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Regression and Protection

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Regression Collection". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander and Faith are four, Dawn's being hunted, and the rest of the Scoobies are dead. What's a weary Key to do?

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don't own Charmed or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Author's Note: Set after the series end for Charmed and for Buffy. It is not comic book compliant for Buffy.

Chapter One

Dawn was running as fast as a woman with two four year olds clutched to her could run. It was all the freaking Immortal’s fault. They’d all told Buffy that he was bad news but he had promised her normal and Buffy’d fallen for it. Dawn would have snorted if she had had the breath. What would an Immortal know about giving a Slayer normal?

The dinner party’d all been a ploy to get the Scoobies in one place, something rare since Sunnydale had fallen. Ones and twos they managed. The whole group was almost never together. The surviving Old School Watchers had been afraid that the Scoobies would stage a coup (which, okay, they had) and had talked the Immortal into wooing the longest lived Slayer so that they might betray her. If it hadn’t been aimed at her friends and family, Dawn might have marveled at the ingeniousness of it. Using Buffy’s human weakness to bring her down and everyone that stood with her.

The Watchers’ plans would’ve worked perfectly if the rest of the Scoobies had trusted the Immortal as much as Buffy. Instead, they’d come to dinner loaded for bear. Or, really, the most magical, deadly creature anyone had been able to imagine. That maybe had a small army of big, nasty minions.

Willow’d sent Dawn and Xander in with enough protective amulets to ward off the Angel of Death. Faith had gone in knowing that she was their physical protection. That’s why they’d survived. The Watchers couldn’t kill them, no matter what they did but they could incapacitate them. Faith and Xander had been hit with some spell, Xander stepping in front of Faith to take the brunt of it.

The screaming when everyone had seen the two little bodies had been some of the most terrifying of Dawn’s life. Willow had yelled for Dawn to take them and run and then Darth Rosenberg was in the house. Dawn had grabbed the two little kids and the bag she’d packed earlier that day. She got clear of the building in time for it to explode, taking two thirds of the surviving Watchers, around 100 Slayers, and the rest of the Scoobies with it, and hopefully giving the Immortal’s immortality a run for its money. Asshat.

That’d been nearly a week ago and Dawn had managed to travel half-way around the globe, care for two four-year-olds, and elude whoever was hunting them. She needed to hide Xander and Faith. She couldn’t keep running with them being the age they were. Goddess, she had to protect them, now. She was the oldest. She wanted to cry.

The list of who she could leave them with was so small. Oz was out because she had no idea where he was at. Every locator spell she’d tried had only told her he was still on the mortal plane. Cordelia and Wesley were dead and Angel and Spike were having to fight nearly ‘round the clock to clean up L.A. after Wolfram and Hart’s little blow out, spending most of the daylight hours tromping through sewers.

She couldn’t leave them with Riley. She loved him like a brother but she couldn’t trust him, not with this. Not with Xander and Faith’s lives. For all that Riley’d fought demons, been in the know for years, he still thought like a mortal, like a norm.

And Xander and Faith weren’t normal, not anymore, thanks to the Immortal and the Watchers. Faith was a miniature Slayer. By far the youngest Slayer on record, she had very little control. And whatever the spell that’d hit them had been, it had unlocked some hidden talents of Xander’s, talents Dawn was really wishing had stayed hidden. Listening to Xander baby-babble to her sister’s ghost was freaking her out. And, seriously, the juiced up demon magnetism thing was getting old. Every time she stopped to breathe, a demon popped out of the wood work.

Dawn dodged into a busy building and slowed to a walk, trying to catch her breath.

“Dawn,” a tiny voice caught her attention. She looked down at Xander’s face and cringed at his milky eyes. “Dawn, it’s me, Willow. Take them to the Sisters, Dawn. The Sisters. They’ll protect them. They owe…” Xander trailed off and blinked, white fading to the familiar chocolate brown. “Sleepy,” he yawned.

She kissed his forehead. “Go to sleep, Xan. I know what to do.”

Dawn managed to convince the building manager to let her out the back way and caught a cab, saying, “Take me to the nearest hotel.”

And Dawn thanked the goddess for Xander’s paranoia and the emergency packets of cash that had been spread out over the globe now resting at her feet in its own magicked knapsack. The hotel was a roach motel and she refused to even set Faith and Xander on the floor. She set them carefully on the spindly table that’s only saving grace was that it was moderately clean, warning them to stay still and quiet. She was sure, since they’d been so well behaved thus far, that they were still mostly themselves, just trapped in smaller bodies. Then she plonked herself on the floor and started to meditate. She prayed to every goddess she could think of to let this work and she sent out a call.

She leapt up when she felt another presence and, upon seeing a slim dark haired, dark eyed woman, teared up and hugged her.

“It worked,” she whispered tearfully, the week of stress finally crashing down on her. She jumped when the door rattled in its frame. She swept her bags and the two startled kids up and said urgently, “We have to go.”

The woman grabbed her arm and they disappeared in twinkling blue lights just as the door burst open and something roared.
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