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How Drusilla Got Her Soul Back

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Going Sane -- A Seer's Tale". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Something strange is happening to Drusilla. Major Cross with TV series "The District" minor crosses with SG-1 - Drusilla Centered

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Television > District, The
Multiple Crossings > Drusilla-Centered
(Current Donor)DeepBlueJoyFR182769,0351813845,07715 Nov 084 Dec 08Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

Special Delivery

+ Disclaimer and Warning: See Chapter 1 +

A/N I want to thank all those who reviewed and recommended my story. You made my first attempt at a longer story really rewarding. Thank you all. (big goofy grin)

Special Delivery

Wednesday evening when Patrick came home, he was surprised to discover Dru sitting cross-legged on the floor outside his apartment. Marc, who had been looking for parking, discovered them a few minutes later engaging enthusiastically in rather non-priestly kissing behavior. He grinned and decided it was a very good thing that Monday’s hearings had gone smoothly, and he turned and walked back down the stairs to let them enjoy their moment.

Wednesday at 3 pm, Daria was home when the delivery truck showed up at the house. She signed for the oversize package, thanking the unhappy looking driver. Once inside, she knocked on the box; an answering knock told her that the eagle, so to speak had landed. It took almost 5 minutes to extract an extremely disheveled looking Drusilla from the body bag.

“That was bloody uncomfortable,” Dru said, stretching like a cat.

“I’m sure it’ll be worth it,” was all Daria said, grinning at her.

Drusilla grinned back.

48 hours earlier, Buffy had loaded a heavy-duty black body bag containing a certain vampire, her cell phone and a few packets of blood into a large box, which she placed into black heavy-duty contractor grade plastic bags, which she then sealed with duct tape. Then she loaded this into an even larger box. Into this box, she placed a few other necessary items such as Dru’s stack of notebooks. Then she delivered the box to the council’s shipping company with the ‘help’ of Xander. The customs declaration listed historic artifact and books. The Special Handling label said, ‘Fragile’ ‘Only to be opened in subdued light’ and ‘keep away from UV radiation’. She used council’s account to pay for the transaction then she called Daria and Bill to let them know that the package was en route.

* * *

The story continues in… “Turned From Darkness…”

Please note that the actual sequel to How Drusilla Got Her Soul Back is Turned From Darkness

For the basic linear story, I recommend reading these two main stories in this order.

If you want to fill in all the side story details as they appear chronologically, you should read the order in the series list. That way you'll get the stories of Willow & Tara, Faith, Gunn, Cordy and others.

Series stories other than HDGHSB and TFD are side stories They are set during various parts of TFD and beyond. Reading them in order will fill out the universe nicely but is recommended but not strictly essential.

The End

You have reached the end of "How Drusilla Got Her Soul Back". This story is complete.

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