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Duties, Obligations and Rights

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This story is No. 2 in the series "No Life King". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Normality is a matter of perspective. Read chapter warnings for smut alerts.

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AnimeRoninFR21626,8291811151,76016 Nov 0827 May 10Yes

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Chapter One

Title: Duties, Rights and Obligations

Author: Anime Ronin

Rating: Mature

Summary: Normality is a matter of perspective.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, neither Buffy nor Hellsing.

AN: Alright, here’s the sequel to Complex Inversion. Shorter in total length, yes, but it’s dealing with less in the grand scheme of things.

Chapter 1 of 6 WARNING! Some Smut at the end! NOT FOR WORK!

(Chase Residence – Dawn)

‘His eyes are like pools of blood.’

It was not an uncommon occurrence for her to find the most distinguishing trait of a person and analyze it and, in the case of one Alexander Harris, this instance was no different. His eyes, windows to his soul, held not only the slightly quirky sense of humor she’d known for years, but also a lusting for blood and pain, something that was new. Granted, she’d seen him angry in the past, be it with her or with someone who had done hard to Willow Rosenberg, his unofficial other half, but never before had she seen the barely-restrained bloodlust there. It was at the same time both intriguing and slightly off-putting… though that was probably one of the reasons why she had hired him. For all of his faults, Xander was a point of constant intrigue in her life and, given everything that had happened in the past few months, Cordelia found that she needed that constant.

‘…Wait a damned second. Didn’t I just wake up? That means…’

Xander jerked his head to the side as Cordy shrieked in her bed and lashed out at him with her fist, smirking as he floated up and away from where he had been hovering over her bed, “Good morning, Boss Lady. Pleasant dreams, I trust?”

Cordelia Chase, dressed in a pair of simple cotton bottoms and a tank top of the darkest blue, glared daggers at him as she untangled herself from her sheets and got to her feet, “Xander, you freak! What are you doing in my bedroom? Looking for a cheap thrill?”

Xander snorted as he floated back to his feet and looked her up and down, “Being around you gives me a cheap thrill all the time, Cordy, particularly when you don’t think the night before and wear a white tank top to bed.” He caught her next punch and held her in place, “As entertaining as this is, though, I’m here to remind you that we have a meeting with your guardian today in LA and we’re on a tight schedule.”

Cordelia growled at him as she pulled her hand back but knew he had a point. She wasn’t overly thrilled with the fact that she needed a guardian, but the courts had ruled and she wasn’t in any frame of mood or mind to really deal with the courts. “Fine. Just wait downstairs and no peeking!”

Xander bowed mockingly at her, “Of course not, your worshipfulness. Where would the fun be in that?”

With that and a chuckle, he sank through the floor, leaving Cordelia to glare at the spot he vanished from for a second before she began to undress and headed for her shower. She knew that he wouldn’t peek on her, he’d given his word that he wouldn’t, but that still didn’t mean she trusted him to not be tempted. He was a male, after all, and she was Cordelia Chase. How could he not be tempted?

‘Houston, the ego has landed. You’re nice enough to look at, Cor, but you’re not the only game in town.’

(Later, Cordelia’s Office)

Xander made an exaggerated motion to look at the grandfather clock that ticked away merrily off in the corner as Cordelia, dressed in a smart though slightly utilitarian pantsuit, walked in, “Wow, a whole half hour. I think that is a record for you, Boss.”

Cordelia shot him a glare as she began to grab her things from her desk, “Shut it, dork. I don’t want to do this any more than you do so let's just get it over with.”

He shrugged at her and stood, pulling his jacket on as he did. While Xander was sure that the largest fragments of Alucard’s controlling mentality had been largely subsumed by his own mind, he was sure that a few bits were there and had subtly changed him, starting with his sense of style. After burning his collections of shirts, he’d chosen a more utilitarian clothing, easily replaceable but with enough style to be considered his own, and had topped it all off with a long coat with a mantle on it that reached almost to his elbows. He’d been mortally offended when Buffy and Angel had both claimed he was impinging on Angel’s ‘look’ and he had stated that, no, he was not as he didn’t wear enough hair gel to be a fire hazard and that he had taken the ‘look’ from several memories he’d picked up from somewhere. It was light enough that he didn’t cook it in, but heavy enough to shrug off damage and hide his weaponry when he carried it with him, not to mention it just ‘fit’. He had a slightly lanky form and finding jackets that fit him just so was a true pain in the ass, so he’d taken what he could. Giles had called him ‘Dresden-esque’, whatever that meant as Giles would not go into it.

The doors to the office opened, admitting both Jenny and Prue, a fact which brought a smile to Xander’s lips and a slightly pensive frown to Cordelia’s. A person would have had to have been blind, deaf, dumb and in final death to not have noticed the way that the trio interacted, ranging from the playful flirting that went on between them to the student-teacher relationship he had with both, but also with the deeper relationship that the dork had with both. As far as Cordelia knew, there was nothing romantic going on between any of the three, but there were times and looks that she often called that into question and that disturbed her a little. Granted, she employed Xander, but she also liked to think of their pseudo-relationship as friendly. Was she jealous? No, of course not. She was Cordelia Chase and she didn’t get jealous of Xander Harris for any reason.

‘Keep telling yourself that, Cor. You’re totally jealous of their fine womanly features.’

‘Cut that out, Dweeb! You know I hate it when you talk to me in my head and I am SO not jealous of their looks.’

Apparently oblivious to this interaction, Prue turned to her and smiled, “So, what are you two doing today? A trip to LA?”

“Yeah, we’re going to deal with my new guardians. Joy.”

Prue patted her on the shoulder and smiled, “Don’t worry about it too much, Cordelia. You still have a lot of time left to be a kid so enjoy it.”

From beside Xander Jenny decided to put in her own two cents, “I do believe she is dreading having to keep her employee under control today, Prue.”

Xander gave Jenny a sour look, “I’m not that bad.”

Jenny snorted, “Who was it who threatened that lawyer with death by impalement?”

“That was a study of his mental faculties!”

Prue smirked, “What about that other lawyer who was helping with your parents wills?”

“Alright, fine, lawyers make me feel all slimy. I might be questionably evil but even I have my limits.”

Cordelia snorted, “Then explain to me about why you terrorized those poor Girl Scouts that were trying to unload their cookies on Ms. Summers.”

“I only asked if the cookies were made with real Girl Scouts, Cordy. It’s a classic line! Besides, you’re the one who pointed out that the actress was a dead ringer for Harmony at that age.”

Cordelia nodded slightly, “Alright, point, but still, you work for me and you represent me as well. I need you on your best behavior.”

“Yes, mother.”

Cordelia ignored the jab at her and quickly pushed her sleeve up her arm, “Now lets get this over with before we go.”

Xander looked at her levelly for several moments before he took her proffered wrist, “You do know that our bond isn’t like Integra’s and Alucard’s, yes? I don’t need to feed from you.”

“Have you fed this morning?”


“Then start, dorkface.”

Prue and Jenny watched as Xander somewhat hesitantly bit into Cordelia’s wrist and began to feed, both of them knowing how very little he liked the idea of feeding from his ‘boss’. It had been Cordelia’s idea to begin with to ‘seal’ the deal between her and Xander but he’d outright balked at it, saying that his word was his bond. Cordelia, however, stood firm in her word and both women were surprised to see the No Life King bend to her will, however slightly, by saying he would feed from her one time per month but only so much that he would honor their deal and had done so twice, now three times.

Xander pulled back from Cordelia’s wrist and vanished from the room, allowing Prue to immediately began to heal the girl, who looked alternately flushed and pale, “Are you alright?”

“Yeah, I’m fine… just takes some getting used to.” Cordelia sat on the edge of her desk and looked at Jenny, who had a well-hidden smile on her lips, “How do you do it?”

“Do what?”

“Let him feed from you more than he does from me? He barely bit me and I’m ready to drop.”

Jenny snorted, “He doesn’t feed from me, Cordelia, or any of us. I know for a fact he breaks into the local blood bank and takes blood that is meant to be destroyed as it won’t hurt him at all. He… he fed a great deal from human blood while dealing with the Rakeeshi, Cordelia, and I fear he not only grew to like it, but he also has other things influencing him.”


“The False One’s memories.” Jenny’s face screwed up as she shuddered, remembering some of the things that Xander had told her over the past weeks about what he’d taken from that thing, “Sufficed to say that he has new issues to deal with now, Cordelia, and it is best to not trifle with them until he is ready.”

“I’ll take that under advisement.” Cordelia got off of her desk and punched the intercom button, “Hey, dork! Let’s go.”

“That isn’t necessary, Cordelia.” She shrieked and spun in place, coming face to face with a grinning, fanged and minty-fresh Xander, her heart now pounding from being scared, “I’m right here.”

“How long have you been standing there?”

Xander’s grin grew slightly darker, “Now that… is a secret.”

(LA – Riker Residence)

The bearded man smiled at the pair as he opened the door, “Cordelia, Alexander, welcome, welcome. Please, come in. How was the trip?”

Cordelia looked more than a little stressed in his opinion, grumbling under her breath about this, that and the other as she stepped in, “I’m fine, Jon, but I forgot how much I hate driving myself into LA. Why can’t people just get out of my way?”

Her travelling companion smirked behind her, his eyes sparkling behind his red lenses, “Because they observe these little things called ‘traffic laws’ and don’t come flying down the road like bats out of hell?”

“Bite me, Harris.”

“In your deepest, darkest dreams, Boss Lady.”

If Jon actually thought either of them were serious about the sniping, he’d have been worried about one of his daughters finding them in one of his hallway closets inspecting the other’s tonsils one day, “Now, now, play nice, you two.”

Alex grinned at him, “Quite so, Number One.”

Jon rolled his eyes, “How long are you going to keep that joke up?”

Cordelia snorted, “As long as you let it annoy you. He’s dense like that.”

It amazed Jon to no end that the pair worked together. Granted, they’d only ‘met’ over conference calls, but he could tell that it was as much a partnership of convenience as it was a true partnership between Cordelia and Alexander. Given that he was quite used to dealing with producers, directors and Hollywood starlets in his profession as a special effects artist, he was used to looking at things more closely and finding the fine details, which is why he was so intrigued with Alexander. If he didn’t know any better, the boy’s fangs were REAL… “Children, please. My daughters can handle the constant bickering part of any gathering but we should act like adults.”

Cordelia looked properly chastised while Alex just grinned, “Sorry. So, how are we going to do this, you being my Guardian and all?”

“How very blunt.”

“It saves time.”

Xander winced but Jon didn’t take offense at all, “How about a solemn vow to not screw you over, squander your money or make any major investments of anything without your say-so?”

“Works for me.”

Jon frowned at how quickly she said that before a few things clicked into place. He looked at Xander with a frown, “My wife is standing behind me, isn’t she.”


“And my daughters?”

“Three of them, ranging from… eight to fifteen?”


“Then yes, they are.”

“Why do I get the feeling this is going to cost me a lot of money?”

Cindy, his wife, brushed by him, his daughters Wendy, Janet and Patricia close behind, and they made for the door, “Because you know your family oh-so-well and know that women who shop never pass up an opportunity to do so, dear. Coming, Cordelia?”

Cordelia smiled, “Of course. Xander? Be a dear and keep Jon company.”

Xander gave his boss a very level look, “The last time I checked, ‘babysitting’ wasn’t on my list of duties to be preformed.”

“He’s babysitting YOU, dork. Ta-ta, boys!”

The door shut and, after a few moments, the sound of the car that Cordelia and Xander had arrived in pulling out told Jon all he needed to know – yes, this was going to cost him a great deal. He turned to Cordelia’s employee and saw the somewhat annoyed look in his eyes, “So, does this happen often?”

“Getting ditched like this? No, thankfully not. You?”

“Cindy has taken over the entire Master Bedroom closet for her very own. I love her to death but I think I’m going to have to move to another room in the house to get my own closet.”

Xander snorted, “You gave up any claim to closet space when you said one of the shortest yet longest sentences in the English language.”

“I do?”

Xander smirked slightly and once again Jon found himself marveling at the boy’s fangs, “Of course.”

Jon nodded and waved him to follow, “So… let me guess, a Star Trek fan.”

Xander shrugged as they made their way towards the kitchen, “Eh, it’s not bad, but I’m more of a Babylon 5 guy, personally.”

“The special effects draw you in?”

“Nah. Claudia Christian, personally. Gotta love the strong female roles... and she’s gorgeous, too.”

“What about her sense of humor?”

“She’s almost the perfect woman…”

Jon grabbed his coffee cup, “Almost?”

Xander smirked at Jon, “Let me tell you about two ladies that I know…”


Jenny sneezed.

Prue sneezed.



“Lay off the pepper.”

Prue shot Jenny a withering look, “I like pepper in my eggs.” With that said, she sneezed again.

“Bless you.” They looked up from their argument over the seasoned eggs to see Buffy standing in the doorway, a look on her face ranging from slight amusement to apprehension.

“Thanks. So, what brings you here, Buffy?”

“I’m looking for Xander, actually. Is he here?”

Prue shook her head, going back to her eggs, “No, you missed him by a few hours. He and Cordelia are in LA doing some legal stuff with her guardian… and maybe talking about us, too, given the way we’ve been sneezing.”

Buffy blinked at the woman for a moment, “Oh… kay… um… now that we are moving beyond the weird part of our program, do you know when he’s going to be coming back?”

“Why? Do you have a hot date with him he neglected to tell us about?”

Buffy blushed and shouted, “NO!” She then jerked back, as if startled, and shook her head before quietly saying, “No, I don’t. It’s just… I haven’t seen him recently and I kinda miss him, that’s all.”

“That is hardly his fault if you have not seen him, Buffy,” Jenny said with a bit of a frosty note in her voice. “He’s been here working with Prue, myself and Cordelia and you’ve been with Angelus… Angel.”

“Angel needs me! He’s still weak from the power ritual thingy that Drusilla did to him.” Buffy growled and started pacing, “It’s like something’s holding him back now and none of us know what.”

Prue nodded as she pushed her eggs around, “We know, Buffy. Mr. Giles had us look into it and so far as we’re able to tell, it’s like he’s a fledgling again.”

“How? He’s, like, two hundred and something years old.”

Jenny nodded, “That is very true, Buffy, but you seem to forget that all vampires, regardless of breed, gain power as they age. Drusilla has proven that said power can be transferred from one vampire to another with her acts, reducing her sire to the power of someone who has just crawled out of their coffin.”

Buffy shuddered, “Can we please not talk about crawling out of coffins?”


“I’m… I’m scared, alright? I’ve got this real creep factor about being buried alive and vamps crawling out of coffins don’t help matters any.”

Prue and Jenny looked at one another for several moments, blinking – a vampire slayer afraid of being buried alive? Interesting. (AN: If you read Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Wiki profile, you’ll find that she is indeed afraid of being buried alive. Kinda ironic.)


Dalton grinned to himself as he continued thrusting his hips back and forth with an unrelenting speed into his mistress, her ankles crossed behind his back and her vampiric features glistening with sweat. Damn it all, she was going to be the Final Death of him… but who wouldn’t mind fucking such a hot piece of ass on a regular occasion?

Drusilla morphed back and forth between her human and vampiric faces as her body began to shake in orgasm for the third time that night, causing her to chant, “Oh, oh, oh, oh!”

Dalton took this as his cue and slid his hand underneath the pillow next to his mistress, “I have something for you, m’lady…”

“Give it to me, Dalton! Give it to me!”

Dalton indeed DID give it to her… only not what most would have expected. From underneath the pillow he pulled out a sword and, with a savage cry, he chopped through her neck just as she reached the peak of her climax. She reflexively screamed in pain and pleasure for several seconds before her body turned to dust beneath him, leaving only his heavy, if unnecessary, breathing and the remnants of her screams echoing in the room.

Sitting back on his haunches, he dropped the sword to the bed and grinned at his work before he reached over and grabbed a bottle of blood. “Wakey, wakey, Mistress… we’re not done yet.” He dribbled the blood out of the bottle onto Drusilla’s ashes and, like a sponge, the ashes soaked up the liquid and slowly began to writhe and grow in volume. It took almost fifteen seconds but there before and underneath him, fresh as a daisy and naked as the day she was born was his sire, Drusilla, and she had a predatory look on her face, “Ready, Mistress?”

Drusilla spread her legs again and grinned, motioning him forwards while vamping out, “Always, lovey. Always.” She was more than willing to put up with Dalton’s sub-standard rutting in order to test out her new abilities… oh, yes, more than willing, given her plans…

AN: Alright, folks, here’s the first part of the new story. I know, a little odd in this last bit but it’ll be explained as time goes on. Not as much hardcore nasty stuff as last fic (no torture or rape as far as I can tell from my notes), and it’ll be a shorter fic.

Reviews, please.
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