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The Prequel

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Books Re-written". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: What if the Scoobies raised several of the Harry Potter kids? How would that change things? How long would Voldemort survive a manhunt by some of the world's greatest champions?

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Disclaimer: I don’t own either of these fandoms.

AN: My Prologue started out as my Author’s Notes, so. Rewrite necessary. This is set after Season 5 of Buffy (which the Prologue will get into), Season 2 of Angel (also in the Prologue) and immediately before the first chapter of the first book of the Harry Potter books.


Season two of Angel moved along at a brisk pace so that if was completed by Christmas. The gang was back from Pylea in time to help the Scoobs with their hellgoddess issues. Cordelia was appropriately horrified at the hell bitch’s grasp on fashion. For that alone, Cordelia vowed to rid the world of her evil.

Buffy did not die. Dawn didn’t get kidnapped, either, though. Everybody got proactive before Glory could get to her. It helped that Dawn was a year and a half old, not a stubborn, shattered teenager, stupid enough to run away in a time of great peril. Gotta love infants.

The Scoobs moved off the hellmouth and into the Hyperion after the defeat of Glory. Joyce, who had the common sense to seek medical attention off the hellmouth from an excellent brain surgeon in Seattle, moved with them, bringing little Dawnie (the result of the Band Candy Incident (or so the monks said)) and a boat load of motherly love. Dawn turned two a couple of months before Connor’s birth. She was destined to be the older woman. The AI gang bent to Joyce’s iron will wrapped in soft smiles and cocoa with grace (and no little bit of fear).

After the Scoobs moved, there was a mass exodus from Sunnydale. People just woke up and decided to leave. The town caved in, the hellmouth imploding from all the failed attempts to open it. And the Sunnydale hellmouth was no more. The insurance pay outs were lovely, though.

Cordelia didn’t go away with Groo because, hello, small infant to raise. Like she was going to let Angel corrupt the little guy, to say nothing else of the other men and Fred. Wesley showed her the translation of the prophecy because she was his best friend and also very intuitive (read: nosy). She then proceeded to beat him about the head (lightly) as she screeched at the top of her lungs that sometimes prophecies were a.) full of crap, b.) easily tampered with, or c.) changeable, and he had best remember that that was her friend and her little boy he was talking about. Then she collapsed into her chair and promised this prophecy would be one of the above. Giles reminded them of the provenance of the prophecy. They got it from Wolfram and Hart, after all.

Cordelia still became half demon after the trip to the AU where she didn’t have visions. But when Skip came around to collect her for ascension, she put up such a big fuss that the Powers investigated and caught Jasmine mid-plot. Needless to say, Utopia got pushed back a few millennia.

Justine, the bitch, got pushed out into traffic by a mugger. And when Holtz tried to kidnap Connor himself, Cordelia caught him and had him arrested. All of his ranting and raving about vampires and time travel got him sent away to a funny farm where they proceeded to drug him into complacency ‘til the day he died. Wolfram and Hart backed off when the Council leaned on them.

Wesley talked the Council into a.) getting Faith paroled as added protection for a future warrior of the light (and for the asset that Dawn was sure to become), b.) reinstating him as her active Watcher with retroactive pay, c.) pay for Cordelia as it was traditional for the Council to see to the expenses of a True Seer, and d.) getting the Hyperion named as a Council half-way house for potentials in case of emergency so that the building could be paid off, insured, and renovated. Giles put the pressure on for the Council to employ everyone living in the Hyperion so that they could concentrate on missions for the side of the light instead of the light bill. Travers tried to block it but someone, Giles refused to say who, managed to push it through.

Xander worked at renovating the Hyperion while Anya worked at getting into Wesley’s pants. Giles cleared up Fred’s angry professor issues, keeping Fred wrapped up in Gunn and oblivious to Wesley, leading Wesley to fall under Anya’s slightly kooky spell. Xander was glad for Anya for finding love but sad for himself because he couldn’t quite find the right woman.

Giles and Joyce married and had blazing rows and lots of make up sex, revitalizing their lives and giving them both something to live for besides Buffy, her calling, and her inevitable death. Giles and Anya reopened the Magic Box in the old defunct ballroom on the first floor of the Hyperion. Joyce volunteered at Anne’s shelter and kept life in the rooms above the first floor of the Hyperion running as smoothly as possible, considering. (Hello? Magic central here.)

Amy was de-ratted. Between Giles, Wesley, Willow, and Tara, there was enough magic floating through the hotel to shake the rafters. Angel and Spike were high for days. She, Tara and Willow were then promptly shipped off to a coven in Devon for a month or so where they learned control but also terrified the Wiccans running the joint. That much power was not meant to be developed at that young an age. And Willow and Amy had a taint it would take something drastic to fix. So the coven did something drastic: fearing for the Earth, they begged both Gaia and Hecate to send the Slayers’ witches a guide to show them the way to lightness. To, at the very least, balance. The Guardian popping into view clutching the Scythe startled everybody. She spread her knowledge and power between the three women, initiating them into the Guardianship. Then she dropped dead from old age. Or possibly boredom. A couple thousand years in a tomb was nobody’s idea of fun.

Spike was souled. Angel refused to have a soulless being in his home with his son. Even if he was chipped. Joyce talked Spike into it, pointing out that if the chip malfunctioned, he could become a danger to Dawn, to her. He agreed on the condition that the witches find a way around the happiness clause. He wasn’t giving up sex. He didn’t have that kind of willpower. With the knowledge of the Guardians behind them, the ladies made quick work of the curse. Spike’s transition was smoother than Angel’s because his demon embraced his soul. But the chip had to come out. Jonathon, who’d pretty much moved in with Giles after the Superstar Incident to be mentored, pointed out that Riley’s chip had a trigger, why wouldn’t Spike’s?

A third Slayer popped out of the woodwork. Apparently, you couldn’t be stabbed in the gut then fall off a two story building onto a moving vehicle and not die. At least not temporarily. Nobody was happy with the situation, especially when the Council threatened to send out another Watcher. Buffy and Faith threatened to tear pieces off them that they’d miss. Everybody figured that, between two Watchers, two more-experienced Slayers, three Guardians, two vamps with souls, an ex-demon, a warlock, a carpenter, a street tough, a physicist, a dimensionally challenged demon, a seer, and their mother, Rona’d be fine. (Driven crazy, but fine.)

In the void of villains that occurred when Buffy didn’t die and get resurrected (which led to Darth Rosenberg and the First) and Cordelia didn’t ascend (which led to Jasmine, the stupidest corporate takeover known to man or demon, and the Circle of the Black Thorn), Willow became bored. She wound up doing three things: once again focusing on computers and tech, only this time in conjunction with magic, being wholly honest with Tara about everything from Oz (she still loved him) to the future (she wanted kids and Tara (and a little piece of her wanted Oz, too)), and she started tinkering with potions. One was a lineage potion. With a few hairs and a vial of blood from each, she charted every person in the Hyperion’s family lines.

Angel’s was the most shocking. He may have killed all of his known relatives but Liam Kelly had been quite the drunken lay about manwhore. Two of his beget (besides Connor) had survived to procreate. There were several fluctuations in his line until it came down to eight women and their thirteen children.

That was when Angel had dropped his bomb. Lily Potter nee Evans and Alice Longbottom nee Prewett were wand witches. They’d brewed a potion similar to Willow’s while at school years ago. Each had separately contacted him and had kept him abreast of their lives. He was their Uncle Liam.

A week later, an envelope appeared with a soft pop at the full dinner table. One that Lily had charmed in the case of her death or permanent disablement. There was a letter detailing the situation along with documents stating that custody of Harry would be granted to her Uncle Liam Kelly. Not ten minutes later, a second envelope popped into being. From Alice, detailing much the same, including the custody of her son Neville.

And so it all began with a quick trip to England so Angel could claim two of his own and check on the rest.
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