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The Betrayer

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Summary: It's funny how the most loyal Scooby is also the greatest traitor in history. After suffering for almost two thousand years until his death, he was finally alowed to die, but he was given the chance of redemption in the form of reincarnation.

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AN: Wow. You guys really love this story. With out further delay here is the next chapter.


"Does it hurt, Radu?" Dracula asked softly, as he looked at the pathetic form of Radu pinned to a tree by wooden stakes. Radu's nose had been chopped off along with his fingers and toes, though judging by the slices of flesh and bone on the ground they weren't removed all at once. His chest had been cut open allowing the whole world to see his heart and other vital organs. Some of the organs had been pieced with sharpened splinters of wood and others were removed entirely.

His groin had been burnt off and his thighs had been skinned allowing the puncture and tear wounds in the muscles to be seen. His kneecap had been pried away and his caffs had been slowly whittled off leaving only two bloody stumps starting at the shins. His long hair had been cut off and several screws and nails were sticking out of his skull. Ragu's canines had long ago been pulled out and were on a necklace around pathetic wretch's neck.

"Where are all the illusions? The magicks you have learned? Can they not help you, now?" Judas asked, his tone coming from everywhere all at once. He smiled cruelly when Radu moaned in pain. "Come now, after all these centuries don't tell me that they are the only tricks you have picked up? Surely you could get out of this mess by turning into a bat or perhaps some fog? But, then that is all they are, isn't it? Illusions mixed with but the barest hint of vampiric power."

Hearing Radu starting to cry once more, Dracula smiled in vicious bliss. He knew that he would have to end this little session soon. His Slayers were coming, he could already catch their scent in the down wind. They were a mile off yet, so he had a little time for the big finish. Radu certainly deserved his fate and Judas could think of no more fitting execution for him than the one he was about to serve out.

"You had a terrible fear of being impaled, didn't you Radu?" Dracula asked as he picked up a nine foot wooden pole. "In the old days when you brother was in charge, he used to impale whole armies and villages on pikes similar to this one. The person being impaled felt enormous pain as they were run through and they were dead within ten minutes. But Dracule had special method that he reserved for the most traitorous merchants and aristocrats."

Dracula showed Radu the *very* blunt and barely sharp end of the long pike. He saw the cowards eyes widen in sheer horror as he realized what was to be his fate. Judas let out a chuckle at his expression. Vengeance was so very sweet, truly a thing to be savored. Especially, when one was carrying it out on behalf of someone else.

"Your brother would take a pole with a rounded end, much like this one here, and lubricate it with pig's fat." Dracula told him, his eyes misting over in remembrance. "Then, he would impale the person through their rectum and lift them up, letting gravity work it's evil will. Slowly, very slowly, the pike would go through their entire body, pushing through their bowels and punching through organs until finally sweet death would wrap them in her arms. It was an incredibly painful process. The people took days to die, some even lasted a week if the guards were kind enough to give them water."

As he told Radu of the method of torture that Vlad had used to terrify his enemies, which so happened to be Radu's own men, his eyes got wider and wider until Dracula thought that his eyes would pop out of his skull, which amused Dracula greatly. Honestly, if the man was that terrified then why did he impersonate him? Surely, he knew that Judas was not gone forever and would track him down.

"It is unfortunate that we do not have days, only hours. So, instead of the regular impalement or the long one, I have decided to use a hybrid of the two." Dracula told Radu, smiling darkly. "It should kill you within a few hours and if you are still around then the sun can have you. I hope that you have the decency to stay alive until my Slayers show up."

Dracula unpinned Radu and let him fall to the ground. Radu was shaking in fear as he tried to crawl away, his bloody stumps flapping around uselessly. Radu let out a mewl of fear as he felt a foot step onto his back, pinning him on his stomach. He felt the remnants of his pants being torn away and tried to wiggle out from under the foot.

Radu let out a piercing scream as he felt the pole enter him, tearing his muscles, and making cool trickles of blood poor down onto his groin. He let out another bloodcurdling scream when he felt the pike being twisted around viciously and then be pushed farther inside. The pain was unlike anything he had ever felt before, not even being raped by the Sultan when he was a child could not compare to this torture.

After an eternity, Radu felt the pole being lifted up and moaned again in agony as he was lifted up as well. He felt a horrible jarring that made something deep inside of him rip and he looked down through his tears to see what caused the pain. He saw that Dracula had rammed the pole into the soft soil of the graveyard and he was now smiling at him. Radu tried to speak, to beg for mercy, anything that would relieve him of this pain, this hell.

"I truly wish that I could stay around, Radu, but I have to see to something of some importance." Dracula said, smirking slightly. Then he frowned in thought. "What was it that you said to me? Have a lovely afterlife, wasn't it? Well, I'll give you the same courtesy. Have a lovely afterlife in Hell and give my regards to the Devil."

With that, Dracula turned around and started walking out of the graveyard, stopping when he saw the hardware store. He looked at it for a moment and then he leaped up to the roof of the small shop. Dracula then turned around to look at his handiwork one last time.

"You've been avenged Renée and you Dracule. It's over." Dracula said sadly. He turned around and leaped into the air when he heard his little troupe starting to arrive. Part of him screamed at him to turn around and check on his Slayers, to hug them, hold them, and threaten any boy or girl who tried to date them with a shovel, but another knew that he shouldn't, that they would sense what he was and would try to kill him, just as he had taught them to do.

He knew there was a chance that he would be accepted, after all, Spike and Angel were forgiven. Speaking of the two, he would have to check up on them, it had been a while since he heard anything from either of them. He knew that Spike was back, but he'd respected the man's wish to not tell the others. He understood his reasons. He couldn't go back now either. Even if they did accept him, his hatred for the Cross and holy water would set him apart.

No, it's better for him to stay away. Besides, he wanted to check up on Mary and see how she had fared in his absence. He knew that she was the only other of his kind in the world and the strongest vampire that he had ever made. She had not succumbed to her new sensations and heightened lusts like his other children. He loved her and she killed him, it hurt like nothing he had felt sense he had betrayed Him.

Her betrayal had cut him just as deep as His had. Yet, unlike Him, Judas could not hate her. He wanted to, oh how he wanted to, but he couldn't despise her. Not his princess. He would forgive her in time but for now he just wanted to see her again. To see her porcelain features and curly dark hair. To smell that scent that belonged as solely to her as much as he did. He would have her, it was only a matter of time, and what was time to him when he had eternity.


Mary Van Helsing walked through the security to her vault. She went through the retinal scanner, fingerprint scanner, blood testing, and through the password keypad. Sometimes she wondered if she was being a bit paranoid, but then she'd remember what happened to her father and what she guarded, then she wondered what new security measures this new century would bring.

The vault door finally opened and she stepped through it, closing the two ton, silver vault door behind her. She looked at the silver coffin, engraved in crosses, that sat in the mind of the room. Walking over to the wall, she pressed a certain stone near the floor to deactivate the many defenses surrounding the sarcophagus.

It had been nearly twenty eight years since she had faced Judas Iscariot also known as Dracula, and many things had happened. Simon had died in a car accident two years ago in London and she still missed him. Although, she had no romantic feelings for Simon, she had become fond of him and had viewed him to be her closest and, sadly, only friend.

She had not changed much physically in the years that had passed due to the parting gift Dracula had given her except to allow her to grow long and go back to it's natural dark brown instead of the dull brown that she had favored as a girl. He had given her a choice to become a vampire or to return to human form. That act had, along with him catching her hand as she fell, left no doubt in her mind about his love for her. She only wished that it could have been different for them/

He had treated her like a princess, loved her, and had revealed the secret of his existence which he never told anyone else. She hated herself for what she did. In honor of her father she had kept Dracula's ashes and in honor of her love Judas she had become the only vampire of her kind in the world.

Much like her lover, she would walk the earth for eternity alone out of penance for what she had done. Unlike him, she never killed the innocent and had never made another vampire. The loneliness was slowly killing her inside and she wondered if one night, she would turn someone just to ease her own pain for even the slightest moment.

Mary had tried to move on with her life. She had bought all the fine things she had ever wanted. The cars, the clothes, the perfume and makeup, all of it, and it was fun for a while. But the material things had lost their value with no one to share them with, so she had gone out looking a man or woman to enjoy. The relationships never lasted and no matter how many lovers she picked or how skilled in the sexual arts they were, they never equaled up to Dracula.

They had always made a small mistake. Too rough, too soft, too cold, too quick, or lacked stamina. Dracula had been the perfect lover for her and she suspected, given Lucy's comment about him being 'better than chocolate', that he was just as skilled in bed with others. But it was about more than sex. He had loved her in an amazing way, he had been both worshiped the ground she walked on and had been possessive.

He had wanted to share everything with her, his knowledge, the world, passion, and many lovers that they could play with. He had trusted her with his heart and she had killed him. The only conciliation that she had was that he had understood her reasons as he hung by his neck awaiting the sunrise and had still cared. She saw it in his eyes as plain as day.

He was dead and gone for good. That's what she had believed until the dreams started again. They showed a one eyed young man, being hung with images of Judas' own hanging overlapped. What startled her was the ring he had been wearing, it had been Dracula's. She had seen it fall from his burning hand herself. When the dreams showed the rope that killed the young man break is when she started to worry.

So, here she was. Checking the ashes of a long since dead lover for any signs of regeneration. Mary slowly turned the crosses on the top of the silver coffin, wincing as it burned her, until the lock clicked. Slowly, she lifted the heavy lid easily and looked inside hesitantly, almost fearfully. She knew that she was just overreacting, it was probably nothing, it was absolutely....nothing.

Nothing. No ashes, no dust, no chard bones, there was nothing. The silver coffin looked like it had never been filled with anything. It was clean as if it was newly made and had not been forced to hold the remains of the most powerfully vampire to ever walk the earth. She stood there for a moment in shock.

Mary raced out of the vault, closing it up as she went, and headed toward Carfax Abbey, her antique shop. As she got inside, she went straight to her study and turned on the television. Hoping that would clue her in as to where he was. Finally, a large breasted, blond reporter came on the tube with the words 'breaking news' flashing.

"This is just in. A cargo plane went down today not twenty kilometers from London. We have received reports that three men are confirmed dead in the crash, but what was most unusual was that the pilot was strapped to the yoke. We go now to Jessica Bluesnow for our story."

Mary wasn't listening anymore. Dracula had returned, but how? How did he escape that? And who was the mysterious young man? There was no doubt that he was heading toward London, toward her. The worst part was that she couldn't stop the hope that was forming in her heart.

"Hello, Mary."


AN: I hope you enjoyed it. Yo, check out a challenge about 'Majin Harris the pink menace' it sounds pretty amusing. Review.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Betrayer" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 9 Nov 08.

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