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Round about Midnight

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Summary: Peter is struggling with his newfound power. Mohinder is trying to find answers. Sylar and Noah are searching for Nox, who is searching for an old friend. Claire is searching for family. And this brings them to a small town on a hellmouth...

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Television > Heroes > GeneralhellgodsrusFR1831,942052,4843 Nov 088 Nov 08No

Small town by the name of part 2

Disclaimer: I don’t own this. More’s the pity. Joss owns one half, Tom Kring the other
Set: mid season six for BTVS. After episode 4 of season three for Heroes

Small town by the name of part 2
Road to Sunnydale, California, Claire
Claire sat at the traffic lights.

She had been driving for three hours now. Three hours of just driving.

It was for a reason though. She needed to find this place. This Sunnydale.

Her mum had told her about it. Well, she’d sort of set her going.

Her mum had a sister. Her sister had a daughter. The cousin lived in Sunnydale.

Apparently, she’d burnt down her school hall. So who better to go to to learn how to fight? And plus, she’d needed somewhere to go. Some sort of direction. And somewhere to stay. She doubted her money could keep her in a house for more than two weeks, even a shabby motel. Maybe three.

She’d find her cousin, learn how to fight, find Sylar, and kill him. It was all laid out very clearly in her head.

The lights changed and she floored the accelerator.
Level Five, Manhattan, Sylar
Sylar stood by the wall. He thought over what Peter had said.

He had obviously just come from the future. He could feel where his clothes had been, where he had been. In the future he had been in Manhattan. Costa Verde, too. Claire’s house.

He smiled.

Which was when Noah and mother opened the door and came in.

It was strange to think of her as his mother. But she was. He could see that. She was just as ruthless as he was. More so maybe.

She spoke. ‘We have found where Nox is going.’

He walked forward. ‘Where?’

‘Sunnydale. But there are some…problems.’ She began walking, and Sylar and Noah followed. ‘You see, we have an agreement with a law firm, Wolfram and Hart, not to interfere with Sunnydale. This bond was also formed with the Mayor who is now deceased. Now, five years ago we became very interested in this place. There was an abnormally high death rate, all sorts of odd occurrences, and the fact that the Mayor was 200 years old.’

Noah opened his mouth to say something, but she continued. ‘So we sent in some people, found some very odd things, and researched. Of course the government and that stupid fool Maggie Walsh got their hands on the project, and so we gave it up. But we still kept the samples from our research, on another level.’

The elevator door opened, and almost instantly they were assaulted by a barrage of howls, shrieks and yells.

‘Welcome to Level Seven.’
Claire’s house, California, Peter
He reappeared without a sound, and walked towards that door which he had seen in the future. He knocked three times.

The door was opened by a woman whom Peter did not at first recognize. He recognized that scent of a power though. With a flick of his wrist he could…

‘No,’ he said.

‘Excuse me?’

‘I…I’m sorry. I’m looking for Claire Bennet?’

The woman raised an eyebrow. ‘You’re too late, Peter. She’s gone.’

Peter stopped himself. ‘Where?’

‘We’re not sure. But I did mention something to her about her having an aunt, who she may have gone to find.’

Peter sniffed again. ‘You’re Claire’s mother. Why did you tell her?’

‘Cause she wanted to know about how to defend herself. And cause I wanted her to do something.’

Peter squashed the rage that had begun to surge up inside him and asked one final question. ‘Where does this aunt live?’


Peter closed his eyes and disappeared.

Mohinder’s apartment, Manhattan, Mohinder

‘Journal Entry 18: I still have found no way to remove my condition, which appears to continue to be spreading. However I am finding out more about previous mutations which may have been related to powers from the Chronicles. In the midst of all of the myth there are some grains of truth, and very interesting woodcuts. However, I still have found nothing about a cure, since in every text the creatures are the foe, and thus are never helped or aided in any way. In short I am still stuck. More so even.’

He paused, and clicked off the recorder. He flexed his hands.

The mucus on them had spread to cover the whole hand. The rash was staying where it was, but it was itching ferociously.

He sighed and sat down to do another few blood tests.

The door of his apartment suddenly opened, and he found himself staring down a loaded crossbow at the woman whom he had heard crying the other day.

‘Right,’ she said. ‘Where is my husband? Or have you killed him already, demon?’

Level Seven, Manhattan, Sylar
Sylar looked at the vampire. It looked at him.

‘Interesting.’ He was interested. There were others out there with hungers similar, if not greater, than his. And with their help he could learn how to control it, how to make Mother love him.

He walked towards the elevator.

But first he had to get Nox.


Thanks to my one reviewer! Anyone else reading this review as well! Please? And I know I spelt Nox wrong. It’s now deliberate, as I think Nox is a cooler name than Knox.
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