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Summary: Xander and Spike enjoy the peace and Spike reflects. Spander X-mas Fic

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Spike/XanderCaliadragonFR181879032,5189 Nov 089 Nov 08Yes
Title: Contentment
Author: CaliaDragon
Rating: FRM
Spoilers: Season 4 mentioned vaguely
Disclaimer: I do not own Xander, Spike, Dru, or any other character listed here.
Summary: Xander and Spike enjoy the quiet and Spike remembers.
Warnings: Slash, no beta, mind control, mentions of sex aides.
Notes: This was not what I started out writing, but the angst monster got me and wouldn’t let me finish the other one. As soon as it’s done I’ll put it out. I hope everyone likes this one.

Xander lay curled up in the arms of the man that held him, soft light playing across his face and the soft sound of Christmas carols in the background. He sighed happily and turned onto his stomach curling up against his lover’s chest, the chain around his waist twinkling lightly as the bells moved. Spike smiled down at his consort and stroked a hand down him back. Xander hummed in appreciation.

Spike looked around his mansion at the festive décor and the tree in the corner of his throne room and smiled. Three years ago he was a vampire unable to be a vampire; he had a chip in his head and was forced to live with Xander. At least that was what everyone believed. Spike was a demon, he had ripped the chip put of his own head once he was certain that the military was destroyed and would not be able to take him back, yes it had hurt, but it had helped him gain access to Xander and to ultimately achieve his goal.

Dru was a visionary and Spike was one of the few people that truly understood her, when they escaped from Sunnydale the first time, Dru had a vision, she had told him he would return for Xander and that he would have to suffer to claim what was his. So Spike had gone back, even though he never wanted to step foot in Sunnydale again. To both Spike and Dru Xander was worth whatever it took to claim him as their own. For months after his chip was gone, Spike planned and schemed, Xander did not fall for him, Spike knew that he wouldn’t. Xander was a white knight and they never fell for the darkness even if they had it in them. So Spike did favors for high level demons and gained what he needed to make sure that Xander would be his.

Using a combination of magick, pheromones and demon drugs Spike was finally able to claim Xander as his own and wipe away any memory he had of being the Slayer’s friend and warrior. However, Spike was warned that he could never bring Xander pain and unhappiness, that if he did all of what he had done would be dissolved and Xander would remember his former life. By keeping Xander happy and content he kept the magicks in place and the boy his. Part of that was leaving the Slayer and her group alone and alive, especially the witch as she and Xander were soul bound.

So Spike packed his love up and moved them to New York where they would be safe from the Slayer and where he had minions and businesses already running. Even if the Slayer and her group came looking for them they would never get past the lower levels to them. Being considered rich and eccentric worked in Spike’s favor.

Dru wandered into the room smiling at her beautiful dark ones and put a basket down beside the pair giggling and wandering off. Xander turned and looked down at what was in the basket, giggling himself when he saw the lube, dildos and a new belly chain. He cocked his head to the side and lifted one thing out looking at Spike in question. “It’s a Christmas Cracker love, pull on both ends.” Spike instructed, watching as his sweet boy did as ordered. One of the side effects of the spell was that all the bitterness and rage that seemed to live in Xander melted away, leaving him a sweeter, gentler person. Spike made sure that none of his darker contacts ever came near Xander because of it.

When Xander opened the cracker confetti flew around them an two pictures floated onto Xander’s lap, one of them made him stare for a long time and the other made him look at Xander in question. “Who are they?” Xander asked. Spike stared for several minutes and then looked over a Dru who smiled and pulled out two necklaces that matched the one he was wearing. That necklace tied the magick that bound Xander to him. Dru had decided to go through with her plan after all.

“Those are your new sisters, that is Willow and that is Tara,” Spike told him while laying the pictures aside and rolling Xander onto his back.

“Do you think they’ll like me?” he asked worried.

Spike chuckled, “I can guarantee it my love.” He then leaned down and kissed Xander making him moan and spread his legs wanting deeper contact with Spike. Xander and Spike made love under the soft light of the Christmas tree lights and the happy gaze of Dru and her two new consorts. Years before Spike and Dru went to Sunnydale broken and lonely for a family. They did not get Angelus or Darla back, but what they got in return was much better. Until the day that either vampire was dusted the magick would keep their consorts bound to them and immortal as well. Perhaps someday they would add more to their clan, perhaps.

The End?

The End

You have reached the end of "Contentment". This story is complete.

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