dry. She had learned a great deal of control and had in fact almost been able to save a woman last week. She had been drained by a vampire and was dying. Buffy tried but she didn’t have enough energy for herself and the woman.

There was plenty of energy before her now, stepping forward Buffy pulled at it letting it fill her. The zombies stopped gorging themselves on the flesh before them and turned as one to attack. As they got closer the slayer within desperately wanted to fight. Buffy held herself back however determined to gather as much energy as possible so she might be able to save someone, if there was even anybody left alive in this town. The zombies continued to come at her as she pulled from them the magic that gave them life. They came at her until they wasted away, collapsing into a heap of putrid flesh and bones.

Despite the Slayer’s urge to battle Buffy continued in this manner as she found more zombies to kill. She was just deciding that there was no one left alive in this town when the pounding of gunshots rang out in the distance.

Buffy was delayed only by rescuing another couple of people and directing them out of town. Buffy decided she had found the right place when she found some zombie parts crawling around in the street. Looking around Buffy slipped into the library, ready to face anything.

Books, papers and dead bodies littered tables and floors throughout the library. Walking into the chaos Buffy let her slayer senses stretch out searching for anything living or undead. Finding both Buffy rushed toward the only living essence she could sense.

Turning a corner she found man in a grey suit clutching his bloody stomach with one hand and pointing a gun at her with the other. It was a bad wound but one that would heal, if he could get out of the town alive. The chances of him managing such a feat in his condition were not good.

“Miss, you need to evacuate this town. It isn’t safe.” He stated lowering his gun.

“What was your first hint that it isn’t safe here, all the zombies walking around or your bloody stomach?” Buffy asked as she crouched down next to him to get a closer look at the damage. “Let me do what I can to help you.”

Holding her hand over his wound Buffy forced the stored up life energy into his wound.

“What the....” The man cried out half in pain and half in shock as he felt his wounds closing. Buffy was forcing all the energy she could toward him and once again felt the energy slow and suddenly try to move back to her.

“Watch out!” The man’s voice called out drawing her attention to the zombie that was closing on their position. He was about to shoot it when her free hand snapped out grabbing his gun from him.

“No, let it get closer.” She commanded, and setting the gun down beside him again stretched out her other hand to the zombie draining it and forcing the extra energy into the man next to her.

The zombie was almost on top of them before Buffy decided that the man had healed enough. She got to her feet and drew a knife in one fluid motion. Leaping forward she let the slayer free.

When nothing was left of the zombie but so much sludge, she turned to the shocked man she had rescued. He had gotten to his feet and had been backing her up with his gun. He had short black hair and grey eyes, he was tall and thin. Though he his shirt was bloody and his jacket wrinkled he radiated an air of strength and confidence. Buffy couldn’t help finding him attractive despite the air of authority he held about him.

“If you follow the road West out of town you shouldn’t run into too many zombies.” Buffy advised him before turning to move further into the building. The slayer within her was ready to go hunting.

“Hold on! Where do you think you’re going? You need to leave this to the authorities, and get to safety.”

Buffy turned back to him with a certain look in her eyes. “I am the authorities. At least as far as this situation goes. You aren’t with the initiative, so who are you; and what do you know about what is going on here?”

“G...Agent G of the AMS.”

“How very double oh sevenish.”

“We are a special section of the FBI.”

“Color me impressed. I am Buffy the Vampire Slayer. So tell me Agent G.”

“Just G.”

“Alright G, have you ever dealt with zombies, vampires or demons before?”

“I am afraid that is classified.”

“In other words yes.” Buffy translated just as a group of zombies stumbled in attacking them. It was a while later before Buffy was able to ask G about the special ammo in his gun that kept practically disintegrating the zombies after several shots. She didn’t normally use a gun, but with a gun like that she might pick up the practice.
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