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Brother in Waiting

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Summary: Response to the Xander's Real Family, Anthony DiNozo at NCIS Challenge, issued by Landyacht. not quite what he asked for but...after the fall of Sunnydale, Xander goes to stay with his brother.

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NCIS > Xander-CenteredAbbyFR71317,30527354203,89216 Nov 0823 Jan 11No

Sinking feeling

AN: Disclaimer, I have no legal rights to any characters in this ficlet. I'm just playing with them and will give them right back.

They were all watching the screen, Ziva muttering to herself and Mcgee astounded, Gibbs silently a hand resting on the shoulder of Abby who stood with hands over her mouth. They were all watching the screen, except Tony who was on the phone.

“How can they not notice they have built an entire town over a sink hole?” Ziva asked, astounded.

“Seems like a pretty big mistake to make.”

“McGee, people are dying and you’re making jokes?” Abby demanded outraged.

“It wasn’t a joke, Abs. I wouldn’t joke about people dying.”

Gibbs looked away from the screen and the bickering agents and to Tony who hung the phone up and promptly picked it up again and punched in a number with a hand pressed to his forehead.


Tony ignored his boss for possibly the first time ever and slammed the phone down with a bang, and the team turned to look at the lines of worry etched into their colleague’s face.

“Dinozzo?” Gibbs asked again but he softened his tone.

Tony took a breath and blew it out, trying to steady himself he managed to say. “My Brother lives in Sunnydale, my Brother lived in Sunnydale and he’s not answering his cell.”

The death toll rolled across the bottom of the screen while the bullpen fell into a moment of shocked silence; they’d never watched a drama unfold before where one of them had a personal connection.

“What’s his cell number?” McGee finally asked.

“I keep trying his cell, Tim, and he’s not picking it up,” Tony snapped.

“I was going to run a GPS trace; maybe we can see where he is.” Tim explained ignoring the rebuking tone.

“Oh,” Tony murmured and fed McGee the number.

There was another round of silence as McGee fetched the information off of his system and then put it on the plasma.

“His cell is on the highway going west from Sunnydale; the signal is bouncing from tower to tower so my guess is he’s moving probably in a car.”

Tony blew out a shaky breath and his phone rang, he hit the speaker button, too exhausted to lift the handset to his ear.

“Dinozzo,” He muttered.

“Hey, Big Bro.” A voice echoed down the line, slight static making the connection less than perfect. “The town just got sucked into a sink hole and I thought I might call and let you know that I was all right. Oh and can I sleep on your couch for a few days?“
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