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The Slayer and the Guardian

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Summary: The First is back with the help of the Q

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Star Trek > Star Trek - The Next GenerationiamsargonFR1854,1220105,7737 Nov 0811 Aug 09No

Chapter 3

Disclaimer: Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy or Star Trek, any references to any written works belong to their respective author's

Chapter 3:

It had been a solar year since the peace treaty ending the Dominion War had been signed. The Enterprise-E was in orbit of Cardassia Prime helping with the massive relief effort for the population there. 800 million persons had died after the populace had risen in revolt against their Dominion allies, the destruction on the surface had reduced their once advanced civilization to bare subsistence level and many millions more had died of disease and starvation in the aftermath. The provisional government had gone hat in had to the Federation and pleaded for help.

Of the alliance that had fought the Dominion the UFP had managed to come out of the war in a more stable position than the Klingons or Romulans. Their economic and political systems had been able to weather the storm of war and get back on its feet in a relatively short time. It was still a time of rebuilding though and with the negotiations on normalization of relations with the Romulans and the Klingons and a new trade agreement between the 3 great powers of the Alpha Quadrant there was enough resources to jump into a rebuilding program for the Cardassians. The UFP had made what was left of the Cardassian Union into a protectorate and sent a team to assess the need.

The initial report was shocking and had sent all three governments into an overdrive relief effort. The Klingons jumped in not because of any altruistic feeling but out of the belief that an honored enemy should never be left to starve. The Romulans entered into the effort out a new openness, after the Shinzon incident most of the old guard had been eliminated and the hard liners were few and far between. Many in Star fleet felt it was an effect of Spock's Reunification movement beginning to change the Romulan populace in how they viewed outsiders. Others felt the Romulans were trying to show the UFP negotiators a symbol of good faith. The UFP had done it because the altruism that had been part of the Federation since its inception was ingrained into every citizen and millions had volunteered supplies and their own skills to help.

It had only been a year but there were signs that things on Cardassia were getting better. More and more infrastructure was coming back online. It was far from paradise but the death rate due to disease had been reduced significantly. Starvation was completely eliminated and law and order was being restored slowly.

It was at this time that the provisional government had decided to open all archaeological sites on the planet to investigation, and scientists from everywhere came to see the wonders of the past Cardassian civilization. Though the military junta that had ruled for nearly a century before the Bajoran liberation had plundered the sites for capital to fuel their expansionist policy there were several sites that were untouched. Including one that had been classified as top secret for nearly 200 years. It was this one that had brought the flagship of the Federation to help in a relief effort better handled by others.

There seemed to writing on the wall near what looked like a door and no matter how anyone tried they could not read the letters. When someone tried to scan the inside of the temple it was as if a powerful subspace field blocked the equipment. yet no field had ever been detected. No wonder the Cardassian military wanted to keep this place a secret, if they could figure out how to do the same thing it would give them a tactical advantage. That was all in the past now, the "geeks" had the run of the place. At least that was how Lt. Erica Boyadijan felt and hoped she was using the slang term correctly. Her Watcher, Cmdr Nathan Wells, head of the archaeological research department on the Enterprise, stared at what looked like a hand print on the door.

"Nothing we have tried has penetrated the outer shell."

'Well, duh!!'

Erica thought to her self, she wondered if lack of respect for authority came with the slayer package or was it something you developed while being trained but stuffy watcher types like Nathan.

"This writing is undecipherable, I can't figure you out what it means."

"You want me to try to punch through the door, Commander."

Cmdr. Wells spun around and glared at his smirking slayer. It looked like all the stories and research were true, give a petite girl all the tools to beat things that go bump in the night and the confidence to face death itself on a daily basis and you get an all sass and vinegar woman.

Nathan wouldn't have it any other way. He turned back to the temple and smiled to himself. His paternal great-great...grandmother was one, she had been Andrew Wells first and only slayer. the stories about him that went around "Paranormal Investigations" made his sound 10 feet tall and able to recall demon lore from memory. It wasn't until Nathan started at the Academy that he wanted find out about Andrew. His research caught the attention of Adm. Summers and she told him the whole story. It was easy to believe her because she had know him herself and also she was auntie Buffy when he was little.

Erica's patience was wearing thin. "Here, why don't you put your hand in the print, like this."

"You don't know what that will do," the Commander shouted.

Erica put her hand in the print. The ground shook and the letters on the side of the temple began to form words. After they had finished moving Nathan realized what they meant.

"Time to call in the big guns," he said.

Erica read the writing on the wall, it was something this division of Star fleet Intelligence had been preparing for since before the UFP was founded. She read the words aloud.

"Only the daughter of Sineya, last and greatest of the Chosen shall enter and awaken the Red Witch, the Shadow man, the Key and her Dark Sister."

"Come along Lt. Boyadijan we have got a lot of work to do."

"Aye, Sir."

"Wells to Enterprise, 2 to beam up."


End Chapter 3

The End?

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