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Willow's So-Called Life

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Summary: BtVS/My So-Called Life Crossover

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Willow's So-Called Life

by Danielle

Disclaimers: All the characters in this story belong to Joss Whedon and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or the creators of My So-Called Life. No infringement is intended.

Note: As in the series My So-Called Life, the characters will be called by both their first and last names, which you will notice have changed slightly for this piece. Also, thanks to my friend Heather, who helped me figure out who Angel should be. P.S. { } are thoughts/feelings.


Willow Chase walked down the long hall of the high school, thinking to herself as usual. { I can't believe it. My best friend and my... Xander. Just the thought of them together makes me sick. If I hadn't seen it myself, I wouldn't believe it. Buffy Graf and Xander Catalano, dancing together at the Bronze. Why couldn't I have believed Cordelia and Krakow when they told me? }

Just two nights ago, Oz Krakow had crossed the street to tell her that he had seen them talking outside the Bronze- definately out of the ordinary. And let's not forget about her former best friend Cordelia Chursky, who had told her yesterday in the girl's room that it was so stupid of her to have even hung out with Buffy Graf in the first place, she was only asking to get stabbed in the back. Even then she hadn't believed it. But when she had asked Angel Vasquez- Buffy's other best friend and confidant, he couldn't deny it.

{ How could I be so stupid! Me and Xander Catalano, who was I kidding? He was always more Buffy's type anyway. I am so stupid! } She continued to walk down the hall, towards the front entrance of the school. { Time to go home, I guess. My mom will be so happy to hear Buffy screwed up, she never liked her anyway. Especially after the Spring Dance fiasco. } Her parents, Jenny and Rupert Chase tried so hard to understand her. They didn't like her new friends, or the ways she dressed now, pretty much anything they attributed to her friendship with Buffy. Well, sometimes she thought her dad really liked Buffy, but was pretending to disaprove for Mom's sake.

Last night was the worst. Imagine, walking innocently into the Bronze to see Buffy seductively wrapping herself around Xander. She hadn't hung around for explanations. Even when Angel told her they were both drunk- it was just no excuse!!! Cordelia was right, she had been asking for it.

Just then Oz came wandering over, asking to walk her home. { What the hell- we're walking the same way anyway. } Why couldn't things be easy, like for Krakow- be a genius, get good grades, and have no social life, no pain inflicted upon you by people you thought were your friends. Willow didn't know who she was more mad at, Buffy or Xander. No, definately Buffy. { How could she? She knows how I feel about him. And we were so close, just a few days ago, when he put ice cream on my nose and then we almost kissed. But of course, Buffy got in the way then, too. Well, she did save our lives, but I was so mad we missed our chance to really be something. }

She and Oz really didn't speak on the way home. When they were almost there, she turned to him, accusing him: "I bet you're pretty happy about all of this."

Oz was immediately defensive. "Why, why would I be happy? Why should I care?"

"I don't know. Why do you?"

"I don't. I just thought you should know, you should know the real Xander, the one who is a jerk and doesn't see what he could have had."

"What are you trying to say?"

"Nothing, just that Xander is a jerk!"

"No he's not, he was just drunk and..."

"Why are you defending him? What has he ever done but hurt you?"

Just then, Xander drove up in his mom's car. He got out as Oz finished his sentence, and walked over to Willow.

"Willow, can we go somewhere and talk?"

She took a long time to answer, as if she was really thinking about whether or not she trusted him enought to even talk to him.

"I guess. Now?"

"Yeah." He looked over at Oz, who was staring at Willow, who was glaring back at Oz.

"C'mon", Xander commanded softly.

Willow looked at Oz, then back at Xander. She looked back at Oz sadly, and walked over to Xander's car. As she opened the door, she glanced again at Oz, who had a look of complete disbelief on his face.

As Xander and Willow pulled away, Oz continued to stare after the car long after it had left their street.

The End

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The End

You have reached the end of "Willow's So-Called Life". This story is complete.

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