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The Slayer and the Guardian

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Summary: The First is back with the help of the Q

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Star Trek > Star Trek - The Next GenerationiamsargonFR1854,1220105,7737 Nov 0811 Aug 09No


The Slayer and the Guardian

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters used they belong to their respective owners and any dialog used from either of the TV's shows or quotations taken from published sources also belong to there respective owners.


Flashback: Kirk and Spock both strode around the stone ring that glowed with some unknown power. Kirk then asked, “Well, what is it?” For the first time in eons the machine spoke. “A question. Before your sun burned hot in space and before you race was born, I have awaited a question. I am the Guardian of Forever.”

Q sat on the ancient stones dejectedly. He muttered, “Our ancestors created things that could stand the test of time.” more to himself then anyone else. In the center of the ancient stone ring scenes not only from the past but also other realities and dimensions flashed by.

In the shadows sat the First looking at the miserable god-like being. “Don't worry about things lasting forever, if I have my way they won't,” it thought to itself with no little amount of glee.

Chapter 0. Stirrings

The petite woman strode across the Academy campus with the same foreboding she had when walking to the library in high school. She acknowledged the salutes and snap to's the cadets and officers offered, as she moved to the building where her office was located as if nothing was wrong. She entered the lobby of the Paranormal Investigation division of Star fleet Intelligence and was immediately greeted by her aide Lt. Cmdr. Harris.

“The report on last night's break in you wanted to see Admiral.”

“Thank you Lexi,” she replied.

She took the PADD from her aide and began reading the report.

To: Admiral E. A. Summers
From: Capt. W. Gunn
Subject: Unauthorized high security file access.

After initial investigation, Star fleet security turned up no evidence on how this was accomplished. Our investigation shows a small residual magical signature of some form. Accordingly, I have conducted a preliminary audit of files accessed and notified our operatives to investigate further. The accessed file is attached and you will need retinal and voice print ID to open it.

Sorry about ruining the start of term Boss.

Signed: Wesley Gunn
Star date: 48737.6

File attached:

Subject: Gateway.

“Damn,” she said causing a surprise look to come over her aide.

Adm. Summers had known that Lexi would have read the message first and she had been instructed that anything from Gunn was to be given top priority. Lexi's surprise had come from the the Admiral expressing concern for one of Gunn's memo's in public. Summers look up at her aide and grinned slightly at her. It felt good to be able to surprise one of her team even after all these years.

“Let's get to my office and read this file to see why they wanted it so badly.”

If the dream she had had last night was any indication she already knew but wanted to confirm it. It would also mean the waiting would end as well.

She had just completed reading a copy of the stolen file and was filled with dread. Lexi had read it with her. One of the conditions for taking this job was that her aide whatever rank would have the same security clearance as her. The higher ups in the Admiralty and Star Fleet Intelligence had groused about that but Adm. Summers had a habit of getting her way. Lexi had gone to her desk terminal to clear the Admiral's schedule for several months not knowing how long the situation would last.

The sun was beginning to set as the admiral stood up to stretch in an almost feline way and walked over to the mirror. The reflection she saw was that same as it had always been, a blonde of almost 35.

She giggled to herself. 'That had not been true for over 300 years,' she thought.

She looked at the mirror and spoke the word Buffy. The mirror slid to the left revealing a hidden compartment. She touched the object hanging within and still felt, 'MINE'.

'Well old friend it is time for you to come out of mothballs,' she thought to herself and The Scythe sang as she spun it around on her hand.


Please I need feedback first try at fanfiction. Had to make a change to Lexi's rank.
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