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Regression and Protection

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Regression Collection". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander and Faith are four, Dawn's being hunted, and the rest of the Scoobies are dead. What's a weary Key to do?

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Oz did indeed fix up everyone, adding the money Xander’d had him invest to the money Dawn had collected, giving everyone a tidy little nest egg. Oz created codes, computer viruses, and tracking software for the government and occasionally went out into the field to fish Riley’s team out of trouble. Mostly, though, he stuck close to San Francisco, playing with the newly reformed Dingoes at P³ and keeping an eye on Dawn and the others.

Dawn grew into the same smart mouthed, stubborn teenager she’d been before she regressed. She never forgot her other family as all the others but Xander seemed to but she grew to love her new family just as much. Except for Connor. Him she loved in new and interesting ways.

Connor learned not to scowl at every person he met and to laugh and love freely. Jenny taught him to be a good man, kind to women, and he loved her like she was his mother. His father would occasionally drift in from the demon ridden L.A. to make sure he was finally getting his better life. And from the first day he met her, he loved Dawn. She’d talk about the Key pushing him towards it and he’d remind her of the family motto: everything happened for a reason.

Jenny raised Connor, Tara, and Cordelia as her own, happy with her life even if she was never lucky in love, much to Coop’s despair. She taught technopaganism to the next generation at Magic School, gently guiding them into the wonders of technology.

Cordelia took Magic School by storm, towing her shy twin sister Tara along into the spotlight and, often enough, into trouble. Coming back was indeed worth it. After she graduated, this time without the exploding school, she ran a successful detective’s agency, privately working on supernatural cases as they crossed her path. She also eventually convinced Chris that just because he was twelve years older than her didn’t mean they couldn’t live happily together. If by convinced one meant beat him over the head with it every time she was able until he finally asked her out to shut her up.

Chris fell head over heels for a mouthy brat that never let him forget that she was right. He worked at her detective agency, conveniently showed up every time his sisters had a date, and got used to everyone calling him O.C. (Original Chris). In other words, he lived the life he’d always been meant to have.

Tara followed quietly along behind her sister, never caring where the spotlight was as long as she had someone to share her thoughts and feelings with. She ran the most successful herbalist shop in San Francisco and privately sold carefully crafted potions and amulets to a select clientele. Her love life was uneventful, which gave her Uncle Coop fits, but she was happy to take this cycle off, fully believing she’d be reunited with her Willow the next time around. At least until a young, pretty, familiar red-head walked into her shop babbling excitedly to her blonde, equally familiar sister. No, twelve years difference didn’t mean they couldn’t live happily ever after.

Xander grew up happy and healthy and loved. He mostly took after his mother, in powers and in temperament, although he’d gotten the Whitelighter bit along with Wyatt and Faith. Cordelia insisted on dressing him, though. She swore she saw Hawaiian shirts in her nightmares. Giles’s shade still laughed about that, even as Joyce told him to behave. Xander was loved by the living and the dead and he was careful to look up Buffy and Willow when he was old enough since they were reincarnated as Elizabeth and Summer Lawson, twin daughters to Dex Lawson even though he never told anybody or introduced himself to them. They would find their way to him, he fully believed that. Xander did introduce himself to Anya Dean, daughter to Jason Dean, and fell madly in love with her kookiness all over again, despite her father’s innate fear of the magic that came along with Xander being a Halliwell.

Faith was the wild triplet to Wyatt’s calm and steady and Xander’s loving and happy. She gave her mother many a grey hair as she grew up but she never grew quite as cynical as she’d been before. She was fifteen the first time her parents let Spike take her to L.A. to slay demons. She found the fierce joy that the power of that brought her but her brothers’ steadiness and love kept her on an even keel. Premonitions were a bitch, though, she didn’t care if Aunt Phoebe said she’d get used to it or not. She died when she turned 17, drowned. Xander resuscitated her and the Slayer line was split for the second time in history. She had a tumultuous relationship with David, Wyatt’s best friend and a half manticore, which gave her father fits.

Wyatt was goodness incarnate. Nothing and no one mattered to him as much as his family, though, except maybe David. He’d been a prophesied baby and grew to be a powerful man. He worked to keep peace, living off the trust fund his Uncle Oz had set up for him as a baby. And when Tara brought home Summer Lawson, Wyatt fell in deep and abiding love with Elizabeth Lawson who he later found out was a Slayer like his sister Faith. He married her despite her father’s protests that she couldn’t possibly know everything about him. Dex Lawson was aghast to be a member of the extended Halliwell clan.

B.C. Halliwell grew up knowing that O.C. was him from the future. Only family knew that the initials stood for Baby Chris. B.C. grew up happy, therefore he wasn’t half as neurotic and paranoid as O.C. Of course, O.C. got Cordelia. B.C. felt bad about being jealous until O.C. introduced him to a girl named Bianca and wished him luck. Then he was too busy being stupid in love to be jealous of his brother/self.

Melinda was the youngest daughter of six children and she was considerably less powerful than her other brothers and sister since her father hadn’t been a Whitelighter when she was conceived. Add in a painfully shy demeanor and it all added up to four psychotically overprotective older brothers. Faith always expected her to kick butt, regardless of how powerful she was and Mel seriously appreciated that vote of confidence when she fell in love. Mel fell in love with D.J. Morris the first time she saw him, when she was six and he was ten, the first time his father brought he and his brother by to meet the family. She fought for the right to date him and, with her mother and sister’s support, she won.

Paige happily took charge of being her growing family’s Whitelighter, guiding them in the arts of the craft even as she protected her other charges. Patricia and Helen Mitchell were born six months after their cousin Melinda, seven months after Penelope Cooper-Halliwell. Henry Junior joined them eleven months later. She painted in her spare time, careful not to devote every aspect of her life to the craft and her children. She quite honestly couldn’t think of a time when she was happier.

Phoebe had her three little girls, Penelope, Phiona, and Pallas, gained her doctorate in Psychology, and wrote two best selling book series, one series to help people find love and the other a children’s series set in a fairy land that would help children understand the many wonders of love. She lived in bliss with her agent of love, forever thankful that the Elders had sent him to her.

Prue and Andy never had any other biological children besides Dawn, although when it was called for, they would foster ‘special’ children. They fiercely loved one another and spread that love to every child that walked through their doors. Prue started a gallery that showcased her photos, Paige’s occasional painting, and several other local artists. Andy was a house dad until Cordelia started her detective agency, then he went to work with her. Honestly, the private detective business was easier, even if he got shot at.

Coop learned through his new mortal family about the pitfalls of love while Henry learned that everything happened for a reason. Both of them learned to grin and bear it whenever Grams was around the house. The assorted Cooper-Halliwell and Mitchell cousins always knew there was something weirder than usual about the Halliwell kids. They loved them, they were family, but they could never accuse them of being any kind of normal.

Spike popped in and out over the years, the disinvite spell never actually happening. He taught the kids to fight dirty, to survive, and to swear like little sailors. He adored the Halliwell Sisters and lived for Piper’s hot chocolate. It was almost as good as Joyce’s had been.

Piper opened her restaurant and ran herd on her kids, including O.C. And she grew old with her soulmate, comforted by the idea that she would help herself save the peaceful future one day. And she would win at Scrabble this time. Leo ran Magic School and watched his children grow and give him grandchildren, happy that things had turned out as they were supposed to.

Victor remained skeptical of magic until the day he died at a very respectable 93. That didn’t, however, stop him from loving every grandchild he was given, including Cordelia, Tara, and Connor.

Their lives, quite simply, were Charmed.

Author's Note: I know it's basically a lot of information just thrown at the reader but I like how it ended. This was one of those open ended concepts that don't really end, that keep spawning sequels, unless I end them pretty thoroughly. Plus, it echoes the feel of the last episode of Charmed.

The End

You have reached the end of "Regression and Protection". This story is complete.

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