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War Stories

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Summary: What if Xander didnt become a Soldier for Holloween but changed places with one.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > DramaThewanderFR1311,118092,43915 Nov 0815 Nov 08Yes
I Do not own anything in this story. and make no profit from it.

"They’re coming through the wire!"

The waning caused Xander to jump and spin in a circle looking around the darkened camp.


The last thing he remembered was walking some kids down a street in Sunnydale! And now he was standing in the middle of some camp in some humid jungle.

A moment later the night lit up with gunfire and flares. The screams of pain and rage around him almost eclipsed the noise of gunfire. Around him, men ran to the sound of the fighting, dragging him along with them.

"Harris!" a tall man with sergeant strips yelled as he passed. "Get your ass in gear."

Xander just nodded and followed the man. He didn’t know what was going on but at least the guy knew him. And if he knew him, he might know what was going on.

Soon he was standing besides the man at a sand bunker. The sergeant fired over the wall into the night, along with the other men there. All of them were firing and some screamed as they fired. Xander just stood there.

{What am I supposed to do? } he wondered to himself, just as a bullet hit the sand bag beside him.

"SHIT!" Xander yelled and dove to the ground.

"Soldier!" The sergeant yelled down at Xander. "Get your ass on the line or I will personally shoot you and sent you home to your momma!"

Xander looked up into the face of the sergeant as he slowly brought his M-16 toward the prone boy. Gulping, Xander stood as fast as he could, almost jumping to stand at the sand wall and firing into the darkness, never really aiming.
Soon, he could make figures out in the night as they drew closer to them.

And then it happened, as he fired his weapon.

He was still not really aiming, hoping to scare the men in the dark away more than anything else, But the last round he fired struck one of the black clad men.

Xander could see the man’s face as it slowly went blank as he toppled to the ground. And even though he was separated from him by at least 100 yards, and surrounded by gunfire, he heard them man gasp out as he hit the ground and stopped moving.

Xander paused.

He had killed a man.

Not a vampire, nor a demon, but a man.

Even though that guy would have killed him.

Xander had ended someone’s life.

He was now a killer.

As that thought struck him, he heard one of the men on the wall beside him scream out.

"They’re behind us!"


Six hours later.

The battle was almost over.

Xander was standing shoulder to shoulder with one of the soldiers. They had been overrun and the sergeant had called out Broken Arrow order.

Broken Arrow was a call to all friendly units that they had been overrun and they were being called in for help. Within minutes, the air over the camp had been filled with fighters and copters, each raining death down on the camp.

But like fighting in any type of rain, both sides get wet. The explosions hit both sides killing men, tearing bodies.

Now it was only Xander and whoever this guy behind him was. They had long since ran out of rounds for their weapons. Xander was holding an M16 by the barrel, the broken stock long since gone. In his other hand was what was left of a machete. Both weapons were covered in blood and a smattering of other things best not thought about.

"This is it," Xander mumbled watching as the VC started to move up on him.

God ,it just wasn’t fair! He was still a virgin! He hadn’t even seen any naked boobies yet!

Just then a shot rang out and he felt like someone had punched his chest.

The jungle was getting darker. He could see the enemy soldiers charging. He started to swing at them, but it was too late and he fell to the ground.

Then he felt another M-16 in his hands.



He came to his feet, strength returning to him.

He heard Buffy call out as he stood up.

"Honey. I’m Home."

He was back.


It had been three weeks since that night and he was still having nightmares about it.

Well, not nightmares, exactly. More like night terrors.

He was in another no-win situation. He couldn’t leave Sunnydale, ‘cause his friends were here. But he just knew he was going to die here, surrounded by the bodies of his friends.

He looked over at the bottle on the table beside him.

It called to him again. Just a little drink and then off to school like he had done all week. No one had noticed the other times he had came to school drunk. Why would today be any different?

Buffy said she didn’t remember what had happened to her that night. But she now was pulling down A’s in French. And Willow still touched the walls every now and then to make sure she didn’t walk through them.

And him? He had his dreams.


He had been helping out his Uncle Rory one weekend, when he noticed the picture on the wall of the garage. The men he had fought with, and died with in that Jungle stood there looking back at him.

He sat his Uncle down then and talked about it.

It took a while, but as his uncle got more and more of his amber medicine down, the stories started to flow. And as the stories flowed, Xander could remember more and more about the men.

All the way down to that night they all died.

His uncle was the last man standing that night.

He and some newly attached soldier had stood back to back against wave after wave of VC, and if not for that soldier, he would be dead right now. He had distracted the VC long enough for him to find another rifle and fought his way out.

It was Hell that night in the jungle and he was still punishing himself for living that night while the others didn’t.

The battle that night didn’t even get a blip in the papers.

If not for Rory Harris, no one would even know about that battle that night.

Him and his war stories.

But in the Hell that was this town, who didn’t have their own war stories?

So two warriors sat and told stories of battles that no one would remember or want to.

Just War stories to the fallen.


The End

You have reached the end of "War Stories". This story is complete.

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