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Fellowship of the Slayer

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Summary: Buffy goes on a quest to save the Slayer line. Not a LOTR crossover

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Games > Japanese Fantasy > Final Fantasy(Past Donor)CordogFR1826,8080121,5467 Nov 0820 Nov 08No

well and truly fashed

Set after season seven in the buffy-verse and during the calm before Yuna's pilgrimage.

Standard disclaimer applies, I own nothing.


Buffy Summers looked around the ruins she was in, Damp and dirty, the only light filtering in from the bright moon outside. Anxiously, she waited, Giles had said that answers could be found here, but only if the spirits of this place deemed it so. If they didn't contact her themselves, there would be nothing she could do about it. These spirits were so powerful, that they had no need to be called, rather, petitioners were required to go to them. Not an easy journey, considering that Buffy was now several dimensions away from her own. Four years ago, Buffy had died to prevent Dawnie's blood from being used to rip away dimensional walls but now she was here after using a more controlled method to do the same thing.

Desperate times and all that.

Shivering a little, Buffy pulled her sweater tightly around her body as she walked slowly in circles, trying to keep warm. She was so caught up in the act, that when she finally noticed that she wasn't alone, she honestly couldn't say how long he/it had been there. It was possible after all that he had always been there, just unnoticed.

Turning and facing him, she quickly studied his appearance. Plain white pants and a dark purple top that was adorned with ornate patterns and a hood. The hood hung low over his face, leaving only the bottom half visible to her. He allowed her to look, even as he himself was surely studying her. Somehow, she got the feeling, he was learning more than she herself was.

“You seek the Fayth.” The childlike voice shocked her more than the tone did. A statement, not a question.

“Uh, yes. My name is Buffy Summers, and I come from another world.... you do know that there are other worlds, right?” receiving a nod, Buffy continued on “Well on my world, I am what is known as a Vampire Slayer, a mystical champion, Chosen to fight the darkness.”

“One girl in all the world.”

“You know about my world?”

The child, the Fayth tilted his head up, as if to look at her eye to eye, even though his low hanging hood still covered his eyes.

“Two years ago, you faced a Dark Evil. Hope was lost until a Witch of Great Strength used a Weapon of Power to Awaken all amongst your Lineage and Victory was had.”

“So that's a yes then? Good that will make things easier. Okay, all the potentials were awakened, and everything was going good until about six months ago. It happened to the new Slayers first. They would be going along, doing their jobs, when all of a sudden their powers would disappear. At first the absence was momentary, a few seconds at most, then the power was back as if it was never gone. Then, the amount of time it was gone became longer. From seconds, to minutes, to hours and now, for days at a time. Only two of us weren't affected at the start, but even we lose our powers from time to time. If this keeps up there will be no-one left who can stand against the Darkness.” Buffy then looked closely at the apparent child before continuing.

“So my question is, Why are the Slayers losing their power?”

The Fayth didn't so much as twitch, he just stood there in the same position, looking. Since the silence was becoming uncomfortable, Buffy decided to see if she could prod him along a little.

“Do you know? Or is your reputation greater than your ability?”

The Fayth merely gave a small smile before speaking.

“I have already answered your question”

“Really? I must not have been paying attention because I missed it”

“Two years ago, you faced a Dark Evil. Hope was lost until a Witch of Great Strength used a Weapon of Power to Awaken all amongst your Lineage and Victory was had.”

“It was us?” Buffy slumped a little. The possibility that it had been Willow's spell breaking the natural order had been discussed.

“Yes and no. No power is infinite, after the initial creation of the slayer using demonic essence, the Slayer Spirit drew power from another source. Whenever an uncalled Potential Slayer died by unnatural causes, any unused life-force was channeled into a Well of Power for the use of the Slayer. Even though this Well was vast, it would never be capable of supporting every Slayer in the world. With every Potential Slayer being active there is none now to empower the Well.”

“You would have thought that a millennium's worth of power would have lasted longer.”

“It would have, if the Witch had not used you as the template for calling all the others”

Buffy's eyes widened in exasperation, “ I get it, I get it. I came back wrong”

“You are referring to your resurrection?”

“Yeah, I really don't like to talk about it.”

The Fayth studied her once more before speaking again.

“Before the Shadow-men first created the Slayer there had been some concern as to what would happen if their champion was turned, something that was likely considering what they were designed to combat. The result of these concerns is that, IF a Slayer was to die a True Death, the power would leave. If they rose again they would have no more power than the Potential they were once again. When you were reborn, you were given a gift from the higher beings of your world, a reward for your duty and sacrifice. Your body was reshaped so that it would draw upon the Slayers Well of Power naturally, rather than having to be chosen again. What was once a Blessing, was now your Right. You did not come back wrong, merely different. Such a Boon was meant for one, not for many. The potentials had never died, and thus when granted the same boon as you, did not draw on the power the same way. This means that they draw on it faster then intended. The only two who draw upon it the right way, are yourself, who is Blessed, and the last Slayer who had been Chosen the correct way.”

“Faith.” Buffy stated, realizing the truth of it.

“Yes. She was the one the Witch should have used as a template for the spell. The Well would still be drained of it's reserves, but it would have taken longer to do so.”

“Damn, It seemed like such a good idea at the time, can it be reversed, can we deactivate the Slayers and refill the Well again?”

“No, their Potential has been Realized, their link to the Well altered forever.”

“Oh” Buffy frowned, running her thoughts rapidly through her mind, a possibility jumping to the forefront.

“The records we have that led us to you mention that your kind empower the Champions of this world with the strength and power to defeat a great Evil. Would you be able re-create the Slayer line, or one like it?”

The request seemed to surprise the Fayth, but he lowered his head, clearly giving the thought consideration. The fact he was considering at all was a good sign in Buffy's opinion. The Fayth looked up again though in short order.

“We could not empower you, as we empower the people of our world, but we would be able to create an analogue of the Slayer, similar, with only minor differences. The only question is should we. Our presence is required here, where we may choose who shall bear our power from all who may ask, but we could not do so on your world. To grant such power freely, without oversight would be irresponsible.”

This was more than Buffy had hoped for and was an opportunity she couldn't afford to let go.

“What do the people of this world have to do for the power you offer?”

“They undertake a pilgrimage, a journey throughout this worlds lands. Only those with the strength and fortitude to see themselves to the end are granted the full measure of power needed to defeat Sin”

“How about a deal?” Buffy asked.

“A deal?”

“If I undertake this journey and succeed, you create a new Slayer line like the old one for my world.”

Once again, the Fayth paused to consider something he didn't seem to expect.


Faith Lehane scowled as she looked out the window and into the darkness outside. She should be out there, dusting vampires and decapitating demons. Except whatever had been affecting all the other Slayers was now finally affecting her. This morning she had her ass kicked in the training room by some random Watcher. It was downright embarrassing. Faith was used to being the top dog, her nifty Slayer strength letting her take on all comers and bringing her out on top. It was downright disheartening. She pushed herself away from the windows, a slight growl in her throat. Well, she could still take her frustrations on the punching bag. She turned to go towards the Councils dojo.

There was a flash of light and the air shuddered around her.


And then she was gone.





“What are you doing here?” Buffy asked.

“Freezing my fucking ass off, what does it look like? I don't even know where here is”

“I brought her here”

Both Slayers turned to the voice.

“You did? Why? How?” Buffy stammered.

“Yo B, What's going on?”

“You know those problems we've been having?”

"Course I do, my powers cut out during a training session this morning and were gone for two whole hours. I've been restricted to headquarters until the Watchers can get a handle on it."

“Well the short answer is, we drained the battery and broke the charger when we activated all the Slayers. I got this guy to agree to create a new Slayer line but I've gotta do the whole quest thing for him. Not sure why you're here though.”

The small Fayth, who had taken to hovering a foot above the ground, answered.

“To re-create a Slayer line we will need the last naturally called Slayer to serve as a template.”

“So she just waits around here until I get back?”

“If she so chooses, she may also accompany yourself if she wishes”

Faith looked around, hmm, stay here in a really cold and freaky ruin or...

“Hey B, looks like it'll be me and you against the world.”

Buffy smiled. “Cool. It'll be better than doing this all alone.”

“You would not have been alone, Buffy Summers.”


“When one takes the pilgrimage, they do not travel alone. They have Guardians of their choosing to help them along the way. You too will have Guardians to travel with you”


Rupert Giles smiled to himself as he browsed through the stores book shelves. Even though the Council's library was unable to pinpoint a cause for the malady inflicting the many Slayers of the world, there was no reason to stop looking. Replacing a book that had seemed relevant, and yet was not, he reached for the next likely possibility.



“I have summoned those both familiar and close to you so that you will be well served in your journey”


Spike smiled as he walked away from the drifting ash in the alley. Stupid pillocks thought that since he was all soul-having now, that made him weak. God he loved dusting stupid vamps. They were a disgrace really, and who better than him to put them down. Hello, missed one hiding in the trash, well, we'll soon take care of that.



“They will stand beside you as you face the dangers ahead.”


Hank Summers walked up the Spanish road, on the way home to his wife, with a skip in his step. Life was good. He had a high paying job, a sweet little villa in his name and a gorgeous and sexy girlfriend waiting for him. He took out a moderately small wrapped package and rolled it around in his hands. It was a simple life, but it was his and he wouldn't pass it up for anything.



"They will strengthen you, as you in turn will strengthen them."


Angel drummed his fingers on the steering wheel as he waited for the lights to change. He was glad he'd left early to meet Connor for dinner, especially since Conner would be introducing him to his new girlfriend. Of course Conner couldn't actually introduce him as his father, but Angel was willing to put up with that since it seemed that as long as Conner retained the artificial memories given to him, then he wouldn't go off the deep end again. As the lights turned green, Angel sent a small prayer that Conner's new girlfriend wasn't an older women again.



“You are not, after all expected to face such trials alone, none who petition us are”


Riley Finn stretched as he finally finished the backlog of paperwork associated with running the black ops group known as Omega Delta. HST activity had spiked in recent months, maybe the Scooby Gang had been onto something when they spoke about the summer lull. He'd head over to the research department and see if they had any information. Knowledge of something like migration patterns would make his job a helluva lot easier.



“They are those with whom you already share strong bonds with, bonds which you will need to complete your quest.”


Xander Harris walked silently through the corridors of the Slayer House. With the unreliability of their powers lately, many Slayers were living in fear of recrimination from those that they had hunted. All he could do was assure them when they needed it that they weren't alone and that there were those who would protect them in their time of need.



“Normally you would choose your own guardians, but considering the circumstances, I will have to choose them for you.”


The Dark Mage known only as The Immortal entered his bed-chambers in ill-amusement. He had not yet filled his bed with another since the abrupt departure of the Slayer. She was far too enjoyable between the sheets to give up on yet, and it wouldn't do for her to come back and find him in the arms of another. He wouldn't wait forever though. Immortal he may be, his patience wasn't. He looked at the empty bed. One more week, he decided.



“But you should not worry. I will only summon those who you have shown to have had trust of in the past.”


Parker Abrams ran giddily into his kitchen and opened his fridge. In the living room were Teri and Bethany. Sisters, TWIN Sisters, The holy grail. And they had finally agreed. All it had taken was one or two lies... okay maybe a lot of lies, but the important thing was that they were ready tonight and so was he. Quickly he grabbed the can of whipped cream and ran back out. With a flourish he jumped into the living room with a loudly yelled “Here's Parker.”



“It is done”

“What's done?” Buffy asked, slightly confused.

“I have summoned those who will be your guardians to this world”

“That easy, huh”

“Yes, I have a unique knowledge of summoning.”

Buffy and Faith looked around the room. It seemed to be remarkably empty of anybody but themselves.

“So where are they?” Faith asked.

“Their trials begin now. They must first show their strength before they will fully be your guardians. Right now they are a small distance from this temple and must make their way here.”

“Sounds easy enough” Faith said.

Buffy, however was a little more curious.

“How are they doing so far?”

The being known only to them as the Fayth turned to one of the walls as if he could see through it. For all they knew he could. Buffy watched as a small frown formed on what little she could see of his face.

“What? What's going on?”

The Fayth broke his attention away from the wall and answered.

“They are fighting.”

Buffy sucked in a breathe.

“Who or what are they fighting?”

The Fayth turned his sight back to the wall before answering.

“They fight each other.”
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