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What do you mean a galaxy far far away?

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Summary: After Buffy's swan dive at the end of season 5, she found herself with a second chance, in a familiar temple in Coruscant.

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Star Wars > Buffy-CenteredDoctorsgirlFR1868,36096724,63016 Nov 0824 Dec 08No

Sand, sand all around, and not a Spa to be found

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Speech: "Blah"
Thoughts/Telepathy: 'Blah'

A/N: Sorry for not updating recently, but my workload has actually been murderous, I swear my history textbook has grown fangs.... Anywho, thanks for the really nice reviews, and the pairing votes seem to be solidly in the Obi/Buffy camp. For any KOTR fans I was considering adding HK into this fic, opinions on this would be appreciated.

And now in the timeless words of Douglas Adams- "Share and enjoy".

Chapter 6:

For the next few days in deep space, the two padawan got to know one-another, sparring regularly, meditating together and just generally talking about anything that took their fancy. It wasn’t like there was anything better to do on the hung of metal. It turned out that both had a rather dry sense of humor and were perfectly capable of making each other laugh, though some of Buffy’s pop culture references went right over poor Benny’s head.

However, much to Obi-wan’s amusement, a certain little astro-mech droid had taken to following Buffy around where ever she went.

“I win” Buffy grinned as she pinned Obi-wan’s arms with her knees, they’d been practicing hand to hand, and so naturally she’d kicked his rather well-formed ass as R2 beeped encouragement from the sidelines.

“Fine, you win.” Obi-wan groaned as she helped him to his feet. “I still don’t get how someone so short can kick that hard. It feels as though my bruises have bruises.”

“Oh don’t be such a baby, it’s not that bad” Buffy stretched lazily, like a contented Nexu, Obi-wan decided.
“Is Qui-Gon still bickering with Panaka?” Buffy queried as Obi-wan joined her in warming-down stretches.

“Yes, what else would they possibly do for fun?” Obi-wan deadpanned.

“Honestly they’re like little old ladies” Buffy shook her head “You think they’d have learned to play nice being a top security chief and a venerable Jedi master, but nooo…”

“Yes well some lessons are not so easily learned” Obi-wan chuckled his amusement.

“Maybe we should just lock ‘em in a room and let them razzle it out…on second thoughts no. We wouldn’t have much of a ship left afterwards” Buffy sighed, pushing sweat slicked curls out of her eyes. “We should probably go and attempt some more repairs, so Qui-Gon doesn’t give us the dreaded…look of disappointment” she gasped dramatically.

“Anything but that” Smirked Obi-wan “You’re probably right though.”

“Duh!” Buffy gave a self-satisfied smile.

“Modest today, aren’t we?” Obi-wan replied, tone brimming with sarcasm.

They arrived on the desert planet of Tatooine, landing in the outskirts of the Mos Espa settlement so as not to attract attention. Qui-Gon planned on going in disguise in an attempt to obtain the necessary new hyper-drive. He planned to also take Jar Jar so as to blend in when in the space port. Blend? The amphibian wouldn’t know ‘blend’ if it kicked him in the head…repeatedly. He also needed to take R2 in order to have the necessary read-outs on parts etc. Unfortunately the stubborn (yet adorable) little droid wouldn’t leave Buffy’s side, and after learning she had a slight grasp of huttese, Qui-Gon allowed her to join them.

Buffy frowned at her disguise in the mirror, she’d be winning no fashion awards with this getup, still she looked a lot better than Queenie so it was all good. Her hair was loose but filled with small braids, so as not to draw attention to a single decorated padawan braid in her locks. She wore a pair of baggy tan trousers tucked into some brown knee high boots that buckled up the sides. She wore a too-big sleeveless cream tunic over a dark brown long-sleeved top to protect her from the sand and hide her light sabre, a belt at the waist pulled in the tops. Finally she wrapped a cream silk scarf, that she’d ‘borrowed’ from the royal wardrobe, around her neck, which she would be able to pull over the lower part of her face to avoid breathing in too much of the sandy-stuff.

“Don’t you look native”

She spun to see Obi-wan leant against the door-frame, smirking lightly.

“Har-di-har, real funny. In fact if you get bored of being a Jedi I’m sure a career as a comedian will welcome you with open arms” Buffy glowered.

“That hurts Buffy, really it does. You’d better hurry up though, Master Qui-Gon is getting impatient. And Believe me that’s never a good thing.” Obi-wan grinned, then became serious “try and take care, and comm me if you need anything” he hugged her tightly and quickly released her, but not before she took the chance to inhale his unique scent, which appeared to be a mix of soap and spices.

“Chillax, nothing’s gonna happen. See ya soon Benny” She smiled and headed out to the sands of Tatooine.

“This is doin’ nuttin’ for mesa skin” Jar Jar huffed, as Buffy raised a disbelieving eyebrow, what was next complaining about lack of moisturiser?

“Wait!” yelled Panaka, making Buffy groan internally, as he ran up followed by a handmaiden in civilian gear, the one who was supposed to have cleaned up R2, Buffy’s eyes narrowed with dislike. Maybe she was being biased, not knowing the girl an’ all, but her little droidy-friend had grown on her over the past few days, and she was pretty grouchy over her treatment of him.

Not that R2 wasn’t holding a grudge in his own special way- beeping in a disdainful and obviously insulting manner whenever she passed. Plus there was an incident when they were in hyper-space involving oil, a hyper-spanner and…well that wasn‘t important, needless to say that R2 wasn’t allowed anywhere near the ship‘s kitchen for the rest of the journey, and that Buffy realized that her cute little droid friend was a great deal more devious than either she or Ben could ever have guessed.

“Her highness commands you to take her handmaiden” Panaka instructed.

“No more orders from her highness today” huffed a highly irritable Qui-gon (or as she’d taken to calling him- much to his distaste- Quinny) “this space port isn’t going to be pleasant.”

“The queen wishes it, she’s curious about the planet” Panaka continued.

“Very well, but this isn’t a good idea” Qui-gon made a face that gave the appearance that he was constipated…flattering, really…

“I second that emotion” Buffy drawled with a sigh.

“This place is mainly moisture farmers for the most part, some indigenous tribes and scavengers. Places like this are havens for those who don’t wish to be found” Qui-gon explained. Oddly resembling a halfway decent teacher she’d had in Sunnydale, who’d naturally fallen victim to the Hellmouth, hopefully Quinny wouldn’t be running into an weird praying-mantis ladies any time soon.

“People like us” Padme, the handmaiden nodded her understanding.

“You know I think you can get a little more sound if you speak from the diaphragm.” Buffy snarked, as Qui-gon shot her a reproachful/amused look.

“We’ll try one of the smaller dealers first” Qui-gon muttered, more to himself than his companions.

Jar Jar appeared to be doing his best to get run over, whilst Padme was gaping at everything around them as if it was completely new (which it probably was to her). However Buffy mentally prayed by all that was caffeine-filled that she didn’t look as out of place as the other girl.

The End?

You have reached the end of "What do you mean a galaxy far far away?" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Dec 08.

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