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The Missing Headmaster

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Summary: Dumbledore is missing can the new teachers help find him.

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Harry Potter > Multiple PairingsShannonFR132657,39113726,2913 Sep 0322 Sep 03Yes

The Missing Headmaster

Title: The Missing Headmaster

Author: Shannon

Rating: PG

Pairings: Willow/Snape, Fred/Charlie Weasley, Faith/Lupin

Disclaimer: BtVS and A;tS characters belong to Joss Wheadon, ME, UPN, FOX, WB; Harry Potter characters belong to JK Rowling

Distribution: Shades of Grey ( NHA, WLS, anyone else that has my other fics, anyone else just let me know first.

Spoilers: Through season 7 of BtVS, Season 4 of A: tS, and Order of the Phoenix for Harry Potter

Summary: Dumbledore is missing, can Hogwarts new teachers find him.

Author’s Notes: This is my first Harry Potter fic, and my first crossover so let me know what you think.

Part 1 Disappearances

The woman paced the length of the dark room; stopping at the desk to again reread the letter that had been delivered weeks ago. School was to start in only a week and they hadn’t heard from him yet. He had been gone all summer, trying to make sure it was safe, that HE had really died this time. But they hadn’t heard from him since the letter had arrived.

She looked up at the sound of the door opening, frowning slightly as she watched him enter the room, dark robes swinging out behind him as he moved.

“We have to do it,” He said as soon as the door closed.

“He could still return.”

“The letter said to do it if we didn’t hear from him by yesterday. The term starts in a week. We’re going to need the extra protection with him gone.”

“We don’t know these people. What if…”

“We have to trust him on this I think. If he says it’s the best hope then we should do it.”

“Fine, Arrange it,” She strode across the room her green robes trailing behind her, “You did say you knew how correct?”

“It’ll be done by morning.”


Fred glanced at the letter one more time as she pulled the door to the hotel closed behind her. The early morning air was chilly so she pulled her jacket more closely around her. She was still trying to tamp down the urge to rush back in and show the letter to Wesley or Angel. She’d show it to Gunn but he was barely speaking to her lately.

Meet me in the third floor

Conference room at 7a.m.

Please come alone

All will be explained.

She was getting ready to leave when the mail department delivered it last night. It didn’t contain any postage so it must have come from inside the offices but the teen-ager that delivered it said he didn’t know whom it was from.

She knew she should have shown it to Angel, or at least Wesley but something told her she wasn’t in any real danger, they had enough to worry about anyway, and it wasn’t like the Wolfram and Hart offices weren’t safe. Nothing that dangerous could get past the demon and vampire security they had. Well, Angel had many times but that was different, and of course, the rock demon thing last year but he was rock it wasn’t as if anyone could stop him.

She walked into the high rise housing their new offices. It was still deserted; most employees wouldn’t arrive for another hour or so. Which was a fact that didn’t make her feel anymore at ease, she checked her watch it was almost seven. She quickly made her way to the elevator and pushed the appropriate button.

When the elevator doors opened, she stepped out and opened the door immediately across from her. Walking into the room she glanced around, no one there. She glanced once more at her watch; she’d give it a few minutes before she gave up on whoever it was. She pulled out the chair at the far end of the room so she could see the door and pulled a book out of her bag, might as well research while she waited.

Setting the book on the table, she sat down and adjusted her chair before opening the book. She was just beginning to read when the room started to swirl around her, before she could move everything went black….


Willow wiped the dust off her jeans as the last vampire disappeared. She had to deal with less dust than the others did but none would great. She had also made her way through the cemetery rather quickly tonight; vampires never saw the stake coming when you didn’t have to have it in your hand.

She had volunteered to patrol tonight; she had been doing that a lot. Buffy and Dawn were off tracking down new slayers, Giles and Faith were spending all their time training them. Robin and Kennedy had both decided to leave, Kennedy returned to her family, Boston needed protecting from demons too, and Robin had accepted a new position in Washington. Xander helped when he could but losing Anya had been a huge blow to him and oddly enough to Andrew, and the two of them were spending a lot of time grieving.

She was approaching the street, glancing back at the cemetery to be sure, she hadn’t missed anything she turned at the sidewalk and headed back toward the house that they were all sharing now.


Willow stopped at the sound of her name, coming from behind her. As she turned to see who was calling she saw Faith approaching.

“Red, wait up,” Faith said jogging up beside her.

“Faith I thought you guys were training?” Willow asked as the slayer came to a stop next to her.

“Was, but if I had to hear Andrew whine anymore about his damn hotpockets I was going to start using him as a training dummy,” Faith pulled a stake out of her jacket pocket. “So I figured I’d come give you a hand.”

“Thanks but I’m kinda done here.”

“Damn, have to go back already.”

“’Fraid so,” Willow shrugged, “We could do a couple alleys on the way home if you want”

“Better than Andrew,” Faith said turning to go down the nearest alley.

Willow smiled and pulled her stake back out of her pocket, no reason to not be prepared. Following the slayer down the alley, Willow suddenly came to a stop.


“Yeah, Red?” Faith turned to look at the witch.

“Something’s down here.” Willow was moving slowly still looking carefully, “It’s not a vampire though, I feel magic.”


“Yep, lots of it.” Willow touched Faith’s arm to stop her from moving any further, “I don’t like it.”

“Well, I want to kick some ass so…”

Faith’s sentence was cut off as the alley around them began to swirl and Willow felt herself being pulled then everything turned black.
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