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Every Hunter Has a Story

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Stolen Hunter". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Answering challenge #3817. Every hunter has something that gets them into the game, something that drags them into the dark, violent world of the Supernatural. What if Xander Harris found his calling *before* his fateful meeting of one Buffy Summers?

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Prologue: I have a Who? Where?

Every Hunter Has a Story


AN: Hello all! My muse hijacked my brain and forced me to write this. It’s an answer to Challenge #3817 by Kirallie. When I saw this challenge, I just couldn’t resist. It sounded like so much fun to write, and so far, it has been.

This will eventually be slash; I haven’t decided which Winchester I am going to pair Xander with, though I am leaning toward Dean. I’ll let the story and my muse tell me who’s getting it on with whom, but that is much later down the road. :-)

After much research here is the age timeline that I worked out for this fic as per the challenge:

Birthdays – for reference

Xander – born April 22nd 1981 – Cannon has Xander born in 1981, I made up April 22nd

Dean – born January 24th 1979

Sam – born May 2nd 1983

Summer Pre-Buffy – May 1996 –Xander first meets Bobby – 1st story in the 'Stolen Hunter Series'

Xander – 15 years old

Dean – 17 years old

Sam – 13 years old

Graduation Day – May 25th, 1999 – Xander returns to Bobby and hunting – 2nd in the 'Stolen Hunter Series'

Xander – 18 years old

Dean – 20 years old

Sam – 16 years old

Born Under a Bad Sign – February 8th, 2007 – Xander first meets the Winchesters – 3rd in the 'Stolen Hunter Series'

Xander – 25 years old

Dean – 28 years old

Sam – 23 years old

Disclaimer: I do not own either Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Supernatural. They belong to people much richer than I.

Prologue: I have a who? Where?

Xander Harris stretched his lanky arms far above his head, his too small shirt rising up along his stomach. He had hit one of his growth spurts, and he would need to beg a new wardrobe from his parents before his sophomore year began. He could live through the summer with his old bathing suit and Hawaiian shirts he rummaged from the Good Will.

“Hey Xan!” his best friend in the whole world said plopping next to him on the concrete steps of Sunnydale High School. “How did your finals go?” she asked. Xander rolled his eyes,

“Wills, I am so not into the school gig, I’ll be lucky to even pass freshmen year.” He sighed.

“Hey losers,” Jesse said throwing his book bag onto the lawn next to the steps and plopping down next to his friends. “So what are you guys doing for the summer?”

“A whole hell of a lot of nothing, man,” Xander sighed squinting up into the sun. Willow rolled her eyes.

“You do that every year. We should do something.”

“Aren’t you parents kidnapping you this year?” Jesse asked. Willow shook her head.

“No, well they want to take some family bonding vacation, but that’s only for like three weeks, and it’s not until the end of the summer.” Willow said. “I’m totally free for hanging.”

“Sweet.” Xander and Jesse said together, then turning to one another,


“Jinx!” Xander and Jesse both turned to face Willow.

“Who won?” Willow held her hands up,

“It’s too close to call; we’re waiting for the absentee ballots to be counted.” Xander and Jesse groaned.

“God Wills, could you be any geekier?” Xander laughed. The three friends then lapsed into a comfortable silence as they pondered their first year of high school, their summers, and just life in general. The three scanned the crowds of teens making their way to buses and parent’s cars, the seniors to their own cars. Songs about school being out, boom boxes, and laughter filled the hot summer air. Even the teachers were booking it, their final tests and essays carefully tucked away into their briefcases. They had the week leading up to graduation to grade the finals and most of the kids didn’t care anyway. Those seniors in danger of failing were already aware of their status, and re-tests had been offered.

“Hey Xan, you wanna go play some Sega?” Jesse asked; focus still on the fluffy clouds floating in the sky. Xander shifted his eyes to his friend.

“Sure. Wills you coming?” he asked. Willow smiled at them and shook her head.

“Nah, I’ll pass. You guys do the male bonding bit; I have to get home soon anyway. My parents want to take me out to dinner.”

“Celebratory feast for completing the first year of hell?” Jesse laughed.

“Yeah, something like that.” Willow smiled sadly. She knew that her two friends would never get anything of the sort from their own parents. Her parents may have been overbearing and controlling sometimes, but at least they cared. The same could definitely not be said about Xander and Jesse’s parents.

“Don’t sweat it Willow. We can’t pick our parents.” Xander said, knowing that his best friend was brooding again about things she couldn’t control. She always worried about the two of them, and it upset them. They knew they didn’t have the best parents, but really, who did? No family was perfect, that’s why people had friends.

“Come on, we’ll walk you home.” Jesse offered, standing up and grasping one of Willow’s hands. Xander smiled, stood, and grabbed her other. Together, on an unspoken count of three, they hauled her small form up with all of their strength. Squealing in delight, she laughed as they pulled her into a tight group hug. Opening their circle, with Willow sandwiched in the middle, the three walked down the street, arm in arm toward Willow’s house.


Xander yawned as he stretched on Jesse’s bed, his small television the only illumination in the room as it had grown dark hours ago. After beating his friend for the fifth time in Sonic, Xander was bored.

“Dude, you suck at this game.” He complained.

“Shut up!” Jesse said, smacking Xander’s leg as he rested his back against the bed, knees bent. Xander laughed.

“Seriously, how are you this bad? You own this game. You can play whenever you want, yet you still lose every time.” Jesse’s laughter died off as he stared ahead at the flickering television screen.

“I only play Sonic with you.” Xander was silent as well, as he continued to stare at the white stippled ceiling.

“I know.” Xander returned softly.

“You want me to walk you home?”

“Nah,” Xander said with a sigh. “I can make it. Thanks though.” Sitting up with a grunt, Xander grabbed his messenger bag and slung it over his shoulder. Bending down he kissed Jesse’s forehead. “Later dude,” before he could stand back up, Jesse grabbed his shirt front and pulled him down lower.

“Like I’d let you get away with that.” He growled before leaning his head up and pressing his lips against Xander’s. The kiss was sweet, and brief. This time when Xander stood it was with a smile on his face. “Later doll face.”

“Bye Gumby.” Xander countered the routine of their nicknames calming and perfect. As he walked home, he tried to remember the exact moment that their relationship had shifted from best friends to something more. He loved Jesse. Well, he loved Willow too, there was no mistaking that. The three of them were closer than if they had been related by blood. Jesse and he never stopped to explain or try to rationalize what had slowly developed over the years of their friendship.

Neither had any delusions of everlasting love and devotion, and neither thought their relationship would develop any more intimacy than they had. It wasn’t about being gay, or straight, or even bi-sexual. It was about being together. Together with the people that he loved the most. If either of them thought they could get away with showing the same affection to Willow without being misconstrued, they would.

As he neared his house, he was dismayed to see that the lights in the living room where on. He had been hoping that his parents would have been in bed by now. Oh well, maybe they were passed out already. One could always dream, right? Opening the door, Xander closed and locked the door, putting his keys back into his pocket. He tried to sneak his way upstairs to his room, but was unsuccessful.

“Alexander, where the hell have you been young man?” his mother called from the kitchen. Heaving a sigh, one foot on the first step, he looked longingly at his door, and safety. Shaking his head, he turned and shuffled into the kitchen. To his surprise, she looked sober. He was even more cautious now. The only times his mother was intolerable was when she was without a drink.

“I was at Jesse’s mom. It’s summer break.” He said. She rolled her eyes.

“So you plan to spend the whole summer doing nothing then? Well I have news for you mister; that is not going to happen.”

“Okay, so I’ll cut the grass, I already do anyway. What do you want from me?” His mother narrowed her eyes at him and shook her finger.

“Don’t get smart with me. That is not what I am talking about. You are going to your uncle’s for the summer.”

“Rory’s? Why?” Xander asked, angry. His Uncle Rory was an okay guy, but like his parents he was a drunkard and insane.

“Not Rory, Bobby.” Jessica Harris said shaking her head.

“Bobby? I have an Uncle Bobby?” Xander asked, head cocked to the side. “Since when?”

“Since I was born, Alexander,” his mother snapped at him. “He’s my older brother.” Xander sat down at the kitchen table looking at his mother as if seeing her for the first time.

“Then how come I never knew about him? Dad’s brother and wife are over all of the time.” Xander looked up at his mother, brows furrowed. Jessica sighed and joined her son at the table, her fingers playing with the mug of coffee she had been drinking.

“He didn’t agree with my choice in men.”

“You mean dad?” Xander said bitterly. Jessica snapped her head up.

“You be quiet about your father, young man.”

“Oh yeah, cause he’s a role model of a nuclear household.” Xander snapped. To his surprise his mother actually flinched at his words.

“I know that he hasn’t exactly been the best father,”

“Ha!” Xander snorted. “Do you even know about the beatings, or did all of that happen when you were black out drunk?” Jessica heaved another sigh and shook her head. Reaching out across the table, she covered Xander’s clenched fists with her own, clammy hands.

“I…I thought that he might, but…well I don’t know. This isn’t the life I wanted for us, you know.” She finished lamely. Xander rolled his eyes and moved on. His mother was repentant now, sure, but one argument with his father later and she’d be back at the bottom of the bottle, just as hateful to him as his father. With an inner wince, he amended that last thought; his mother had never showed him hate; that would mean she cared enough about him to hate him.

“Alright, so why am I going to Uncle Bobby’s then? And for how long?”

“Your father and I need to work some things out. And…well we are going on a bit of a vacation, to get away from this place.”

“What vacation?” he asked slowly, a hint of anger in his voice.

“A cruise.”

“What? How can we afford that?” Xander said, already imagining his new school clothes for next year coming once again from Good Will, or his friend Jesse’s closet.

“I won the Jackpot at bingo. It was an all expense-paid trip for two on the Princess Cruise line.”

“How long is the cruise?”

“Two weeks.”

“Mom, I can totally stay home by myself for two weeks.” Xander said as if he were talking to his younger sister rather than his mother. “I’m already fifteen. I can handle it.” His mother sighed.

“Xander, you are going to your uncle’s for the entire summer.”

“What!?” he said, jerking to his feet, the chair he had been sitting in nearly falling to the floor.

“I don’t know what your problem is young man, it’s not like you have a job here. Your uncle, last I heard has a scrap yard, I’m sure he could use your help.”

“What do you mean you heard? Have you even asked him?” Xander asked awed at his mother’s audacity.

“Look, he hates me, not you, I’m sure he’ll be fine with it. Go pack.”

“What?” Xander realized that ‘what’ was quickly becoming the only word in his vocabulary.

“You heard me; I’m taking you to the airport. Your flight leaves in three hours.”

“Flight? Where does he live?” Xander asked, trying to postpone what he saw as his imminent demise. He was hoping that it was at least somewhere exotic, or exciting, if his summer was going to be officially ruined.

“Sioux Falls, South Dakota.” Well there went the fun and exotic idea. Xander thought with a scowl.


AN: The first chapter should be up shortly, I'm nearly finished with it. Expect the Supernatual cross to happen next time.

Oh, I just wanted to warn everyone, that there will be no meeting of the Winchester brothers and Xander until the third part in this series, though I will have him meet with Bobby (obviously), some of the Roadhouse crew and maybe even John. We'll see how it goes.

Thanks for reading!
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