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Summary: Nobody sees him coming. That's his secret, his ace in the hole. He's always underestimated, always the geek, the outcast. He's the man who walks with giants, he's the weak link. Nobody sees him coming and he's already won.

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AN: This popped into my head and I will finish it at my leisure. For those of you worried about my other stories, I am about halfway done on chapters for No Fate, Slade, and Clown Prince. Not to worry.

This will just be scenes at first, scattered here and there. I'm trying a new style so tell me what you think.

Disclaimer: I do not own BTVS, Angel, Devil's Advocate, or any other fictional characters that lay in here. I'm not making any profit of a monetary nature off of this. I'm just having some fun.


Angel sat at his carved, ornate, dark wood desk sighing tiredly as he rubbed his temples with his fingertips. He was starting to wonder if taking over the L.A. Branch of Wolfram and Hart was such a good idea after all, the paperwork alone was terrifying, not to mention the employees. There was so many dirty deals and actions for the 'greater good' that he could actually feel his soul slowly slipping away from him at times. It got to the point where he didn't feel clean even after he took several showers.

An image of Connor's face entered into his mind. No, it was for the best, he would do anything for Connor and if this is what it took to keep him happy then Angel would do it. Still, he wondered if he was trading the souls of his team and himself in exchange for Connor's. Wesley had already signed that after death clause, how many others of his team would so before it was all over?

"It's getting to you isn't it?" A familiar voice said, causing Angel to jerk toward it, his muscles tensed for a fight. When he saw who it was, Angel blinked in confusion. Then annoyance rolled into him. First Spike and now this. What's next? A visit from Holtz?

"What do you mean?" Angel asked, well, demanded. He didn't need to ask how he got here, he already knew that if the man in front of him wanted to go anywhere then he could do it. Being in good relations with the Devon Coven and one of the most powerful Wicca in the world can do wonders for travel relations.

"The pressure." Xander Harris said as he lounged in the extremely comfortable executive chair. He smiled at Angel as he fingered his brown leather eyepatch. Angel winced minutely as he saw the wound. He'd seen worse and done a lot more, but damn that had to hurt. "It's starting to swallow you. The cars, the money, the power. It was all great at first. You were going to reshape Wolfram and Hart in your image, make it a tool for the Light, but then you started to wonder if they weren't shaping you in theirs, turning you into their tool."

Angel felt his headache return and he groaned. He hated Xander normaly and even more when he was right. Xander ignored the groan and coninued on. "Funny thing about pressure. Some people focus when they're under pressure and tunnel through, keeping their courage blazing, their resolve steely. Some just give in, they take their ball and go home while consoling themselves that it was a good game. I've seen you fold before, you were just sitting there moping about how Buffy was gonna die, it was already written in stone, right Dead Boy?"

"What are you getting at Xander? It's been a long day and I am tired, sore, and ticked off. Not necessarily in that order." Angel asked irritably, rubbing his forehead. "I really don't have time for this. So, hurry it up."

"What I'm asking is this: are you going to wimp out again?" Xander asked scathingly, taking off his beaten brown jacket and setting it on the couch. "I've seen you go to battle with the some of the toughest things in existence, so I know that it's not a lack of balls. You keep trying to branch out, but what you are, what you *really* a schemer." Seeing Angel starting to get angry, Xander continued. "That's not a bad thing. You've been playing defensive, but that's not you, not as Angelus and not as Angel. You need a plan, something that they won't see coming, that left hook out of nowhere. You have got to hurt them."

Angel was quiet for a moment, thinking carefully over Xander's surprising words. Was it really that simple? Wolfram and Hart have been making him fight on the defense since he had surprised them the first time with Winters. Maybe they had been conditioning him to fight like this since then, to get him off his game. Although, Angel didn't like that Xander drew comparisons between him and his alterego he couldn't deny that he was right.

"You draw them out and we'll mow them down. That's the plan, DB. We won't be able to help until then, as Willow was barely able to stop time without the Partners knowing." Xander held up a hand to stop Angel from protesting. "We need to make them think that we don't trust you, but don't worry, you call down the forces of Hell and we'll take them out for good. It will take them a while before their able to set up office in this dimension again. Then, we keep *them* on the defensive with the, and I can't believe I'm saying this, best plotter in the world."

Angel grinned as he began to envision finally destroying evil's hold on this world even if only for a while, then surprise them with an attack on their own dimensions. Use their own method against them. Then, he frowned as he realized a problem. "Wait, how can I know how to do this, to attack their main guys? Who do I take out?"

"Don't worry about it. This is a bonafide collaboration with the PTB's themselves and they'll send a messenger." Xander grinned at him. "About time those use idiots got off their bums, right!" Suddenly, Xander looked horrified. "I just used the word 'bum'. I have got to get back to Africa ASAP. See ya, Dead Boy!"

With that said, Xander was just gone. Angel knew that it hadn't been The First by the the way the chair form around Xander's body. Still, the whole disappearing trick was freaky. Angel looked out the necro tempered glass of his window to see that the sun was coming up and for the first time in a long while a grin found it's way onto his face.

-----Outside Wolfram and Hart-----

Xander grinned evilly as he looked at the building. Soon, the intercepted vision from the PTB's would do it's job and the illusion his father was setting up would ensure the complete trust necessary for the plan to work. There was a reason why the Circle of the Black Thorn hadn't been attacked before, the same reason why Whistler was still alive, it would tilt the balance. This coupled along with the newly called Slayers would screw the balance up enough that his dad would be able to suck Los Angeles into a hell dimension controlled by him.

While everyone would be panicking about that, nobody would notice the small increase in energies from the Hellmouths, making all who lived around them to become more inclined to indulge their sins. All the while Xander would run interference for him. Nobody doubted Xander, he was the loyal one, the big teddy bear.

"Outstanding, truly outstanding." John Milton clapped as he stepped out of the shadows of the building. "Finally a descent son of mine. Statistically it was bound to happen but you, my boy, were a gold mine. Who'd a thought that a fling twenty something years ago would produce someone like you."

"Enough with the flattery pop, my ego doesn't need to get any larger." Xander said as he snickered. "I still have work to do on the others. Pretty soon, all the rest will be in our pocket. Faith will be easy, so will Willow and Dawn, but Giles will be a tricky one."

"Are you sure that you can do it?" Milton asked in concern, putting his hand on his son's shoulder. "We don't want you burning out or something like that, now do we?"

"I got you Amy and the others, didn't I?" Xander asked with a smug grin not unlike his father's. "Don't worry about me, you just do your thing and I'll do mine."

"Alright." John said, grudgingly. He had been waiting a long time for a son like Xander to be born. "But don't stress yourself too much."

"I won't." Xander called back as he walked off. Milton grinned as he watched him head off into the city. He was proud of him, the boy was just too much like himself for him not to be. John intended to carry out his promise to Xander, after all, he'd need somebody that he could trust to help him.

'Who would believe that a visit to a thirteen year old would have ever turned out this way?' Milton wondered as he faded back into the shadows.


AN: Review and tell me what you think.

The End

You have reached the end of "Innocuous". This story is complete.

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