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Five Reasons: Dean/Dawn

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Summary: Various bits of 'Five reasons' centered around the Dean Winchester/Dawn Summers pairing.

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I own nothing, Kripe owns the world of Supernatural and Whedon owns all things Buffy

Five reasons Sam knew Dean loved Dawn

1. He let her pick the music

They’d been driving for four days straight, across country and then back-tracking halfway again, only stopping once to sleep and every three hundred miles or so to fill up. Four days of nothing but highways, broken up by Zeppelin, Metallica, and a half dozen other heavy metal bands. Sam could tell Dean was tired of driving, was probably actually ready to switch seats with him but wouldn’t admit it until he was about to fall asleep.

“Does ‘The Impala’ need gas yet cuz I’m hungry,” Dawn Summers asked, her head popping up between them from the back seat. The slayer’s little sister, he and Dean both stressed that as often as they needed to in order to remember what her sister could do to them, had been traveling with them for a month. Which surprised the hell out of him since he didn’t think Dean could handle a stranger traveling with them for that long.

“Bout another forty miles, princess,” Dean drawled, glancing briefly over his shoulder at her. “Think you can wait until then?”

“I hope so,” Dawn mused. “As long as we can get real food, ya know the kind that isn’t wrapped in a paper sack. I’m feeling a hard-on for some mashed potatoes and gravy.”

Dean coughed, his eyes widening. Sam just laughed. Dawn was completely unique and talked in her own version of English. And she didn’t seem to have a filter to stop her from saying whatever she was thinking. But the girl was damn smart and a demon expert to boot.

“What?” Dawn turned her head to look at Sam. “Was it the hard-on thing? Cuz that was a metaphoric hard-on, I lack the equipment to have a real one. I mean, I guess I could buy the equipment or even find a spell to give myself the equipment if I really wanted it. Which I don’t. Boobs are taxing enough, I couldn’t handle something dangling between my legs, keeping me all distracted.”

Sam laughed again and then even harder at the look on Dean’s face. Dawn stumped Dean, threw him off balance, and fascinated him completely. Dean just didn’t know it yet.

“Well, in the last forty miles of gas that we have left, can we please listen to something besides hair bands?” Dawn turned her head to look at Dean, one of her long pigtails smacking Sam across the face. “Please, Dean, please?”

Sam braced himself for the inevitable whining that would come when Dean said no, Dawn could be a bit annoying when she wanted to be, and was completely blown over by Dean’s answer.

“No pop shit, no emo-music, and nothing that ever had anything to do with boy bands,” Dean said.

Dawn squealed happily, a sound that always made his brother smile, kissed Dean on the cheek, and then leaned over the front seat, almost falling into the dash as she reached for the radio dials. She flipped through radio stations twice before settling on ’Echo’ by Trapt.

Dean sighed, Sam knew he considered it to be ’Emo’ but he didn’t change it. Which was surprising as hell. Dawn, on the other hand, flopped backwards, her feet automatically coming up where she had been leaning earlier. Like always, she was barefoot, her toenails painted black. She started singing along, her voice low and husky.

“Dawn, have you seen this video?” Sam asked.

“Mm hmm,” Dawn hummed.

“You look a lot like the girl in it,” Sam said.

Dawn snorted, loudly. “Yeah, right, Sam, and you need to get your eyes checked. That girl is like ten times prettier than me.”

Hours later, when they were in another crappy hotel room in another small town, Dean made him bring the video up on-line while Dawn was in the shower. He watched it intently, his brow furrowed, before glancing at the closed bathroom door. “She doesn’t have anything on Dawn.”

-A/N: For those who’ve never seen ’Echo’ by Trapt, Michelle Trachtenburg is in the video

2. He drove an hour out of their way for her ‘mall-fix’

“What’s wrong with her?” Dean asked Sam, nodding his head towards the bathroom.

“How am I supposed to know?” Sam asked.

“You lived with a girl for what, two years, you know their mood swings better than I do,” Dean replied.

“She’s your girlfriend,” Sam pointed out.

“She isn’t my girlfriend, Sammy,” Dean scowled. “She’s just girl that travels and hunts with us.”

Sam didn’t agree with that, he saw the touches and looks, the way Dean watched her all the damn time and the way Dawn watched him back. His brother didn’t know it or maybe wouldn’t admit it, but he was falling in love with the teenage part of their hunting team.

Dawn chose that moment to stick her head out of the bathroom door, her long hair hanging in wet tendrils down her face. “Do either of you have any lotion?”

“I don’t,” Sam shook his head.

“Me either,” Dean said. “Aren’t there a couple little bottles in there?”

“One,” Dawn said before shutting the door.

“I think she’s out of shampoo too,” Sam said.

“Why didn’t she say something?” Dean asked. “Or why didn’t she just pick something up last time we were at the store?”

“Not everyone shops at a seven-eleven, Dean,” Sam rolled his eyes. “She’s a girl. Girls like options when it comes to shopping. They like choices. They like the mall.”

“Hell no, I hate the damn mall,” Dean scowled. “She can just pick something up the next time we stop for supplies.”

Two days later, while they were stopped for supplies, Sam watched Dean watch Dawn search the small store. She looked at every bottle lotion, picking them up and putting them back down, twice, before finally reaching for one with a sigh. His brother took it from her hand and tossed it back onto the shelf. “C’mon, princess, let’s go.”

An hour later, driving in the opposite direction of where they were supposed to be going, they pulled into the packed parking lot of a mall.

“You didn’t have to, Dean, I would have made do,” Dawn said, her arms wrapping around his neck from the backseat.

“I know,” Dean agreed.

“Thank you,” she kissed him on the cheek, on the side of the mouth actually, her arms tightening around him.

“Yeah, yeah, princess, let’s get this over with.” Sam saw Dean roll his eyes but knew his brother wasn’t as put out as he pretended. That was proven an hour later when Dean was carrying plastic bags of lotions, shampoos, and other girly stuff, leaning against the wall inside Victoria Secrets.

“I wonder what she’s buying,” Sam mused out-loud, hiding a smile when he got the reaction he expected from Dean; possessiveness.

“It’s none of your damn business what she’s buying, Sam,” Dean growled at him. “So stop thinking about it.”

And ten minutes later, when she walked towards them with a rather large pink bag in her hand, Sam reached for the bag only to have Dean shove him away and take it for himself.

“What?” Dawn asked, head looking between them. “Why are you two fighting over my panties?”

“We’re not, princess,” Dean shuffled his bags to one hand and wrapped his other arm around Dawn’s waist. “Where else do you need to go?”

“One more store and then we can go,” Dawn said, walking them only a few stores down.

“Oh, princess, don’t tell me you’re going Goth on me.” Dean frowned.

“Just wait here,” Dawn ordered firmly before running inside Hot Topic. She walked out ten minutes later, a smile on her face. “Okay, my boys, let’s get out of here.”

“What’d you buy?” Dean asked, glaring over at him for the ’my boys’ comment.

“You’ll see,” Dawn smiled up at him, giggling when Dean scowled at her. “Sorry, it doesn’t work, I know you won’t hurt me.”

Sam laughed, shaking his head as they bantered back and forth all the way to the car. As he loaded her stuff into the truck, Sam saw Dean take a peak into the pink bag, a look crossing his face that Sam’s seen too many damn times, like he just spotted the biggest piece of apple pie in the world.

“So, what’d you buy?” Dean prodded again, crowding Dawn’s body back against the trunk.

Dawn fingered the bag, a smile on her face.

“You might as well show him, he’s not going to give up,” Sam said.

Dawn reached into the bag and pulled something out, a hesitant smile on her face. “Here, hope you like it.”

Sam frowned with Dean as his brother unfolded the black fabric, wondering what the hell she would have bought Dean from Hot Topic. When he finally figured it out, a grin crossed his lips; Dawn knew Dean.

“Damn, thanks, princess,” Dean kissed her lightly on the lips, holding the ’Metallica’ hoodie up between them.

“Welcome, Dean,” Dawn sighed into his mouth.

“So, you didn’t buy me anything?” Sam asked, yanking the bag out of Dawn’s hands. He fished out the remaining fabric even as Dawn yelled at him not to. It took him a second to realize what he was holding and when he did, he shoved the fabric at them with an apologetic smile.

“So, Led Zeppelin panties,” Dean dangled the black fabric from his fingertips. “Princess, I don’t think they’re my size.”

“Nope, they’re mine,” Dawn leaned up and brushed her lips across Dean’s as she yanked them away. “But if you wanna try them on, I’ll let you.”

Sam laughed at the look on Dean’s face as Dawn sauntered away, twirling the panties on her fingertip. Yep, his brother was falling in love with the slayer’s baby sister. This should be interesting as hell.


3. He punched him for using her as bait

Sam knew he should have told her no. Not just because it was stupid or dangerous, but just because he knew how Dean would react.

“C’mon, Sam, I’ve done this a hundred times,” Dawn said.

Sam just looked at her.

“Okay, not a hundred but more times than I can count,” Dawn said. “Trust me, I am an expert at being bait. I even have a shirt.”

“No you don’t,” Sam said.

“Uh, yeah I do,” Dawn argued. “I’ve never worn in front of you guys cuz Dean would freak but it says ’I’m the bait’ in pink sparkly letters. Faith gave it to me last year for my birthday.”

“Dean would kills us both,” Sam said.

“Uh, Dean isn’t here,” Dawn reminded him. “He’s off doing the hunting thing with Bobby, which will take forever. Trust me, a nice virginal teenage girl will get the demon much faster.”

“No, we…you’re a virgin?” Sam frowned.

“Yeah, for now,” Dawn said. “Though not for much longer if your brother would cooperate. He’s all freaked out by the virgin thing. I shouldn’t have told him but I was afraid he’d be all pissed if I didn‘t and he found out while we were doing it.”

“He would,” Sam agreed. “And no, I’m not using you as bait.”

“Fine,” Dawn shrugged. “Then I’ll use myself as bait and when the demon eats me, you can explain to Dean how you let me go off by myself. I’m sure he’ll love that one.”

“Or I could just call Dean now and he could put an end to all this shit,” Sam said.

“Hmm, by the time they got back here, I could be in one of seven different cemeteries,” Dawn pointed out. “And then we’re back to the demon eating thing. So, a) you use me as bait and make sure nothing eats me or b) I go by myself, a demon eats me, and Dean hurts you. Your choice.”

“Fine,” Sam agreed reluctantly, knowing it was the stupid choice. The best choice would be to tie her up and make Dean come back to deal with her. Only he was kinda sure she’d kick his ass if he tried.

“Smart choice, Sammy,” Dawn grinned at him. “Just give me a second to change and then we can go.”

Ten minutes later, and he knew his brother was going to kick his ass. She was wearing a plaid skirt, an insanely short plaid skirt (he could almost see her ass cheeks), and a tiny white button up shirt….and knee-high stockings. And he had to say she looked hot as hell. The girl had an ass that just didn’t stop. That and she was all freakin’ legs. Dean always picked on him about his long legs but he was pretty sure Dawn’s were longer….and a hellova lot better looking. It was a good thing he thought of her as his best friend-slash-little sister because if his brother saw how he was looking at her now, Dean would probably kill him.

She was right. Not even thirty minutes after they left the hotel room, he was calling Dean to tell him that they found the demon. It was an ugly son-of-a-bitch, about five feet tall and just as wide, covered in hair and slime. Granted, it had been disguised in the body of a football player at one time but it was pretty nasty.

“Oh, I’m going to be feeling it in the morning,” Dawn moaned. “I think he broke my ass. Sammy, am I all bruised and broken?”

He tried to stop her from lifting up the bottom of her skirt, because he wasn’t going to check her ass for injuries, Dean could do that, when he heard the rumble of his brother’s baby and bright lights shined on them…..and Dawn with her skirt up.

He turned around when he heard the door slam shut, hands held out in a placating manner….only to have Dean’s fist slam into his face. Three times in quick succession. And didn’t seem to be stopping, not until Dawn screeched, painfully. His brother stopped then, both of them turning to find Bobby kneeling beside Dawn, who was sprawled out on the ground.

“She tried to grab your arm to keep you from hitting Sammy again,” Bobby said, looking up at them. “You elbowed her in the face.”

The fury immediately melted off Dean, replaced with deep concern as he knelt down beside the teenage girl.

“Damn, princess, I’m sorry,” Dean whispered huskily, his hand cupping Dawn’s chin.

“It’s my fault, I made Sam use me as bait,” Dawn said. “If you wanna hit someone, you should be hitting me, not him.”

“Never gonna happen, baby,” Dean moved his hands under her legs and started to lift her up, only stopping when she gasped. “What’s wrong?”

“I think he broke my ass when he threw me into a headstone,” Dawn said. “I was trying to get Sammy to look but he got all fidgety.”

“He better have,” Dean growled. “Sammy knows to keep his hands and eyes off your ass, right Sammy?”

Sam tried to answer right away but he ended up stuttering over it.

“God dammit, Sammy,” Dean growled.

“I’ve never touched her ass,” Sam assured him in a rush. “And I try not to look but…sometimes it’s hard not to. Like when she’s wearing a school-girl uniform.”

“It’s part of the bait thing, Sam,” Dawn explained. “It doesn’t have quite the impact in jeans and a tank.”

“You’re not bait,” Dean growled at her, his brother starting to sound more and more like a possessed animal when it came to Dawn.

“Actually, I’m pretty good at the bait thing,” Dawn leaned her head against his shoulder. “The teenage virgin girl thing attracts a crazy amount of demons. Added in with the mystical key thing and I’m basically a walking wet-dream for demons.”

Dean didn’t say anything, the vein in his temple throbbing as his jaw clenched. Sam knew Dean was barely hanging onto his temper, barely. It amazed him how Dawn brought out both the soft, vulnerable side of his big brother along with the violent, possessive side. And she did both effortlessly.

The ride back to the hotel was dead quiet, Bobby driving, him in the front seat, and Dean in the back with Dawn. His brother didn’t say a word when they got there, just ushered Dawn out the Impala and swung her back into his arms once he was out. Sam didn’t even attempt to follow them to the room, knowing he wasn’t sleeping there tonight.

And the next morning, he knew with one look that the ’teenage virgin girl’ thing would never be an issue again.


4. He didn’t shoot her vampire friends

She didn’t tell them until she was reaching for door knob. It was rather smart of her, otherwise they would have never agreed to drive her there.

“Oh, yeah, did I forget to mention that Spike and Angel are both vampires?” Dawn glanced back at them, an eyebrow cocked. “Cuz they are.” Then she opened the door and walked in.

He hadn’t seen that look on Dean’s face since Meg kidnapped their dad. Not even after they had to burn their dad’s body, did he see the look he was seeing now. His brother was irate. He followed Dean into the office, wincing as he saw Dawn in the arms of some bleached blond guy. Like literally in his arms, Dawn’s legs wrapped around his hips and her arms about her neck. His brother’s look just went from irate to homicidal.

“Mm, niblet, I missed you,” the blond drawled, his voice thick with a British accent.

“I missed you too, Spike,” Dawn kissed his forehead, missing the look on Dean’s face…because if she saw it, she would be stepping away from the blond before Dean killed him with his bare hands. “Now put me down, ya big ole freak.”

“That hurts, bit,” Spike drawled again. “Thought I was your favorite bloke in the whole world.”

“Were,” Dawn said. “You dropped a spot or two.”

“Damn, bit, you damn near broke my heart,” he dropped her to feet. “Look at you, niblet, the glow of sex makes you shine brighter. Still gotta kill him though.”

“Behave,” Dawn kissed his cheek before launching herself at the other man, this one tall and dark haired. “Hi’ya, Angel.”

“Hello, Dawnie,” he murmured back, kissing her forehead gently. “Ignore Spike. He’s just pissed because Harmony won’t sleep with him anymore.”

“Aw, is the little blondie-bear not getting any nookie?” Dawn cooed over her shoulder at Spike.

“Bite your tongue, niblet, ’fore I rip it out of your mouth,” Spike growled, really growled like a rabid dog.

“Dawn,” Dean said it in a whisper but Sam could taste the barely controlled rage in his brother’s tone.

“Let me down, Angel,” Dawn said, popping a kiss on the forehead before dropping down to her feet. “I need to talk to Dean for a sec.”

Sam followed them to the conference connected to the room they were in, but mostly because Dean dragged him along. He shut the door behind them, knowing his brother wanted privacy.

“They’re vamps, Sammy, they can hear us in here,” Dawn said.

“What the fuck is going on, Dawn?” Dean shouted. “Vampires?! You made us stop to visit some vampires? I thought we were visiting your sister’s ex.”

“We are,” Dawn said. “Angel dated Buffy when she was in high school and then Spike had some dirty, violent, hate-sex relationship with Buffy when I was fifteen.”

“They’re vampires,” Dean pushed a hand through his hair, a clear sign of how frustrated he was.

“Mm hmm,” Dawn agreed. “Buffy has a thing for older guys that may or may not be evil.”

“We’re leaving, now,” Dean said, using the tone that most people don’t argue with.

“We just got here and I haven’t seen everyone yet,” Dawn said.

“Either we leave or walk in that room and shove a stake in their chests,” Dean growled warningly.

“No, cuz you’d have to go through me and we both know you’re not going to do that,” Dawn wrapped her arms around Dean’s waist, her chin resting on his brother’s heart. “Don’t worry, Dean, they’re both harmless. Like care-bear with fangs.”

“The Billy Idol wannabe threatened to rip your tongue out,” Dean wrapped his arms around her, his clasped hand resting on her butt.

“Spike’s been threatening to kill, maim, and torture me since I was like twelve,” Dawn said. “It’s just vampire posturing. He would never hurt me.”

“Dawn, he is a vampire,” Sam said hesitantly.

“Him and Angel both have souls,” Dawn said. “I promise, they will not lay a finger on me in a hurtful manner.”

Dean was grinding his teeth, most likely in an attempt not to walk into the next room and follow through with his threat.

“Please, Dean, they’re like my big brothers and I haven’t seen them in forever,” Dawn asked, her voice softening to that husky tone that Sam knew Dean couldn’t say no to. “Please?”

Dean sighed, heavily. “They touch you again and I’ll shoot them.”

“Bullets don’t kill vampires, Dean,” Dawn rolled her eyes.

“No, but they do hurt like a bitch,” Dean smirked.

“You’re such an ass,” Dawn said even as she pushed up on her tiptoes to kiss him.

She understood his brother in a way that he only did, maybe even better. She got his bad moods and bitching, didn’t pressure him about anything, and allowed him to be an ass when he needed to be. And Dean indulged Dawn in a way he didn’t even him, even when Sam was little. Never in a thousand years did Sam think his brother would sit in a room with two vampires and yet, five minutes later, that’s where they were. Granted, Dawn was on Dean’s lap, his arms wrapped possessively around her waist, their dad’s old Colt 1911 resting on Dawn’s thigh, Dean’s hands gripping the handle tightly….but they were in the room.

“Angel-cakes, why didn’t you call me when Dawn got here?”

Sam turned towards the door to find the voice and ended up doing a triple take. Standing in the doorway was a green demon, dressed in a bright orange suit.

Dawn just smiled at the demon. “Lorne, hey. I like the suit.”

“Thanks, cupcake,” the demon smiled. “Who’s Tall-Dark-and-Possessive?”

“Dean and that’s Sam, his little brother,” Dawn said. “Dean and Sam, this is Lorne, he’s an empath demon. And completely harmless so not shooting.”

And Dean didn’t. He held onto the gun the entire time they were there, actually flicking the safety off when Dawn hugged the vampires goodbye, but he didn’t shoot them. And for Dean, that was love.


5. He had a ‘chick-flick’ moment

He didn’t cry. Didn’t talk. Didn’t do anything but sit by her side, her hand in his. For five days. He just sat there, only getting up to use the bathroom or eat the food Buffy threatened to shove down his throat. He slept for the occasional hour by her side, his hand never dropping hers.

Sam knew Dean blamed himself for what happened, when it wasn’t even close to being his fault. Nobody, not Buffy nor Willow knew the Order of Dagon would try to destroy the key. Or more accurately, kill Dawn. The doctors at Wolfram & Hart said if it weren’t for them getting her to L.A. when they did, the poison would have killed her. As it was, Dawn was in a coma.

Dean wouldn’t survive this, Sam knew that without a doubt. If she didn’t wake up, his brother would become their dad, probably actually worse. He honestly believed that if she didn’t wake up, his brother would fade away with her.

“She’ll wake up, when she’s ready,” Buffy said softly, the blonde slayer looking ten years older than she was. “Dawn’s stubborn that way.”

Dean just sort of grunted, his eyes never trailing off his pale girlfriend.

“Leave him be, slayer,” Spike said quietly. “Doesn’t want fake assurances of how everything is gonna be fine.”

Buffy didn’t argue, which said how scared she was that Spike was right. That nothing would ever be fine. Like the last five days, people faded in and out of her private room at Wolfram and Hart, doctors and nurses coming in every hour or so. Hours later, it was just the three of them, like it’d been for the last year. And for the first time in five days, his brother spoke.

“Don’t do this to me, princess,” Dean whispered, his chair scooting noisily across the floor as he moved closer to the bed. He laid his head next to Dawn’s, gently turning hers to look at him. “Don’t you dare do this to me. You need to wake up, god dammit. Now.”

Sam bit his lip, could feel his tears building up in his eyes at the desperation in Dean’s voice.

“You promised me you weren’t leaving,” Dean said accusingly. “You said you wouldn’t leave me. I trusted you, I trusted that you meant it. And you can’t fucking leave me now.” Dean’s hands fisted on the bed. “I love you, Dawn, and you need to wake up so I can tell you.”

She didn’t move, the machines didn’t make any abnormal noises. Sam could see Dean’s back tense, his brother pushing to his feet like some sort of zombie. Sam tried to stop him from leaving, actually got shoved against the wall for his effort, but in the end, Dean was opening the door despite him saying not to give up.

“I can’t….she’s…I can’t watch her die, Sammy,” Dean growled over his shoulder. “I just need some air.”

Dean took one foot out the door when a voice stopped him.


They both whipped their heads around to see Dawn trying to sit up, machines around her going crazy.

“No, sweetheart, you gotta lay back down,” Dean crossed the floor in three steps, gently easing her back down. “You’re in a hospital room.”

Nurses and doctors piled in at that point, moving Dean out of the way as they examined Dawn. She tried to push them away but a barking order from her sister made her stop.

It felt like hours to him, so he knew it had to feel like days to Dean, but finally everyone cleared out but the three of them again.

“Dean?” Dawn whispered.

“Yeah, princess,” Dean murmured, gently brushing the hair off her forehead.

“Hold me?”

She barely got the question out and Dean was in the hospital bed with her, his body cradling hers.

“Don’t ever scare me like that again,” Dean whispered minutes later.

“I didn’t mean to,” Dawn said. “I don’t ever want to leave you.”

“I know, princess,” Dean kissed her gently on the lips. “I love you.”

Sam heard her gasp and quietly started for the door, wanting to give them some privacy. But as he left, he heard her response.

“I love you too, so much.”

Yep, his brother was head over heels in love with the slayer’s little sister and Sam wouldn’t have it any other way.

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