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What Next?

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This story is No. 7 in the series "Contact". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Continuation of the Contact series. Some things are not entirely unexpected, but then again...

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Stargate > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Jonas Quinn
Television > Roswell > General
(Past Donor)LiastraLeeFR711,8100102,68520 Nov 0820 Nov 08Yes
AN: Yes, the idea has been done, but I’m hoping that this is an acceptable new spin on it. This is a one shot, but will be followed up on with a full story a some point. I’m still caught up in my other story right now.

Happy Holidays!!

What Next

It surprised no one at all that the SGC eventually exploited its knowledge of the Watchers Council for its own ends. It did surprise them that it took 2 years for them to do so. In fact it was almost 2 years to the exact day between that first briefing with General Landry and SG-1 and the next. Although this time it was General Carter-O’Neill and her advisers, since SG-1 now retained only 1 original member, Teal’c.

But still most of the players were the same, if the roles and the venue were changed.

This meeting was being held over dinner in the Slayer’s Rest dining room. People were scattered around, in no particular order. Andrew Wells, Director of the council, sat next to General Carter-O’Neill, next to her husband Jack, next to his clone Jon, next to Vi Summers, next to her husband Spike, next to Dawn Summers, next to her eldest daughter Jenny, next to Colonel Cam Mitchell, next to his father-in-law Hank Landry, next to the slayer Josie, next to Daniel Jackson, next to Vala Mal Doran, next to Cassie Frasier, next to Michael Guerin, next to his wife Maria, next to Jonas Quinn, next to Rupert Giles, nest to Teal’c, next to Willow Rosenberg, next to Ava Wells on her husband’s left.

“You want us to do what?” Dawn asked incredulously.

“We know it’s a lot to ask,” Sam said, “but you are the only international organization that fits the qualifications and has the clearance.”

“Not to mention the technically intergalactic thing.” pointed out Daniel.

“But the kids?” Ava asked. Though she filled several roles in the council now, she was primarily responsible for the child care aspect that had grown in the last few years. Of course she was responsible for the baby boom itself, so it was fitting.

Cameron nodded. “Yep. No better way to demonstrate full commitment than to include the families.”

Andrew shook his head. “Seems a little extreme to me. I mean…” He stopped. It took a huge force of will for him not to start spouting off sci-fi and comic comparisons. Since Giles had retired he had been working on not coming across as a complete geek in business situations.

“Look, it’s a lot to ask on short notice. We know that.” Sam tried to be diplomatic and convincing. “We’ll get you a spot, way off the grid. We’ll take care of the gate. We’ll even help you set things up, construction wise. None of us are thrilled about this either, but it’s been made clear that things just aren’t working the way they are right now. Too much political maneuvering is making our jobs more difficult and leaving us looking weak to certain groups off world. ”

The council members looked at each other. There wasn’t really a compelling reason to say no. The only person that would be seriously inconvenienced would be Dawn, who would have to open more portals on a regular basis. It wouldn’t hurt to move the resources of the council to somewhere extremely inaccessible either. They were a bit paranoid about that since the incident with the First.

“And we will have no interference from the other governments that are currently involved?” Vi knew there had to be a catch, and she was fishing for it.

“They will send you staff just like they do now, and I’m sure they will try to exert their power and influence you. Nothing that you haven’t had to deal with already. Plus, you have the means to secure the operation way beyond any government does. So you will be able to keep the Trust and the NID or any other irritant at bay much better than we can now.”

“Where would we do this? We’ve been looking for an island or something just for the council for a few years now, and we’ve come up empty. This is a much larger enterprise.” Andrew had been searching for any land mass that didn’t belong to a government, or that could be bought off of one, so that they could run the council without any ties to one country or another. The problem was that they needed a certain amount of space and a certain amount of remoteness to make it work.

Cam perked up. “I was thinking moon colony myself.”

Both Jon and Jack rolled their eyes.

“But, seeing as that’s not really going to work for you guys, we went and scrounged up a city ship for you.”

There was a silence and then a collective “Huh?”

Daniel sat forward and began to speak in his lecture voice. “Well, that’s what brought this about in the first place. There was a team surveying a remote world that we planned to use for a new alpha site, since the one we are using now has been approved for use as an official colony. –“

Sam butted in, ‘Which we can talk about later if we do this.”

Daniel nodded. “Right. Anyway, the survey team came across the ship, which had been submerged like Atlantis had. We got Apollo over there, beamed aboard and brought her to the surface to explore. The place is intact and has a ZPM manufacturing center. Apparently it was seeding gates and people through the Milky Way and was supplied accordingly. When they finished their mission they settled on that world and began the process of ascension. It’s set up much the same as Atlantis, although it doesn’t have its own gate anymore. They sank the city as the last residents ascended.

“We were planning on bringing it to earth, but there was a debate as to who would get control of it. The US has had primary control of the gate and most of the ships in the fleet. Many of the other nations want a more even footing. It’s been six months of negotiations, threats, arguments, and sniping.”

Sam took over at that point. “The British representative mentioned the council in passing. I think he respects you guys a lot. That’s when this proposal came up. We want to drop the ship in international waters and let you guys run it as a sort of city state. Each country will send you applicants for positions. That will also help you guys find people for the open positions you haven’t been able to fill for a while. You can merge the operations, or you can run them like separate departments in a corporation. You’ll retain all of the current staff of all of our various projects and any military will be seconded to your command. Atlantis will send some of its people to show you how to run the city systems. They have a group coming to move the place anyway.”

“Why?” asked Ava.

“Sheppard, their military leader, is the only person with any experience driving the things. He’s got an Ancient gene about as strong as me and Jon.” Jack shrugged.

Cam winced. “Is his whole team coming?”

Sam smiled at him. “No.”

When Cam looked relieved she added. “Ronon and Teyla don’t have the technical expertise to be helpful with this mission. McKay is bringing Zelenka and Keller to check out the computer systems and the medical systems respectively.”

Cam groaned.

“What’s wrong?” Spike asked. Even after working with the SGC for the past couple years he still didn’t know much about Atlantis, other than that it was nerd heaven when you got past the vamp aliens. He had met a few of the staff when they were on earth, but he hadn't spent a whole lot of time with any of them. He knew McKay was annoying, but that was about it.

“McKay can be… difficult.” Sam answered. “Although I think being married has taken a bit of the edge off.”

Jack grinned. “She just likes him better now that he doesn’t have a giant crush on her.”

“I thought fraternization was a big no no?” asked Jenny

“It is, in the military, but both Dr. McKay and Dr. Keller are civilians.”

Spike looked disgusted. “That sweet bird who ran the infirmary there between Beckett and New Beckett? Wouldn’t think she’d go for such a prat.” Vi looked at him for a moment and he shrugged. “Ok, never mind.”

“The point is that they would stay for a couple weeks and help you get your staff assigned and that you all had a basic understanding of how the city works. It’s not a twin to Atlantis, so there are going to be different layouts and design, and hopefully, none of the sealed labs and abandoned experiments that try to kill you.” Sam moved on, hoping to refocus the topic. It tended to be a problem with this group. “But they are very familiar with Ancient tech as a whole, so that shouldn’t be a problem. You’ll also have strong gene carriers on staff, since Jon and Jack carry it as well as a few others. And there is the gene therapy available to anyone who wants it as well. And we’re not expecting the transfer to happen right away. We’ll keep things running as you get everything in order and then move the gate when you’re ready.”

Giles cleaned his glasses for a moment as everyone watched him. Though he was retired from the day to day running of the council, he was still head of the board and his opinion carried a lot of weight with the members, who were mostly there. “What about your staff? Are they ready to know about what we do? I can’t imagine hiding it from them since we will be living in a rather closed community and we have a number of demons on our own payroll.”

Sam shared a look with Landry. He had come to this meeting just to see the look on the faces of the Watchers, and he hadn’t been disappointed yet.

He nodded and she continued. “We’ve been, sort of, informally cluing some of our personnel in on the supernatural for the last couple years. Mostly dropping hints and getting them curious enough to do some research. We also made certain things a bit easier for them to find. With the grape vine under the mountain we’re pretty certain that almost everyone will be prepared for the full speech. We may have a bit of a problem when it comes to relocating some of the families, but anyone who is unwilling to make the move can be reassigned to other projects here. The SGC facility itself will be reallocated to another project.”

Giles cleared his throat. “We’ll have to get the board together for a vote, of course, but I can’t see them rejecting the idea.”

There were smiles all around. Sam sighed with relief. Now all they had to do was not kill eachother.

The End

You have reached the end of "What Next?". This story is complete.

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