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Five Reasons: Dean/Dawn

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Summary: Various bits of 'Five reasons' centered around the Dean Winchester/Dawn Summers pairing.

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Supernatural > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Dean Winchester(Past Donor)sevangelFR18313,7649217,33219 Nov 0810 Feb 09No

Five reasons Dean knew he loved Dawn

1. He let her wear his favorite shirt

On the list of things most important to him in the entire world, it went Sam, his dad, the Impala, and then his favorite shirt. Four things that he cared the most about and he couldn’t fathom living without. It was hell when Sam was in college, his brother had been the most important thing in his life since that night he carried him out of their burning home. His dad was his hero, what he compared himself too. And his car was the only real home he’d had. The shirt though, the shirt was a first for a lot of the big events in his life. It was an old Zeppelin concert shirt that he found at a thrift shop when he was twelve. He wore it the first time he had sex, the first time he killed a demon on his own, and when he got his driver’s license. He always had it with him, shoved down the side of his duffel and even if he didn’t wear it anymore (it was too small for him now) he never planned on getting rid of it. He’d never admit it, but it was like a security blanket.

Then she came along. Dawn Summers, the little sister of a girl that could kick his ass up and down the street without breaking a nail. That was something neither he nor Sam ever forgot. Dawn was a kid, a teenage girl really, and he tried his hardest not to notice how hot she was. And she was damn hot. Her lips got him first, plump, perfect lips that he spent too much time imagining around his cock. The bottom one got to him the most, so damn plump and soft looking, even more so when she clamped it between her teeth. It was lip porn. And the fact that she was barely legal was starting to mean less and less as the days went by.

She tried to take care of him and Sammy. She made sure they ate real food when they weren’t on the road, always insisting on getting a room with a kitchenette when they were staying somewhere for more than a night. The girl could cook too, really cook, even if some of the things she came up with were a little out there. But hell, peanut butter and salami wasn’t that bad of a combination. She even grabbed up their laundry, saying that it was a waste of quarters to wash hers alone.

That was when it happened. When he realized that despite how hard he was trying not to see her as anything other than the slayer’s little sister, he was failing, miserably.

“Dean, it’s okay if I wear your shirt while I wash clothes, isn’t it?” Dawn asked, his shirt, his fourth (and quickly slipping to fifth) favorite thing wrapped around the body of the teenager. It was too big for her, she might be of average height but she was dainty, he could overlap her wrist when he wrapped his hand around it, and looked a hellova lot better on her then it ever did him. The black fabric was worn out, holey in some spots, and slipped down to bare her entire right shoulder. She wasn’t wearing a bra. His shirt ended mid-thigh, her entirely too perfect legs bared down to her pink painted toenails.

“Yeah, princess, it’s fine,” Dean said, forcing himself to look down at the weapon on his lap. She hummed as she sorted their clothing, mixing her silk and lace panties with his and Sam’s boxers. He didn’t like that, her panties with Sam‘s boxers, at all. Which just pissed him off because it was only freakin’ underwear. He couldn’t help but watch as she bent over, his shirt riding up to show Dawn’s perfectly formed ass, barely covered in the shortest pair of shorts he‘d ever seen. God, he wanted to touch it more than anything. Looked like he would be spending another ten minutes in the shower, hand wrapped around his dick while he fantasized that it was hers. He’d masturbated more in the time that Dawn had been riding with them than he did his entire teenage years.

“That’s your favorite shirt,” Sam said once Dawn had left to go to the laundry room a few rooms down (Dean made sure it was close at every hotel they went to, didn’t want her roaming too far off alone).

“Yep,” Dean agreed.

“The one you decked me for taking,” Sam said.

“Yep,” Dean agreed again.

“And Dawn’s allowed to wear it without an argument?”

“What can I say, Sammy, she looks a hellova lot better in it than you do.”


2. He was jealous of her dancing…with a girl

He hated to dance. Didn’t ever want to do it. Ever. But his girl, she loved to dance. She got him to once, a slow song in a hotel room while Sammy was out. And he only did it then because he got to press her lithe little body against him, which was pure heaven. They’d been sleeping together for a couple weeks, after the time when Sam used her as demon bait (he still wanted to kick his brother’s ass over that sometimes) but they didn’t act like a real couple. They slept in the same bed and had sex as often as possible, but when they were out, it was like it was in the beginning, just three people hanging out. Sam shot him disapproving looks every now and then, like his brother blamed him for it, but Dean didn’t think it was his fault. He didn’t know why it was like this. He didn’t know how to make it not like this. He’d never had a real relationship. Even with Cassie, that was just a few weeks of stolen moments and of almost feeling like he was normal. He cared about her, even now, but he knew it wasn’t love. It was just an escape, his attempt at finding a normal life, which he thought he wanted at the time.

Like always when they went out, the three of them were spaced out around a table, Dawn sipping from a mixed drink (that she used a fake ID to get) while him and Sam split a pitcher of beer. Instead of the usual bars they frequented, they were in a sort of night club in New York. There was the normal bar and then a huge dance floor, which Dawn kept looking longingly at.

“Princess, you wanna dance, go dance,” Dean said, nodding at the dance floor.

“I don’t want to go by myself,” Dawn said. “Wanna come with?”

“Hell no, sweetheart, I don’t dance,” Dean shook his head.

“Sammy?” Dawn asked hopefully.

“Sorry Dawn, I don’t dance either,” Sam said.

“Fine,” Dawn downed her drink. “I’ll just go alone.”

She stood up but before she could leave, a short, pretty brunette grabbed her arm. “Dawn?”

“Kennedy?” Dawn gasped. “Oh, my god, what are you doing here?”

“I moved back after me and Wills split,” Kennedy said. “No place like home, right?”

“Yeah,” Dawn agreed. “You working?”

“Not really,” Kennedy said. “If I catch one, I’ll slay but this is pleasure not work.”

“Oh, let me introduce,” Dawn said. “Dean, Sam, this is Kennedy, she’s a slayer. Ken, meet Dean and Sam, the hunters I’m traveling with.”

“Nice to meet you,” Kennedy nodded.

“You too,” Dean nodded back, a little bothered with the introduction. He didn’t like being lumped in with Sam, like he didn’t mean anything more to her than his brother.

“Want to dance?” Dawn asked Kennedy.

“Hell yeah,” Kennedy stripped of her jacket, reveling a tight tank top. Then the slayer grabbed Dawn’s hand and the trotted off toward the dance floor.

“Wills, who the hell is that?” Dean said.

“I think she meant Willow,” Sam said. “I’m pretty sure Dawn said her last girlfriend was named Kennedy.”

“So she’s into girls?” Dean smirked.

“And right now, it looks like she’s into yours,” Sam nodded toward the dance floor.

Dean followed his gaze, a little startled by what he saw. Dawn and Kennedy were dancing but it looked less like dancing and more like screwing. Dawn’s ass was pressed back against Kennedy’s pelvic, the slayer having her hand wrapped around Dawn’s waist, fingers dipping into the waist band of Dawn’s short skirt. One of Kennedy’s knees was between Dawn’s thighs, almost like Dawn was riding it.

It should have turned him on. He always thought it would. Hell, he fantasized about it, about Dawn with another chick, but it didn’t. It bothered him, a lot. Almost as much as it would have bothered him had Kennedy been a man. And when the slayer dipped her head to bury into Dawn’s neck, Dean was on his feet without realizing it. It wasn’t until he was clasping Dawn’s wrist that he realized how much of a control his jealousy had over him. He wanted to deck the slayer. Badly.

“Dean?” Dawn frowned.

“C’mon, we’re leaving,” Dean said.

“If she wants to stay, I can see her home,” Kennedy said. “Or she can just come home with me.”

“Never going to happen, honey,” Dean growled. “Dawn’s mine.” And then, without waiting for a response, Dean practically dragged Dawn out of the club, Sam trailing behind them, laughing, with Dawn’s purse and coat.

Later that night, after he showed them both how much ’his’ she was, Dawn bit his chin.

“What the hell, princess?”

“Dawn’s mine?” Dawn arched a brow, her chin now resting on his, her lithe body spread out on top of his. “Seriously, Dean, Dawn’s mine?”

“Meant what I said, princess,” Dean grumbled. “Girl had her hands all over you. I didn’t like it.”

He could feel her smile against his lips. “Next time, dance with me.”

Dean smacked her on the ass. “Next time, smack her hands away. Don’t like anyone touching what’s mine, not even some hot chick.”


3. He cut a night out early so she could watch ‘House’

Their last hunt was insane. It lasted three days, three days of either researching or tramping through the woods. In the rain. It was hard, hellish, and mostly just a pain in the ass. They finally got the damn demon, all three of them completely worn out from the fight. In the end, all he wanted sex, a shower, beer, and bar food. He got the first two at the same time, pulling a giggling and bruised Dawn into the shower.

He hated when she got bruised. Hated when she jumped into a battle without thinking twice, like she always did. His heart dropped every time she got hit or knocked down. After this hunt, she ended up with one hellova bruise on her back, which he made sure was clean and wrapped before he let her leave the bathroom. The messed around while Sammy was showering, his brother having to yell at them to break it up twenty minutes later. What could he say, he was horny as hell when it came to Dawn.

The bar they ended up was like most of the other bars they went to, pretty run down but with cheap beer and greasy food. He loved it that Dawn loved food. Unlike Cassie and most of the other girls he’d been with, Dawn loved food. And she ate the hell out of it. And while some of her combinations were weird, Sammy still got grossed out when they ate peanut butter and salami sandwich, it was great that she would eat a greasy hamburger just as easily as a salad.

Dawn was also a great pool hustler. She was almost as good as him at pool and got extra points from her ass as a distraction. He was used to it and it still distracted him half the time. She won just as much money as he did, and started twice as many bar fights. Okay, he could be honest. He started most of the fights, usually started when some drunk tried to cop a feel or just couldn’t understand the fact that no meant no.

“You tired, princess?” Dean asked after having watched Dawn glance at her watch five times in the past ten minutes.

Dawn shook her head.

“What’s wrong?” Dean asked.

“Nothing, I’m fine,” Dawn smiled brightly at him, that smile that was just for him.

“Got somewhere to be?”

“Well, my other boyfriend is supposed to meet….” Dawn started.

“Cute,” Dean threw a fry at her. “Real cute.”

“I’m adorable and you know it,” Dawn said.

“Not really the word I would use,” Dean smirked.

“Okay, if you two are going to do this all night, I’m heading back to the hotel room,” Sam said.

“No, it’s okay, Sammy,” Dawn said. “In fact, I think I’ll head back to the hotel room.”

“Hell, no, Dawn, it’s too far to walk,” Dean said.

“Too far for Sammy?” Dawn arched a brow.

“No,” Dean held up a hand to ward her off. “I’m not being a chauvinistic pig…”

“Yes, you are,” Dawn cut in.

“I know you can take care of yourself, I’ve seen you do it,” Dean continued on as if she didn’t say anything. “I’m not worried about demons or vamps, I’m worried about some drunk trying to pick you up.”

“I lived in the most dangerous city in the world for almost half my life,” Dawn said. “I can handle myself.”

“Doesn’t change anything, sweetheart,” Dean said. “You can get as pissed at me as you want but I am not letting you walk home.”

“Your brother is an ass,” Dawn looked at Sam.

“Whoa, keep me out of it,” Sam said, holding up his hands.

“Dean, I want to back to the hotel, you and Sammy can stay,” Dawn said.

“Are you sick or something?” Dean frowned. “What’s the urgency to get back to the hotel?”

“Nothing,” Dawn shook her head.

“Damn it, Dawn,” Dean growled.

“Fine, I want to watch House,” Dawn said.

“Why didn’t you just say something?”

“Because I knew you wanted to go out tonight,” Dawn said. “If you remember, I tried to stay back but you didn’t want me to.”

Dean pulled out his wallet and threw some bills on the table. “C’mon, princess.”

“Dean, we don’t have to go,” Dawn said.

“Sweetheart, it’s okay,” Dean wrapped his arm around her waist. “We can drink just as easily there as we can here.”

That’s how he ended up thirty minutes later, lounged out on a rather comfortable with his girl huddled against his side, watching a television doctor pop pills and insult everyone around him. “You really like this show?”

“Love it,” Dawn sighed. “I love House.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Dean said. “Princess, he’s like fifty, a drug addict, and can barely walk; what is there to love?”

“And he’s not real,” Sam added from his bed.

“Shut up, he is too,” Dawn protested. “House is wonderful. Honestly, excluding you, he’d be my choice in boyfriends.”

“That’s weird, princess,” Dean shook his head.

“Hey, at least you don’t have to worry about her in bars and clubs,” Sam said. “You’ll just have to watch her if we ever do a job in a retirement home.”

Dean laughed while Dawn tossed a beer can at his brother.

“Funny, Sammy,” Dawn glared at him.

“Don’t blame him, sweetheart,” Dean said. “Blame it on your lusting after the senior citizen.”


4. He took her parking, got arrested, and didn’t get pissed about it

They’d been arguing about it for days. He didn’t see what the big deal was and she didn’t understand why he wouldn’t give her that one thing of being a teenage girl that she didn’t get to really do.

“Hell, sweetheart, we’ve done it in the Impala, doesn’t that count?” Dean said.

“No, it’s not the same,” Dawn said. “Parking is a right of passage that I never got to complete. And it doesn’t count unless we go to some make-out bridge or island or some place where kids go to make out.”

“I’m twenty-seven years old, Dawn,” Dean said “I am not going to make out around a bunch of hormonal teenagers.”

“Sam,” Dawn said, calling out to his brother for backup.

“I have no comment on where you two make out as long as it’s not in front of me,” Sam said.

“And why go parking when we have a perfectly comfortable hotel room?” Dean said.

“Fine,” Dawn plopped down on their bed. “Let my only experience parking be with a vampire that tried to turn me.”

Dean stopped sharpening his knife, eyes blazing as he looked over at her. “What?”

“Fifteen, backseat of a vampire’s car, I experienced my very first kiss,” Dawn said. “After which he tried to turn me so we could ’hang’.”

Dean stood up and grabbed his jacket. “We’re going out, Sammy, we’ll be back in a bit.”

Dawn squealed and jumped up. “You are the best boyfriend a girl could ever have. You have to give me a hickey that my dad, if he wasn’t a piece of shit that could care less if I was alive or dead, would kick your ass for giving me.”

Dean grabbed her hand, kissing her forehead softly. If he ever met her father, he would kick his ass. “C’mon sweetheart, let’s go get you the hickey of a lifetime.”


“I am so sorry,” Dawn apologized for what felt like the hundredth time. “I didn’t know that would happen.”

“I know,” Dean said.

“And it’s not like we don’t get in enough trouble with the law with the hunting, here I go adding more in with my need to relive my teenage years,” Dawn said.

“Technically, you’re still a teenager,” Sam pointed out.

“Shut up, Sammy!” He and Dawn both shouted.

“Are you really mad at me?” Dawn asked.

“I should be,” Dean gently tossed her onto their bed and followed her down. “I can’t believe I got arrested for parking.”

“I’m sorry,” Dawn said.

“But I’m not,” Dean kissed her lightly on the lips. “Hell, how can I be mad? That was the best damn blow job I’ve ever had.”

“Damn it, Dean!” Sam groaned.

Dawn blushed, which he loved to see, and bent her head to press her lips against his. “Anytime, baby, anytime.”

“I’m going out,” Sam said, grabbing his coat and holding out his hand for the keys.

“Have fun,” Dean tossed him the keys even as he unzipped Dawn’s jeans. “We will.”

Then as he heard his brother leaving and felt Dawn melting under his hand, he didn’t care about getting arrested. All he cared about was the girl under him.


5. He didn’t get too pissed when she took his car…..and wrecked it

“Dawn Summers, where the hell is she?” Dean demanded, fist pounding on the table when the nurse didn’t answer. “Damn it, where is she?”

“Dean, calm down,” Sam said.

“I will not fucking calm down until somebody tells me where my girlfriend is,” Dean shouted. “Now.”


His heart settled when he heard her voice, for the first time in the hour since he got the phone call from the local sheriff. He’d never felt that type of fear, not until then. When he got the call as Dawn’s emergency contact, he went numb. A thousand scenarios flashed through his head, all of them ending with her dead. The fact that it was a car accident, in his car, didn’t really register, only that she was in an accident. ’

And now she was in front of him, her face bruised and arm in a sling. And she never looked more beautiful to him. He was at her side in three strides, arms wrapping around her. “What happened?”

“I wrecked your baby,” Dawn whispered, her big blues dilated and filled with tears.

“No, she’s a little bruised,” Dean kissed her black eye. “But she’ll be fine.”

That only made her cry harder, her little hands gripping the front of his shirt. He still wasn’t sure what to do in these types of situations, thankfully Dawn didn’t have them very often, so he just scooped her up into his arms and walked toward the stressed out nurse a few doors down.

“She has a concussion,” the maternally nurse said. “She needs to be in bed.”

“What she needs she now has,” Dawn murmured. “And I’m fine.”

“I’ll make sure she gets into bed,” Dean said, leaving out the part where he planned on being in there with her. He wasn’t letting her out of his sight, not after being woken up by a sheriff and her gone. That fear still wasn’t gone.

Thirty minutes later, after assuring the nurse that Dawn would rest, Sam was able to get the nurse to leave them alone.

“What happened?” Dean asked, curled up on Dawn’s uncomfortable hospital bed with her.

“I wanted to get you and Sammy Christmas presents,” Dawn said. “Without your sneaky butts trying to find out what I was getting you. And on the way back, some kid hit me. The sheriff said he was texting and not paying attention.”

If the kid would have killed her, Dean wasn’t sure that he wouldn’t have hunted him down and killed him. No, he was positive he would have hunted the little bastard down and killed him. Hell, he wanted to now and Dawn was only a little banged up.

“How’s the car?” Sam asked, asking the question Dean hadn’t gotten around to asking.

“Like a freakin’ tank,” Dawn said. “The sheriff said there was a small dent on the fender and minimal body damage.” Then she sat up, blue eyes filled with regret. “I am so sorry, Dean, I didn’t mean to hurt her. I know it’s my fault for taking her without asking, I’ll pay for the dam….”

“Shhh, it’s okay,” Dean kissed her lips, stopping her babbling. “The Impala’s been through worse and pulled through, she’ll get better. I’m not worried about her. I’m worried about you.”

“Well, like your other baby, I’ve been through worse and always managed to scrape through,” Dawn said. “Just to get ready to get all banged up again.”

“Cute,” Dean rolled his eyes. “But don’t try it again.”


“Seriously, Dawn?” Sam groaned. “Is it not enough that we have to listen to hair bands in the car, now we have to in the hotel?”

“C’mon, Sammy,” Dawn said. “Guitar hero: Rock songs of the eighties? Did you really not expect me to buy it for him?”

“It’s because she’s the best damn girlfriend there ever was,” Dean said, not looking away from the television. The wireless plastic guitar was resting on his chest while he waited for the next song to load.

“Seriously, dude, you are not playing that all night,” Sam said.

“Didn’t plan on it,” Dean said. “Gotta eat and have sex. Then I’ll play some more.”

“Gee, Dean, it’s nice to know where I rate,” Dawn punched him lightly on the leg.

Dean pulled her across his lap and pressed an exaggerated kiss against her lips. “Right there at the top. Higher than my favorite shirt even.”


The End?

You have reached the end of "Five Reasons: Dean/Dawn" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Feb 09.

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