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A Hunter's Nephew

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This story is No. 1 in the series "A Hunter's Nephew". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: ch12editedBobby Singer has a younger sister who happens to live in Sunnydale. Her son decideds to stop by for a visit during his roadtrip and meets the Winchester boys. Things progress from there.

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Supernatural > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Sam WinchesterKirallieFR151334,40189257,0965 Nov 0813 Jul 09Yes

Chapter 3

Disclaimer: Still don’t own them. Wish I did! Sam, Dean and Xander, yum.
By the way, did no one read/like ch2? Not a single review for it on ffnet.
Thanks to BluLadyK and Anne McSommers for their wonderful beta work.

Chapter 3

“You boys leavin so soon?” Dean nearly hit his head on the boot at the sound of Bobby’s voice. He stood and turned to face the older hunter.

“We need to get back on the road. Besides the kid came all this way to see you, not hang around strangers.” Dean shrugged and went back to re-arranging the contents of the boot.

“Dean...” Bobby sighed and Dean turned back to him.

“I don’t like him but he’s your nephew and he did help with Sam.”Bobby grinned at that, so maybe Dean was warming up to the boy.
“Sammy come on!” Dean yelled and his brother jogged out of the house with his duffle over a shoulder.

“Here, take these.” Bobby handed Sam the charms he’d been holding.

“What are they?” Sam asked as he studied them.

“Protection against possession. As long as you’ve got them on you you’re safe so don’t loose them.”

“Bye Bobby. Thanks for everything.” Sam offered his hand and Bobby took it.

“You boys take care of yourselves and be careful.” They waved at him and then the Impala took off down the road. Bobby turned back to the house and nearly jumped when he saw Xander standing in the doorway.
“Finally up sleepy?” Xander grinned at him.

“I was awake, just didn’t want to make things awkward.” The teen went back inside and Bobby followed.

“I’m sorry about Dean; he’s just overprotective of Sam and with losing their Dad not so long ago...” Bobby trailed off, not sure how to explain the Winchester’s.

“It’s okay. Dean and I talked a little last night.” Xander sat to watch him make breakfast. Bobby smiled, making sure Xander didn’t see it. It was amazing how quickly they fell into the routine they’d had that summer despite everything that had happened since.

“So am I going to get to hear more about how you’ve been since the last time I saw you? Or do I have to guess?” Bobby asked as he began to fry the bacon.

“Life’s been...pretty hectic I guess. That’s life on the Hellmouth for you though. Only time it slows down is summer and that’s because of the heat. Though hey, we actually got some snow for Christmas. Magic snow, but still snow.” Xander grinned and Bobby just stared at him, snow near LA?

“You planning on heading back after summer? Going to college?”

“Didn’t bother applying, not like I can afford it and with my grades? As for going back I’m honestly not sure. Things have...changed the last year between the gang. It’s like just because I’m not a Slayer or a witch I can’t fight. Sure I led Graduation and planned the crazy thing but almost straight away they were pushing me aside again. And with them going to college and me not... But we do good work Uncle Bobby and I can’t turn my back on that.” Xander put his head down on his arms and sighed, obviously frustrated.

“So don’t. But you don’t have to be in Sunnydale to fight the supernatural. There are hunters all over, some of us are fairly stationary and others like the boys roam all over looking for hunts. Find somewhere new to settle down or even keep up the road trip and see where it leads you.” Bobby began putting the food on the table which Xander had set while he’d been outside saying goodbye.

“Getting wise in your old age uncle?” The teen teased and he hit him lightly with a spoon.

“I’m not that old boy.” Bobby grumbled.

“If you say so.”Xander grinned at him and then fell silent as they ate.

Xander flipped through the books he’d pulled down from the shelves. No wonder his uncle had kept him busy out in the yard last time he was there or else he would have had to answer some very awkward questions. Then again it would have been useful to know and maybe he could have protected Jesse if he’d known. He shook his head and focused on what he was reading, frowning as he came to a description of vampires. Standing he took the book and went looking for his uncle. Unsurprisingly he found him out back working on a car.

“Hey Uncle Bobby I’ve got a question.” His uncle moved out from under the car.

“What is it?”

“You ever fight vampires like this?” He held out the book and Bobby took a look at the entry.

“Not personally but I know a few hunters who have, Dean and Sam among them. Why? Vampires are almost extinct.” Xander stared at him blankly before doubling over in laughter.

“What do you think a Slayer’s job is? I’ve been hunting vampires mainly the last few years and trust me they’re nowhere near to being extinct with the way they multiply. Never run across ones like this book says though, ours are more like the movie version except for the transforming and stuff. I don’t wear a cross because I’m religious.” Xander shrugged as Bobby just stared at him.

“Have you found any other differences?” He asked, obviously thinking hard.

“Not yet. You want me to look through all your books?” He glared at his uncle as he realised where he was going with that line of thought.

“Not all. Just the ones that deal with the things you’ve seen. See what is the same and different. Besides you could do with a wider range of knowledge if you’re going to keep hunting.”

“Slave driver.” Xander grumbled and Bobby grinned, they both knew he’d do it.

Dean groaned as he rolled out of bed, fumbling to switch on a lamp. He looked over towards Sam’s bed to see his little brother tangled in the sheets, his head tossing restlessly on the pillow. Every night since they were at Bobby’s he had been woken by Sam’s nightmares, not that he blamed his brother after what he’d been through. He hated what the guilt was doing to Sam but nothing he did seemed to help. And Sam still didn’t remember everything that had happened, not that he thought that was a bad thing considering, so how much worse could his nightmares get if he did start remembering more? It was bad enough he remembered shooting Dean. Sighing he sat on the edge of Sam’s bed and began calling his name. He didn’t want to startle him awake and into a defensive move, he was too tired to fight off a brother who didn’t realise it was him.

“Ungh.” Dean snickered slightly at the sound of protest Sam made.

“Come on Sammy, you need to wake up.” Sam groaned again and then his eyes opened. Dean’s grin vanished as Sam pulled away from him in fear.
“Easy Sam, it’s just me.” He offered, not sure what had scared his brother.

“Can’t be, you’re dead.” Dean winced at the soft comment and slowly reached out to Sam, not wanting him to try to fight him.

“I’m not dead Sam, I promise. It was just a dream.” Sam stared at him warily until Dean put his wrist under Sam’s hand so the younger could feel his pulse.
“See? I’m very much alive little brother.”

“Dean?” Sam’s voice shook and then Dean went over backwards as Sam launched himself at him. Not knowing what else to do he just held Sam and let him cry. No matter how much he hated dealing with emotional stuff if Sam needed it to get passed what had happened then so be it.

Xander put his bag in the car and then turned to look around his uncle’s yard. It had been a good two weeks, despite the way it had started and all the time he’d spent buried in books and he was kind of sad to be leaving. But it was time to get back on the road and start seriously thinking about what he wanted to do next. He grinned as Bobby came out to say goodbye.

“You keep in contact and call me if you need anything.” Bobby gave him a gruff hug and Xander returned it.

“I will. And you let me know if you need help with anything.”

“Sure thing kid. Decided where you’re heading next?” Bobby leant against the car as Xander did a last check for missing belongings.

“New York maybe. Not sure. I guess I’ll head east and see where I end up. Then I’ll head west again at some point.” Bobby shook his head, obviously amused by Xander’s well planned trip.
“I’ll stop by before heading back west anyway.”

“Stay safe and keep reading those books.”

“Yes Uncle Bobby.” Xander shot him one last grin before getting in the car and heading off.

Xander groaned as he re-read the article. At least the local PD was smart enough not to try and blame the killings on barbecue forks. But he was really not in the mood to deal with a possible nest, especially after learning there was another type of vampire away from the Hellmouth. There was no way to know which he was dealing with till he found them and he really didn’t want to get into a fight when half his arsenal was possibly useless. So here he was in Fredericktown Missouri with no back up and an unknown amount of an uncertain breed of vampire. Harris luck strikes again. He really missed Willow’s computer abilities at that moment, she’d probably just hack something somewhere and find out exactly where they were and how many but he had to do it by foot in a town where walking around with a battle axe on his back would be noticed.

Four hours later he staggered back into his room and collapsed on the bed. Hunting was so much easier in Sunnydale, then again that was probably because the town was practically overrun. He was exhausted and had nothing to show for the night, not one vampire or demon. He hadn’t even been able to find a local demon bar like Willie’s. Maybe it was time to call for help?

Bobby turned the stove off and grabbed the phone on the fourth ring.


“Hey Uncle Bobby.” He grinned at the sound of his nephew’s voice.

“How’re you doing kid? And where are you?”

“Fredericktown Missouri, nice town except for the vampire problem.” Bobby groaned. Trust Xander to walk into something like that.
“Annoying thing is I can’t find them. Spent all night looking too. And are they the type you know or the type I’m used to? Cause knowing that would definitely be a good thing.” Bobby shook his head in fond annoyance as his nephew began to babble.

“I’ll see what I can find out for you while you get some sleep. Don’t go out till I call you back okay?”

“Okay, thanks Uncle Bobby.” He really wanted to go hit his sister and her husband when he heard the awe in his nephew’s voice that his simple help had gained.

“Get some sleep kiddo.” With that he hung up and went to find out as much as he could about what was going on in Fredericktown.

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