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Things happen for a reason.....or not

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Summary: It just happens sometimes, those things we simply can´t explain. Het, Porn With Plot (even if it´s a very small one), John/Chiana

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Television > FarscapeSwedishFrogFR2111,088025992 Nov 082 Nov 08Yes

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Title: Things happen for a reason.....or not
Paring: John/Chiana
Summary: It just happens sometimes, those things we simply can´t explain
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Farscape
Authors Note: This was done as a challenge between me and a friend.

The Challenge was the following:


Pairing-anyone as long as they were from the Farscape verse

Time-one week

Page limit-none


Chiana studied the man named John Crichton from across the command deck. She wanted him. She wanted him badly. In her dreams at night she could feel his arms around her, his lips on her skin and his cock inside of her but when she woke up he wasn´t there. Chiana didn´t know when her obsession with him started but she couldn´t explain it anyway. All she knew was that she wanted him and what Chiana wanted, she got. Always.

John felt eyes on him, watching him, as a predator watching prey. It should have felt uncomfortable but it didn´t.

He knew who it was even though she didn´t know he knew it was her. Chiana. The pale skinned white haired beauty with a temper like an ever-changing storm.

One moment calm, the next a whirlwind at full force.

He wanted her. In his dreams he could feel her in his arms, his lips on her skin and his cock buried deep inside of her but when he woke up she wasn´t there and he was left with the sticky residue of the dream.

Ever since he first laid eyes on her she had been in his thoughts and dreams. He wanted her and he would have her, soon.

Late at night Chiana had that dream again. And when she woke up she was lying in her bed. She sighed and started thinking of all that had happen since she met the people on board Moya and suddenly John stood in the doorway looking at her with those warm eyes of his. For a moment they just looked at each other but then he moved towards her and the spell was broken. As he came to stand in front of her she met him in a heated kiss. Hands were everywhere they could possibly reach and the heat between their bodies was rising fast. As his mouth reached her neck one of her hands slipped between their hot bodies, feeling the hard length that was trapped by the tight pants he had on.

He moaned quietly even as he moved his hands over her upper body, exciting her further. If only he could move his hands lower. And as if he could read her mind he did. It was her turn to moan her pleasure as he squeezed her buttock and ground his trapped cock against her hand.

“Clothes off,” muttered John as he moved away from her to take of his shirt. She didn´t hesitate before doing the same. Chiana didn´t even get to throw her shirt to the floor before his tongue trailed a wet path from her stomach to her left breast and then over to the right, teasing the nipples as he went from one to the other.

She growled as he blew a cold breathe over her right nipple and decided enough was enough and squeezed his cock. The gasp she received made her smile like a cat that got the cream.

John raised his head from her chest and looked at her, eyes darkened with lust. He quickly shed his pants and threw them in a corner of the room and then moved back to Chiana´s body, this time lower than before.

He slowly peeled of her pants kissing ever inch of the skin he exposed but avoiding the area she really wanted him to touch.

John had finally gotten the pants off and was now sitting at the foot of the bed staring at the pale, smooth skin lying bare to his eyes. A Goddess in humanlike form just lying there waiting for him to take what he desired. And he would, as soon as he was done enjoying the sight of her squirming in arousal.

When she trailed a hand from her throat, past her breasts and continued down he decided he had waited long enough and claimed her mouth in a heated kiss.

John's body was resting between Chiana's legs and his hands slowly traveling the length of her body.

None of them could wait any longer.

Chiana's legs wrapped themselves around his hips and she moaned as John entered her, her teeth biting down on his neck. For a moment they were as if frozen, John holding her body tightly pressed against his. Their lips molded together as he began thrusting slowly at first but then faster.

Her nails clawed at his back, no doubt leaving lines in their wake and some of them even drawing blood. It only served to add to his arousal, which was spiraling out of control as Chiana arched against him. Sweat glistened across her chest. He moaned at the feel of her hands clutching his buttocks.

They were panting, even as their movements grew frantic with need. John kissed her, slipping his tongue into her mouth and groaning from the taste. He allowed one hand to hold himself up, while the other trailed down her chest and further down until he reached between her legs, feeling the place where they were joined.

Chiana let out a gasp, her breathing turned erratic, her teeth biting down on her lower lip as a soft keening noise escaped her. Their eyes locked, being forced open even when they wanted nothing more than to roll up into their heads. A tremor traveled through his body, as he felt her tighten around his cock. Her hips jerked to meet his thrusts, before her entire body went limp. John´s release quickly followed hers; eyes wide open but not seeing anything. When he finally had calmed down and they had arranged themselves so that Chiana´s head was resting on his chest his eyes focused on her lower lip, which was bright red from her biting it. He kissed it and she smiled and he thought that she looked so much younger and innocent and should do it more often.

“So. What now?” she asked.

“I don´t know.”

They kissed again. And then hands started moving over heated flesh and Chiana once again wound up with Johns cock deep inside of her.

As if in a never-ending cycle their ´meetings´ continued while the crew followed their every step with great amusement.


The End

You have reached the end of "Things happen for a reason.....or not". This story is complete.

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