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Helluva Halloween

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Summary: One Shot based on the Halloween Challenge at Paradise Lost. Just Buffy/Dean and Sam/Faith having fun on evil's 'one night off'!

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Supernatural > Multiple PairingsmysticwhispersFR1822,602021,3542 Nov 082 Nov 08Yes

Helluva Halloween

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all related characters are copyright Joss Whedon and ME. Supernatural and all related characters are copyright Eric Kripke, Kripke Enterprises & The CW Network. I make no profit from this fiction. All the characters herein belong in somebody else’s toy box. I just take them out to play once in a while.

Title: Helluva Halloween
Author: Me - Mysticwhispers
Status: One shot.
Rating: R to NC17 (just to be safe)
Pairing: Dean/Buffy and Sam/Faith
Warning: A little heavy on the cheese LOL, sexual situations, language.
A/N: Based on a Halloween challenge at Paradise Lost.

Here's the requirements.

Buffy/Dean or Faith/Sam (Bonus points for both couples).
In Halloween costumes.
No spells, just them having fun on their 'one night off
It can be any rating and any word length but try to keep it to a one shot!!!

Bonus points for

One of the guys saying 'You keep that stake where?' or something very similar!
A black cat.
Trick or Treaters interrupting!

Helluva Halloween.

Buffy nervously shifted about in the bedroom. “Willow would sooo hate me if she could see this.”

“Chill B, Red’s not here... and if she was, it’s Halloween for fuck’s sake. Time to be what you’re not.” Faith added the finishing coat to her lip gloss and smacked her lips together in front of the mirror.

“Oh yeah? So why are you dressed as the devil Faith?” Buffy shot back. She fiddled with the hem of her skirt. “So is it me?” She twirled around, showing off the short black and orange mini dress that barely covered her ass. Her knee high orange and black striped socks were finished off with chunky heels and she held a small broomstick in her right hand.

“Seriously B, your hottie will pant all over you when he sees you in that,” Faith laughed. “Now, can we go already?” She slipped the lip gloss in between her breasts. “You never know,” she winked.

Buffy followed Faith out of the bedroom and down the stairs. She should have known that the woman would have chosen the devil costume she wore. A tight red and black corset sat above a very short black skirt. Fishnet gloves adorned her arms to the elbow and black patent leather stilettos added a few inches to her height. The whole thing was finished with the three prong spear she carried and little red horns in her hair. Buffy found herself feeling just a little sorry for Sam. There was no doubt what Faith had in mind for later!

As they approached the bottom of the stairs, a throat clearing and a quiet ‘wow’ greeted them. There by the front door stood a ghostly pirate and Dracula, otherwise known as Dean and Sam Winchester.

Faith slid into Sam’s arms, kissing the hell out of him and leaving him shocked with a trace of red lipstick on his lips. “Hey B? I think I finally get your obsession with the undead!” she laughed.

Dean scowled at her, “I’ll have you know, she’s now obsessed with me... and the last thing I am is dead!” He pulled Buffy into his arms, rubbing his hips into hers and showing her just how alive he was. “You. Look. Amazing. Summers,” he breathed into her ear before kissing down her neck. Buffy squeaked and he grinned before pulling away. “Let’s get this show on the road.”

*Happy Halloween**Happy Halloween**Happy Halloween*

The group paid their admission fee at the club, stepping through the double doors into a smoke filled atmosphere. Rock music blared from the speakers and cobwebs hung from every possible surface. Carved pumpkins sat in the center of each table and the place was packed.

“Can you fuckin’ believe it B? You ever seen this place so full?” Buffy shook her head. Dean wrapped his arm around her, guiding her to the bar and hoping Sammy would keep up.

“Two beers and ... what are you drinkin’ ladies?” he yelled over the music.

Faith and Buffy looked at each other and twin smiles split their faces. “Slammers!”

“Two beers and 4 slammers,” Dean yelled at the barman. He handed over some cash. “You wanna find a table?”

“Nope,” Buffy grabbed her drink and clinked glasses with Faith. As one they slammed their on the bar and downed the drinks in one go. “We wanna dance!” They pushed through the crowd to the dance floor, loosing themselves in the beat almost instantly.

“Guess it’s just us for a bit Sammy,” Dean smiled, raising his beer in salute. He handed one to Sam, a frown crossing his face as Sam didn’t even look up at him. “Sam? Beer?.... What is with you dude?” He followed Sam’s gaze on to the floor and his mouth dropped open.

“Dude, do you not see that?” Sam said, gesturing to the dance floor, his eyes never leaving the forms of his girlfriend and her best friend.

“Yeah, I see.” Dean squirmed a little, trying to get his lower half comfy. Damn tight pants. Out on the floor Buffy and Faith were dancing together, hot and heavy to the pulsing beat. They seemed completely oblivious to the stares of the crowd forming around them. Sam and Dean watched as Buffy turned her back to Faith, both girls undulating their hips in time to the beat. Buffy raised her arms over her head as they swung round to watch the guys watching them. Faith ran her hands down the outside of Buffy’s arms, smiling as she saw Sam take a sharp breath. They continued to dance until the end of the song, and then pushed their way through the crowd back to the brothers.

“B, that was wicked,” Faith laughed, slumping herself into the nearest seat. Then turning her eyes to Sam, she put on an innocent expression. “So was it hot out there, or was it just us?” Sam just gaped at her.

“I think we broke him,” giggled Buffy. “Can you get me a diet coke babe? I’m soooo hot.”

“Beer for me stud, oh and I think Sammy here could do with another!” Dean dutifully made his way to the bar, returning in a few minutes with the drinks and passing them round. Sam took his bottle, swigging half of it straight down and dropping onto the sofa next to Faith. As Dean passed Buffy her soda, he bent down and whispered in her ear.

“Sweetheart, if you get any hotter, you’re gonna burn me up,” his gravelly voice sent shivers racing along her skin. She blushed a crimson red and took a long swallow of her drink. Dean smirked and shook his head a little. It always amazed him how this blonde vixen could act so brazenly while dancing and yet blush at a compliment. Ok so it was a Dean Winchester compliment, designed t o send her off balance, but still.

“Faith, ladies room?” Buffy yelled, interrupting the heavy make out session starting on the couch. Faith pulled herself out of Sam’s arms, linked arms with Buffy and the girls disappeared into the crowd. Dean watched until they were out of sight, then quirked an eyebrow at Sam.

“So what do you say Sammy, time for some payback?” Sam looked horrified for a second before covering it up nicely.

“Dude, I like you and all, but you’re my brother... I’m not dancing like that with you, or any other guy for that matter.” Dean laughed.

“No Sam... body shots. Cough up, it’s your round.”

“What difference does it make Dean? None of it is our money anyway!” Dean smirked at Sam before making his way to the bar. He came back carrying a tray with four shots, four lime wedges and four little packets of salt. “You remember how to do this shit right? We did it with those waitresses in Arizona.”

“Yeah Dean I know,” Sam replied. “Heads up, they’re back.”

Buffy and Faith made themselves comfortable again, Buffy sliding on to Dean’s knee and Faith replacing herself next to Sam on the sofa. “Right ladies, Sammy and I have a bet going. He thinks he’s better at body shots than I am. I know I’m better than him, so wanna help us out with finding out?”

Buffy eyed the tray nervously while Faith just laughed, “Hell yeah! Who’s first?”

Dean gestured to Sam, who chose a piece of lime, placing it between Faith’s teeth. Picking up a packet of salt, he tore it open, licking a trail down Faith’s helpfully tilted neck and pouring the salt on to the damp skin. He picked his head up, his own version of the Winchester smirk firmly on his face as he felt Faith’s increased breathing rate. He picked up the shot, licked up the salt, downed the shot and coaxed the lime from Faith eliciting a low moan from her. Faith closed her eyes, falling back on the sofa and chuckling. “Your turn B.”

Dean spoke into Buffy’s ear, “pass the goods Sweetheart.” As Buffy did as she was told, he ran his hand up her spine and caressed her thigh. He placed the lime between her teeth, looking up into her heavy lidded eyes. “Hmmm where to put this?” he ran the little pack of salt down her neck, chuckling when she shivered involuntarily. Her creamy breasts so close to his face were an opportunity too good to miss, so he ran his tongue down in a line from the hollow of her throat to the middle of her breasts, sprinkling the salt over the wetness he left behind.

Buffy moaned quietly. “Hold on Buffy, we haven’t even got to the good part yet.” He ran his tongue back over her body, gathering the salt, then drank the shot. Then he swiped the lime from her mouth, licking up the remaining juice with his tongue.

“Whoa,” moaned Buffy, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling his head to hers for a kiss. She wiggled on his lap, feeling just how much ‘fun’ he was having with this game. They broke apart and Buffy giggled. “I believe you are up next Samuel.”

Sam grimaced at that name, then shrugged it off to study Faith for his next move. Decision made, he again picked up the salt. He ran his tongue around the shell of Faith’s ear and nipped it gently, causing her to gasp out his name, and then followed the path just under her jaw line to her lips. Angling her head just so, he poured the salt onto her skin. Faith giggled softly as some ran off down the front of her top. With the lime between her teeth, he licked up the salt and slammed down the empty shot glass on the table. This time he removed the lime with his teeth, squeezing a little and causing the juice to run into her mouth. He removed the lime from his mouth, kissing Faith deeply and collecting the last of the juice from her mouth with his tongue.

“Amateur,” Dean mumbled as he stood up with Buffy. He placed her back on the chair with her legs spread and ran his tongue up the inside of her thigh. Buffy groaned, threading her fingers through his dark hair as he sprinkled the salt along the wet line. He looked up into her eyes as he reached back for the lime and his last shot. Then without breaking their gaze, his tongue followed the salt, running just a little too high and grazing the edge of her thong. He downed the drink, climbing up her body to claim the lime, brushing his hands over her breasts as he went.

When he came back to himself, he saw Buffy looking at him, full of lust and beautifully flushed. “Fuckin’ a B, your guy has some moves,” Faith laughed.

Buffy grabbed Dean’s hand as a slow song came on, dragging him to the dance floor and wrapping her arms around him. As they moved to the beat, she circled her hips against him, making him moan and pull her closer to him. They broke apart to see Faith and Sam looking a little guiltily at them.

“B can I get your keys? Sammy and me have a date with a shower.” Buffy gave them over to her, pulling them from her cleavage.

“What? Where else did you expect me to keep them?”

Sam and Faith disappeared out of the club doors, off to their own private party. “Whatda you say we go on a quick hunt through the cemetery Sweetheart? See if we can work of some... tension.”

Something in Dean’s tone had Buffy agreeing immediately and hand in hand, the left the party too.

*Happy Halloween**Happy Halloween**Happy Halloween*

Kissing heavily, Sam pushed Faith against the bathroom door. His hands fiddled with the leather laces on her corset, trying to gain access to her skin. The door bell rang. Sam groaned and pulled away. “Go get the door Sammy, I’ll be here when you get back.” She moved away from the door, dropping to sit on the edge of the tub as Sam left and headed downstairs.

“Trick or Treat! Trick or Treat!!” A group of about six teenagers stood at the door. Sam ran his hands though his hair, pushing it off his face a little.

“Aren’t you a bit old for this or isn’t it a bit late?” He asked them, fishing about by the door for the bowl of candy Buffy had left their earlier.

“Chill dude, the girls just wanted a bit of fun,” claimed the guy dressed as Frankenstein’s monster.

“Yeah well, I got my own girl waiting for some fun upstairs if you know what I mean, so hurry it up yeah.” Sam ground out, anxious to get back to Faith. He closed the door behind them, taking the stairs two at a time, leaving his cape and shirt along the way.

*Happy Halloween**Happy Halloween**Happy Halloween*

Buffy bent down to adjust her shoe. Her feet were killing her, patrolling in heels. Urrgh. “I told you nothing comes up on Halloween Dean. Can we go now?”

Dean admired her shapely thighs as they were revealed to him. Her tiny skirt hardly covered her ass and he knew she was definitely braless. An outfit like that would not work any other way. “I dunno Sweetheart, something’s up alright.” She spun around to face him, catching his open admiration. His glance hit her eyes and then wandered back down to her chest.

He stalked towards her, every inch the hunter he was. Her breath caught in her throat as he wrapped his arms around her, staring into her eyes as he backed her up against the nearest hard surface. Pinning her there, he smashed his mouth against hers, worming his knee between her legs.

A sudden rustling in the bushes behind them startled them out of their passion. In the blink of an eye, Buffy pushed Dean away from her and stake in hand went to investigate. She yelped in surprise as a black cat jumped out at her. Dean burst out laughing at the flash of terror on her face.

“Don’t laugh you ass! You’d jump if it were you!” Buffy pouted, hands on hips. She looked at the cat which was sitting and washing it’s ears.

Dean stepped up to her, wrapping his arms around her waist and giving her a kiss on the forehead. “Oh Sweetheart, let’s get home. Finish what we started.” He turned them around, one arm still looping around her and steered them out of the cemetery. He stopped still, making Buffy turn to see what was wrong. She smiled at the look of confusion on her face, knowing exactly what was coming next.

“Erm... Buffy? Where the hell did you hide that stake?” She leaned up, kissing him softly and looking down a little to watch her hand run up his thigh and across his stomach.

“Take me home and I’ll show you.”

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