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What do you mean a galaxy far far away?

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Summary: After Buffy's swan dive at the end of season 5, she found herself with a second chance, in a familiar temple in Coruscant.

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Star Wars > Buffy-CenteredDoctorsgirlFR1868,36096724,62216 Nov 0824 Dec 08No

Exit Stage Left

A/N: New story… I just like the idea of Buffy/Star wars xovers. Set during TPM in S/W and at the end of season 5 in BTVS.
Ideas for pairings would be helpful, most likely het pairings, however if there’s a decent slash pairing I may consider it. Leaning towards Buffy/Obi, and one-sided Ani/Buffy at the moment. Reviews would help.
Disclaimer: I own neither Star wars or Buffy, they are owned by George Lucas and Joss Whedon respectively.

“Blah”- speech
‘blah’- thought/ telepathy

Chapter 1:

Buffy watched the portal grow in size, knowing now what she had to do, the meaning of her vision now clear. The 1st Slayer had spoken the truth, death was her gift, to her loved ones and the world. She smiled reassuringly at her sister.

“Buffy…no!” Dawn whispered, understanding reaching her wide eyes.

“Dawnie I have to. Listen to me…listen! I love you, I will always love you, but this is the work I have to do. Tell Giles, tell him I figured it out, and that I’m okay. And give my love to my friends. You have to be strong now, Dawn the hardest thing in this world is to live in it. Be brave…live…for me” She kissed her sister tenderly on the forehead.

Then broke away, and swan dove into the portal, giving in to the painful magics that rippled through her frame.
‘So this is it huh?’ she thought softly and smiled as she felt the portal beginning to close around her, at least everyone was safe…Everything began to fade to black and she released herself to death. Maybe she could finally rest…


“Not just yet Slayer” came a voice that she knew and disliked highly, her eyelids snapped open and the owner of the voice’s name fell from hr lips dripping with dislike.

“Whistler!” She snarled.

“Hey kid” the balance demon in his pinstripe suit smiled nervously “Look I’m just here as a messenger for the PTB”

“Spill” Buffy huffed irritably, eyes flicking to her all-white surroundings that seemed to stretch on forever. “Where are we anyway?”
“A way station between worlds” Whistler twitched edgily.

“Between worlds, start explaining fast balance boy!” Buffy snapped “Or we’ll go into what I promised last time we met… ribcage hats ringing a bell?”

“Many bells…” Whistler crossed his arms protectively over his chest making Buffy want to laugh, but now wasn’t the time so she resisted the urge.

Whistler continued “Well, long story short- The Powers weren’t expecting your death, the Key was supposed to jump. It’s kinda unbalanced things in the grand scheme.”

“‘The Key’ has a name, she’s my sister and there was no way I was about to sacrifice her to make your bosses happy” she glared liking where this conversation was going, less and less.

“Well they want to send you to a world which will soon be in dire need of champions. We need you to balance the odds.”

“Fan-fucking-tastic” Buffy drawled “But in case its escaped your notice. I don’t have a body anymore. Dead, remember?”

“This world is parallel in some ways, there’s another you, who died just as you jumped. In order to adjust you will assimilate her memories and understand things more clearly.” Whistler edged further away at the look on her face that screamed bloody murder.

“Don’t suppose I get a choice in the matter?” she growled.

“Sorry Slayer. But on the plus side you get to keep your Slayer abilities, super strength, speed, increased healing the whole shebang. Plus a little extra. Though there aren’t any vampires there” Whistler sighed.

“What then why am I going there? And what extra?” Buffy demanded.

“You’ll see, good luck kid” Whistler grinned and pushed her backwards through another portal.

“Damn you Whistler!” she howled her outrage and then was gone.

She was floating through…memories? Information crowded into her mid, making it throb with the overload.
Elizabeth (Buffy) Summers, born on the planet Alderaan, Jedi padawan aged 16, apprenticed to master Mace Windu, head of the Jedi Council. She was a quiet, introverted girl who, though gifted in the use of the Force, was too shy to use it to full effect. She was clumsy when it came to her lightsaber techniques and slowly but surely to the taunts of the other padawans had gotten past hr silent outer-shell and burned her heart. She’d become more and more depressed, knowing that this would be seen as another failure she’d kept silent. Hiding her mental pain with powerful shields. Even those she sat next to in class barely tolerated her, naïve as she was, even Buffy saw the rolling of eyes when she approached. Eventually just giving up. Master Windu was never there due to council business, and as Jedi were taken from their families at a young age, hey didn’t even have them to support her. The pain had become too great and she’d killed herself, waiting for an evening when her master would be dining with Chancellor Valorum.

Buffy gasped as she sat up, eyes wide, gasping in oxygen. Her dark eyes darted around the room she was in, her other self’s memories supplied that it was in fact a ’fresher’, the Jedi word for toilet. She groaned, clutching her head at the shock of her ‘other’s’ memories. She flipped gracefully to her feet and stared at herself in the mirror. Her hair was exactly as it had been when she was 16, and would look good if given proper hair care, her eyes were the same hazel and her skin tanned. Her body was that of an awkward 16 year olds, her skinny but toned frame was covered by Jedi robes, slightly stained by blood on the sleeves. She stared at the white scars on her wrists, they looked so old, how could they have so recently killed her ‘other’? She shivered at the thought of a person’s life just flickering out, a person identical to her in appearance but different when it came to personality.

“Sith!” she muttered, knowing it to be a Jedi curse, she reached out to trace the scars. “I am soo gonna kill a certain balance demon! Slowly and painfully” she snarled, highly emotional after assimilating the memories.

She felt her heart go out to the other Buffy, not that she agreed with some of her decisions…

“I promise” she whispered, swearing to the girl who had been broken by the cruelty of others. “I will complete your dream of becoming a Jedi Knight. I will take our place in the sun.”

Energy surrounded her, making her feel so light, warm…it was hard to describe. Was this the Force that her ’other’ had been trained in? It was the most amazing feeling in the world. Like everything was…connected.

“Jeez, I look like I belong in the nunnery or something, which this place might as well be. I mean ‘there is no love only temptation’ crud is purely the work of a group of monks unable to get some” Buffy grouched at her reflection.

At least she’d managed to get her hair into a decent style, her honey coloured locks were now loosely curled and tied back in a high ponytail, with the exception of her beaded padawan braid which hung from near her temple, and some loose bangs which framed her face. She twirled her braid nervously between her fingers.

‘What if this doesn’t work and they send me away” she mentally panicked.

That’s when she heard the apartment door slid open.

“Show-time” she thought, with a dry chuckle, staring at herself in the mirror, wearing jedi robes she looked the part…hopefully.
She headed through to the living area to greet her master, humming the funeral march under her breath.

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