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Winning by Any Means

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Summary: One Scooby pulls out all the stops in a hard fought contest for ultimate victory.

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Movies > Surprise CrossovermissinglinkFR151660141,4087 Nov 087 Nov 08Yes
Winning by Any Means
by missinglink

Summary: One Scooby pulls out all the stops in a hard fought contest for ultimate victory.
Disclaimer: I own nothing not BTVS, not Baseketball, not even my car.

A/N: Don’t know of anyone doing this cross in all my searches. Know that the summary is misleading. Only excuse is that I was hoping to surprise those that chose to read. Hope the joke isn’t too corny and the feel comes across right. Damn you plot bunnies. Damn you all to heck!!!


"Welcome back Baseketball fans. The stage is set as we close in on another incredible sports moment as we close out the bottom of the ninth inning at Denslow Cup VI. I’m Al Michaels and with me as always is Bob Costas. So, Bob do you think the Sunnydale Slayers can close out the beloved Beers upsetting the whole league in their first year?"

"I don’t know Al. As you all may remember it came down to a truly monumental effort by the Beers last year to come from behind and reach around to snatch the Denslow Cup from the grasp of the Dallas Felons. That clutch homerun by Coop was historic, but they may not have it in them to do it again."

"Let’s head down to the field. Now the Beers are down to their last out."

"Coop is at second with Reimer at the plate. It appears that he is going for a home run to try and cap things off."

"Yes Bob and it also looks as if the fiery redhead herself Willow Rosenberg is going to be the one to attempt to psyche him out and secure the win."

"Rosenberg draws close to Reimer and appears to be whispering to him. Al, what do you think she is saying?"

"No idea Bob… but wait folks Reimer’s shot is off but he jerked it at the last second."

"Yes, it’s going… going… it’s no good. Slayers win the game! Slayers win the game!"

"Who’d have thought Bob that little Rosenberg could psyche out Doug Reimer?"

"Do you believe in miracles?"

While the two announcers carried on in their ever spiraling litany of accolades for the upstart team, the celebrations were somewhat subdued in the stadium as the hometown Milwaukee Beers strode off the field dejected at their loss and Reimer trailed them unable to take his expression of shock off the diminutive redhead.

Xander and Buffy rushed up to Willow hugging her while showting out their joy at the win. Willow had a blush that she just couldn’t shake.

“How'd you do it Wills? I was sure you could, but still… how?!?"

"Well… I um…"

Xander's mouth fell open in shock. "Wills? You didn’t, did you?"


"But I thought you were never going to mention it. Heck I still can’t believe you told me about it."

"What are you two talking about?"

Willow quickly blushed an even darker shade of scarlet followed by rushing out, “Nothing, nothing at all.”

"Trust me Buff, it ain’t important. All that matters is that we won. That means money to pay the mortgage on Casa de Summers, tuition for a certain Wiccan and Twinkie money for yours truly."

"But Xaaaannn," Buffy whined.

"No buts Buff, just trust me that you are far better off not knowing and leave it at that."

Not satisfied by a long shot, Buffy submitted to her friends request and followed them thru their dugout to the locker room in back.

In the Beers’ locker room somber attitudes were shared by all as they gave their interviews and went about closing out another season. Coop, bothered by his bestfriend’s continued funk pulled him aside.

"Dude, what’s wrong?"

"I can’t wrap my mind around it dude."

"What are you talking about?"

"Rosenberg said something that threw off my throw and I can’t shake it."

"Well man, you’ve been psyched out before, what makes this different?"

"I just can’t get past it dude."

"Well what did she say?"

Reimer took a deep breath, looked Cooper in the eye and said, “She said ‘There was this one time at band camp…’”

Confused Coop prompted his buddy, “Yeah? And?”

“I stuck a flute up my pussy.”

After the words left his mouth both men were left dumbstruck as they thought of the pretty redhead, her words and the image they created.

The End

You have reached the end of "Winning by Any Means". This story is complete.

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