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That Little Spark

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Summary: Little Ficlets about different characters.

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings > Ficlet Collections - OtherbuffyandspikeFR18810,785162,7906 Nov 0818 Jul 10No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15



Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this fic

I watched as he walked…no; stalked closer to me. His face was half hidden from me, and I didn’t like that. He was always so hidden. Always in shadows or behind closed doors, and I knew that I had to put an end to it. The only question was: how? Jean-Claude and Anita were gone for the next three days leaving me here all lone to deal with things. I knew that they trusted me, but really? Why leave the twenty one-year-old to hold down the fort.

I guess they trusted me enough to let me stay and keep an eye on things while they were away visiting The Council. Richard was still here with me and so was Jason and the twins, but Nathaniel and Micah had left me in charge of the leopards. Most of who were staying in the circus where it was most safe for them.

“Asher?” I asked quietly not wanting to break the silence that had been so intense only seconds ago.

Slowly his head raised and I could see one of his eyes. If I closed my own I could imagine what he looked like as a whole. Flawless and beautiful…before holy water had been dripped on his face and body.

I opened my eyes a small smile lifting my lips. Jean-Claude had warned me about the feeling that Asher was slowly beginning to feel for me, but I had not headed the warning. I had continued our private French lessons. I had seen the looks Anita had thrown my way, worried mostly but sometimes sad. She knew that slowly but surly I was replacing her in Asher’s heart. Everyone knew it.

He was still looking at me with his one uncovered eye. He seemed to be searching me face to see what I was thinking, or perhaps he was gauging my reaction to him having entered the room.

“Yes?” Asher whispered quietly.

“Come here,” I whispered.

Slowly he moved until he was standing right in front of my chair. I rose slowly, as if trying not to scare a little mouse. I was startled when he raised a hand and placed it on my neck. He let his fingers trickle slowly down my neck to my chest, between my breasts and then it was gone. For a moment I thought that it had never happened. That I had imagined the feeling of his finger tips on my skin, but that tingles that were left in his trail told me that it had been real.

Before he could react I brushed his hair aside. Asher startled me by taking a swift step back, but he did not make a move to cover his face. He looked heart broken as I stared at the scars that nearly ruined his beauty.

“You are beautiful, Asher,” I whispered, taking a step so that I had closed the space between us. “No matter what you think; you are beautiful. We all have our scars and marks.”

He didn’t meet my eyes as I looked into his baby blues, but I knew that he was listening. I gripped his shoulders, one in each hand and raised myself up until I could kiss his nose. Then I kissed his scared cheek then his smooth cheek.

“You are beautiful. Simply beautiful,” I murmured as I brushed my finger tips over his skin. I was amazed by the difference in texture from his right side to his life. It baffled me how someone could scar something so beautiful. “How could they do this to you?” I whimpered.

A dark shadow descended over his face, and I suddenly found myself in the chair I had been sitting in no less then three minutes ago. Asher was standing over me, studying my face.

“Why do you not flinch back in revulsion?” Asher asked quietly his voice carrying in the empty room.

I did not speak; I simply grabbed his shirt and pulled him to me. When his lips touched my neck and my mouth was next to his ear, I whispered: “You make my heart race.”

His reaction was instantaneous.

I was up and out of the chair before I even realized it. I was suddenly pushed against the cold wall. Asher’s lips met mine in a feverish kiss that seemed as if it would never end. I moaned as he let his hands explore places they had never before touched. And I wiggled as he pressed my more tightly to the wall.

“Be mine,” he whispered into my ear.

“I am yours.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "That Little Spark" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Jul 10.

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