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The Betrayer

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Summary: It's funny how the most loyal Scooby is also the greatest traitor in history. After suffering for almost two thousand years until his death, he was finally alowed to die, but he was given the chance of redemption in the form of reincarnation.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered
Movies > Dracula 2000
TheLaughingManFR1824,95222612,3778 Nov 089 Nov 08No


AN: I hate myself so much for writing this, I have a ton of other stories that I have to write but I am getting writers block on them. I have recently wrote two stories and deleted them just as quickly in my hatred of them. I need some inspiration on some of my stories, but it's no where to be found so I'll just do this one until the block disappears.

This came to me while I was watching Dracula 2000. Don't let the sucky title fool you, it's a great movie and a must see. I saw Gerard's Dracula and I kept seeing the similarities in appearance of both Nickolas Brendan and Gerard. This plot started to form in my mind not long afterward. I know that the dates are out of whack so let's just pretend to events of the movie happened in 1980. Okay?

Disclaimer: All fictional characters belong to their proper owners and any real people or places in this story will be used fictionally or in a fictional manner. I am not making any money or currency with this story. This is going to be the only disclaimer in the story so read it now.


Xander was looking around Ethan's Costume Shop for a toy gun when he saw something out of corner of his eye. Coming closer to the table he saw that it was an old fashioned signet ring, it was made out of steel as far as Xander could tell. The front showed a dragon wrapped around a sword with it's wings stretched out. No shield or other decorations, just that simple symbol.

It drew him in although Xander couldn't have told you why. As he reached out to touch the ring, he could have sworn that he heard screams and the sound of steel hitting steel. It felt eerily familiar in his hand as though he knew it. The slightly tarnished steel seemed to shine in his grasp. All of his mind seemed transfixed on the ring with an annoying feeling like he should remember it, but no matter how hard he tried he was drawing a blank.

"Do you like?" A British voice asked, causing Xander to jump a foot into the air. He turned around to see a thin man around Giles' age, but with a very conman-ish look about him. "I picked it up in New Orleans back in the 80's. It was just lying on the sidewalk, most probably it had been dropped by someone. I thought about having it appraised but as it was made of steel I figured what's the point."

"Yeah, it's probably a replica." Xander murmured, looking down at the ring with an intense gaze, as though it would tell him it's secrets. "I mean who had steel rings back then? Most were gold or silver, right?"

"Right." The man agreed. Ethan knew that he hadn't had a chance to enchant the ring yet, so he tried to rectify it. Hoping that Xander fell for his ploy. "If you want to, then you can keep it. It's useless to me, but you seem to appreciate it. I'm sorry, where are my manners, my name is Ethan Rayne. If your interested then I'm fairly sure that I can help you with a costume."

"Nah, I was looking for a toy rifle." Xander shook his head and looked over at the gun basket which was now empty. He sighed. Just when he thought that things were looking up something like this happened. Seriously, what the hell did he do in a past life to deserve his luck?

"Oh." Ethan muttered, disappointed that the boy was not going to buy a more exotic costume, but at least he would be part of the chaos. "Just one moment then."

Ethan went to the back of his shop and came back out with a plastic M-16 replica. "Here you go. I always carry extras of the more common things just in case I run out. That will be two dollars and forty seven cents, please."

"Okay." Xander reached in to his pocket and counted out his change, before giving the appropriate amount to the man. "Thanks again."

"No problem." Ethan said as he watched the boy leave. "And have a Happy Halloween!"


"You are quickly becoming a thorn in my side." A thickly Romanian accented voice snarled at Xander Harris. They were standing in one of the many graveyards in Cleveland. The man who spoke had ghostly pale skin long dark brown hair, and handsome aristocratic features. "But make no mistake, this will be the last time we will meet."

"Oh yeah, like I haven't heard that one before." Xander snorted disdainfully. "Honestly Drac, you really need new lines. You've been alive for what, five hundred years? It can't be that hard to get some new ones. I *know* that Hollywood has given you better lines than that! I can understand the use of the classics but c'mon man, Bela Lugosi said them wwaaayyy better than you ever will!"

Dracula rushed at Xande with supernatural speed and punched him hard, knocking him several feet back. The stake fell from his hands as Xander landed, shaking his head to clear it. Seeing Dracula coming at him again, Xander reached in the pocket of his beat up brown leather jacket and pulled out an ornamental cross. The sight of the holy object made Dracula back off.

"I have fought and killed many men, but you, Alexander, are very wise for a man who has not yet lived a lifetime." Dracula complemented as he circled Xander threateningly, his cape flowing around his body in a billowing way. He was taken aback when the Watcher laughed at him, most mortals would be cowering in fear by now.

"Okay, now your just ripping off Bela Lugosi." Xander snickered, doing his best to hide his fear. He was terrified of the vampire in front of him and not just because of the obvious. This vampire had taken his freewill, something that Xander had always prided himself on and this creature had ripped it away like it was nothing. It made him feel helpless and no matter how many times he felt that way before, he still hated it.

"Lugosi ripped it off from me." Dracula commented, changing his tone to something akin to friendliness and that somehow frightened Xander far more than his earlier threats. "Tell me, how would you like to die? I could drain you, break your neck, rip out your heart, or my personal favorite, impalement?"

"Well, I'd have to think about it." Xander bantered, trying to buy some time until his squad of Slayers could arrive. "Is there no chance of death by naked supermodels? Because as a twenty seven year old man, I've got to say that's the way to go."

"I'm afraid that you and your Slayers have killed all of my brides, so I am sorry but that won't be possible." Dracula smirked, still looking for any opening in Xander's guard. "I am, however, still open to suggestion."

"I have always liked a good old fashioned hanging. Probably from all those westerns I used to watch." Xander said, his voice sounding surprisingly calm. Sadly, Dracula caught Xander's eye looking around nervously.

"I'll see what I can do." Dracula said obligingly, then his mouth curved up into an evil smirk. "Are you still waiting for your Slayers, Mr. Harris? Don't worry, they won't be ruining our little meeting. I've had several of the local fledglings keeping them company."

"You son of a bitch!" Xander snarled in hatred. "If they are hurt then I swear to God that I will make sure that you die slow."

"Oh, they won't be killed, Mr. Harris. Just occupied." Dracula grinned, which looked freakishly out of place on his face. "I intend to have that pleasure personally. Well, after a time. They are an attractive bunch, aren't they? But not near as pretty as your old lover. What was her name, again?"

Xander snapped. There was no other word to describe it. He completely lost control and leaped at Dracula, a feral snarl on his lips. Dracula wasted no time taking advantage of the situation and slapped the cross from Xander's left hand. He let the young watcher hit him several times, it's not like the Watcher's punches actually hurt him anyway. Then, when Xander extended too far on one of his punches, Dracula went in for the kill. With a kick to Xander's left side, which Xander didn't notice do to his blind spot, Dracula virtually crushed the left side of Xander's ribcage.

Xander let out a scream of pain as he crashed into a headstone and grabbed his ribs. The pain had cut through the rage that had cost him the fight and, most likely, his life. It seared through him, making him feel like his entire left side was on fire from his toes to his missing eye. It wasn't quite as bad as losing his left eye but it came pretty damn close to it.

"Does it hurt, Mr. Harris?" Xander heard Dracula ask mockingly before he swam into Xander's eyesight. He felt the vampire grab him by his shoulders and drag him to the nearest tree. "Now, let's see what we can do about that hanging you requested. I'll even make it entertaining for the both of us."

Xander saw Dracula move over to a stone bench and, with a show of his great strength, lifted the heavy object and place it under the tree. He could hear the legendary vampire walk across the street to the closed hardware store and break the window. He came back holding a short piece of straw colored rope in his hands. With a flourish he expertly tied a hangman's noose and placed it over Xander's neck, then tied the other end to a tree limb that Xander couldn't see.

The glint of steel caught Xander's eye, much like it had long ago in Ethan Rayne's costume shop. It was the same ring that he had been given. He had never taken it off from his left middle finger, not once in the almost ten years that he'd had it. In all the battles that he had been it had given him strength when he had been ready to just roll over and admit defeat.

Like long ago, flashes went through his mind. He saw a bearded man crying for forgiveness at the foot of a cross, then he saw that same man walk up to a tree with tears in his eyes and a rope in his hand, he saw him tie the noose to the tree and stand on a wooden stool.

"Where did you get this?!" Dracula demanded harshly, grabbing Xander's hand painfully and yanking him out of whatever vision he had been in. Xander glared at Dracula with hatred in his one brown eye, the pain from his ribs made him wince, but Xander still glared with determination in his heart. He wasn't going to say a damn thing to the vampire in front of him. If Xander was going to die then he was going to go with some dignity.

"It doesn't matter." Dracula sneered dismissively, though a bit of fear was still in his eyes from seeing the familiar crest on the signet ring. "It's probably a fake. Even if it is real, it doesn't mean anything, he's dead. Now, it's time for the execution. Have a lovely afterlife, hm?"

With that, Dracula kicked the stone bench out from Xander's feet and as he started to fall, Xander saw more images. The bearded man fell with him as he fell and as Xander felt a snap, he saw the man stop falling as the rope reached it's length. The last thing Xander Harris saw was a pouch filled with thirty pieces of silver fall to the ground and spill out.

Dracula stood back to admire his handiwork, it really was quite the sight, but then doing such a thing to one's enemy always is. He watched Xander Harris rock back and forth, already dead do to his neck being broken. He smiled in satisfaction, imagining the response of Alexander's little group of Slayers as they found him. Which reminded him that he had a date with those girls. What's the use of going through all the trouble of murdering their Watcher if they don't find him, after all?

As he turned around and started to walk toward where the Slayers were fighting he heard the distinct snapping sound of a rope breaking. Not thinking much of it as the rope had done it's job, he turned around. Dracula's eyes widened in alarm as he saw the body of Xander Harris was missing, but that was impossible, he hadn't turned the boy and zombies did not move that fast.

"Radu.." A hauntingly familiar voice whispered and Dracula jerked around in alarm. Nobody knew that name and that voice, it too held a Romanian accent but it was much softer than his own. He knew that voice but it was impossible. He was dead. Killed by that bitch daughter of Van Helsing's.

"Still pretending to be your brother?" The voice asked mockingly, seeming to come from all around. Radu was panicking now. "You remember him, don't you? The one that you killed? The one you were so afraid would get you even after his death?"

"Or," The voice sounded like it was right next to his ear now. "Is it me that your pretending to be?" Radu's eyes were filled with unbridled terror. "I took over for your brother, using my powers to take his image. You have took my, or rather, your brothers name for your own before, have you not?"

"Yes, you remember." The voice hissed sinisterly. "When Abraham Van Helsing imprisoned me in that silver coffin, you took my name and used it to your own advantage. Just like you used your brother's mercy for you to your own advantage. Your brother was a good friend of mine, so I dislike seeing his name dragged through the mud by his cowardly little brother."

"You always have hungered for power. Power that you would do anything for, power that you never had." The cold voice laughed mockingly, sending a shiver down Radu's spine. "Poor little Radu, the power hungry. Radu the one who killed his own brother. Radu, the Sultan's whore."

"I'm right hear." Radu heard the voice say from behind him and turned quickly, afraid of what he would see. It was Xander Harris walking toward him, his flesh fading away like a mist revealing another face and body underneath, then standing in front of Radu was the real Dracula. Not the man, but the vampire. His handsome face, his curly, black shoulder length hair, his dark eyes that changed to blue, green, and gray depending on his mood.

"It's time to die, little Radu." The real Dracula said in a low tone just barely above a whisper, his eyes turning a blood red and his razor sharp fangs extending. "And it will be slow. You murdered me, threatened those I cared for while I was human with rape and death, and you of all people know the depths of my vengeance."


AN: I hope that you enjoyed it. Review.
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