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Round about Midnight

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Summary: Peter is struggling with his newfound power. Mohinder is trying to find answers. Sylar and Noah are searching for Nox, who is searching for an old friend. Claire is searching for family. And this brings them to a small town on a hellmouth...

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Television > Heroes > GeneralhellgodsrusFR1831,942052,4843 Nov 088 Nov 08No


Disclaimer: I don’t own this. More’s the pity. Joss owns one half, Tom Kring the other
Set: mid season six for BTVS. After episode 4 of season three for Heroes

She had known as soon as she saw it from the street it would be skuzzy. But that was why she’d chosen it. It would cost less. And she had very little money.

The man at the desk had leered at her when she came in, and asked her what she wanted. She had asked for a room, and the asshole, while leading her up to her room had tried to grope her. She had kicked him very hard in the shin. He gave up after that, and just let her into her small grimy room.

Once Claire had read a book called ‘Crime and Punishment’. In it Raskolikov had a room which he nicknamed ‘the cupboard’ on account of its smallness. She had already adopted the name for her room. One could easily open the door without moving from the bed, and if you did the room would be split into two halves. It was also very dirty. Dust and occasional blobs of mucus covered almost every surface, save a cross which had been nailed to the door.

The bathroom was not much better. In it was a shower, a weedy shower covered in mold. A toilet lurked in one corner.

But it was a place to stay. When she found her cousins, then she could live with them.

But how to find them?

She thought. One was university age, and the other was younger than her.

Bingo. Search Sunnydale University campus; search the schools. Maybe she’d be in high school.

Satisfied, Claire settled down to sleep.
Nox had decided to find her in the morning. Sorta.

So he strolled up to the skuzziest, sleaziest and dirtiest hotel he could find. He opened the door. Walked to the counter.

‘Hello?’ he called in his best “I am a rich customer” voice. ‘I would like a room for tonight please.’

A fat man in a t-shirt saying ‘size ain’t important’ waddled up, puffing frantically.


Nox took a deep breath of air.

God, there was a tonne of fear in this town! He could sense hundreds of thousands of fears, all over it.

He pulled them to him one by one as he “searched in his pocket for his wallet”.

Then he let rip.

At a speed comparable to that of a Ferrari, he leapt forward and grabbed the man by the throat, slamming him into the wall. Nox heard both of his legs snap like matchsticks. But the guy couldn’t even scream due to the pressure on his windpipe.

‘I am looking for someone,’ he said.

The guy wheezed and whispered. ‘Look, I can tell you the Buffy girl’s address, just don’t kill me, don’t eat my brains please, oh please…’

Nox frowned. ‘No, I am looking for Faith. Faith Lehane. Where is she?’

The guy wheezed again, slightly desperately. ‘She…was working for…Mayor…coma…hospital…’

‘Thanks,’ said Nox, and dropped him. ‘I’d like a room for a couple of weeks. What do you say?’
Mohinder stared at the crossbow carefully.

‘What do you mean by ‘demon’?’ he said finally.

‘I mean that you are a Nov’shork. You have obviously disguised yourself as a human, but your disguise is falling through. Now where is my husband?’

‘I am not a nova shock, or whatever it was. I am just a scientist, who…’

‘Yeah, yeah, nice cover story, but you smell like musk roses. Standard demon hunting.’

‘I do not smell, and would you quit with the demons already?’

There was silence. Then the woman lowered the crossbow.

‘All right. Come with me.’
Thanks guys. Next update will take time. Keep up the reviews!

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You have reached the end of "Round about Midnight" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Nov 08.

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