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Of Hunters and their Prey

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Summary: Based on TtH Challenge 562 - Spike's in Love: When you get transported somewhere, with no idea why, what do you do... (Slash: Spike/Jack, Xander/Teal'c)

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Stargate > Multiple Pairings > Slash PairingsmotschekiebFR18816,935105921,38320 Nov 081 Mar 09No

Alice, meet the white rabbit

Title: Of Hunters and their Prey (1/?)
Author: motschekiebchen

Disclaimer: Not mine. Buffy is owned by Joss Whedon and Stargate by Jonathan Glassner and Brad Wright.
Pairing: Spike/Jack, Xander/Teal’c
Fandom: Buffy/Stargate SG1
Summary: When you get transported somewhere, with no idea why, what do you do...
Based on TtH Challenge 562 - Spike's in Love.
Set in Buffy after Series Finale. That means Spike burned and the Gang with Baby Slayers are with Angel in Los Angeles.
In the Stargate-Verse they are in season 5. Daniel is still alive.

Thank you to my Betas MJ and RHR. Any remaining mistakes are my own.

1. Alice, meet the white rabbit

The destruction of Sunnydale

'To be a Champion of the light shouldn't hurt so fucking much...' was Spike's last conscious thought.


Two weeks later

The red alarm blaring woke Colonel Jack O'Neill out of his paperwork induced stupor. Normally any distraction would be welcome, but hearing "Unauthorized gate activation" didn't promise anything good. It never did. So he followed General Hammond's order of "Colonel O’Neill, to the Gate Room" with trepidation.

When he entered the room and got his first good look at the Stargate, he very quickly became more alarmed. Instead of the usual “blue water” type energy field, something else was forming. From around the ring light sparks came together, forming a growing energy ball. When the ball touched the metal, it exploded in the usual fountain, but this time in all the colors of the rainbow.

'Wow,' was Jack’s last thought before he was met by a big weight and went down.


When he came back around, the light show was over. But he couldn’t move because the rock that had knocked him out, seemed to be still on top of him. But what a strange rock it was. It was growling and sniffing him?!

When he finally opened his eyes, the picture didn’t make anymore sense than before. Above him lay a creature he'd never seen before. Its shape was human but the face was deformed. It had strange catlike yellow eyes and ridges above them. Its teeth looked pointy and sharp and its hair seemed to be bleached. The thing was growling at the soldiers surrounding them with their weapons raised.

Jack was just starting to tell them, where they should point their weapons, when there was a flash of light and a twenty-something, dark haired man appeared. He was ordinary enough, till you came to his face. There you found his most distinguishing feature: an eye patch. He seemed to be in the process of talking to someone when the light got him, because he was still in mid-rant with someone called Dead Boy.


Xander Lavelle Harris was used to strange things happening around him. But this time it was just rude. One minute he was talking to Mr. Broody Pants, okay, more like irritating him and trying to make his eyebrow twitch, and then he was in a big grey room bare anything, save a giant metal ring with strange symbols on it, and a ramp leading up to the ring. The entrance to the room was blocked with soldiers, half of them pointing their weapons at him, and the other half at Spike who lay in game face above an old soldier-dude.

Xander did a double-take. Yes, the snarling, fuming vampire on top of what he now identified as a Colonel really was the ‘burned to charcoal champion of the light’ Spike alias William the Broody and he didn’t look too happy to have that many guns pointed at him. Come to think about, Xander himself wasn’t to euphoric about it either. Maybe he should do something about the situation? And so in full Willow-Babble-Mode he started: “Hi ya, nice room you have here… wherever here is. Mmh, you don’t have any idea how I got here, do you? Not that it isn’t nice here… maybe a bit bare on the decoration but different from the usual military style. I mean, the metal thing is a nice touch, really an artistic touch you have there. A good change from the usual grey or white inner décor. But maybe you could point your weapons in a different direction? I’m not much of a target. I’ll stay standing here, so not really a threat here. I won’t move much – or at all. And it so wasn’t my fault that I got into your base. I mean I don’t think it was my fault. I didn’t say the w-word or anything. I swear. And I know I’m repeating myself, but weapons being put down would be really nice. Really very re-assuring. And hey, I see you got our vampire, not that vampires exist! I suppose that would be like saying ET is out there. So please, guns in the other direction, pretty please? I think they also make the not-existing-creature-of-myth go all grrr-faced. So putting down the guns may be of the good. Oh, you wouldn’t happen to know a Doctor Walsh or are part of a project called ‘Initiative’? Not that I had anything to do with their base being destroyed. Nope, not lil ol’ me! But could you put your weapons down or target someone other. Erm, OK, maybe not Spike though. I mean, he seems to like your Colonel. He’s still alive, isn’t he? Oh mmh, shutting up now.” At the disbelieving stares of the soldiers surrounding him, the repeating thumps of the Colonel's head, as well as the arrival of four new people, he stopped himself. The one he recognized as a General gave the soldiers the order to leave. This was met with protest by the people standing immediately next to him, which he stopped very quickly, with a look.

“I’m General Hammond. You’re in Colorado. We also are interested in knowing how you got to be here. The man under your friend, the-not-existing-vampire, William the Bloody, is Colonel Jack O’Neill…”

Xander interrupted him. “You know Spike?” he asked, shocked.

“I met him a long time ago,” was Hammond's answer. “A story for another time. At the moment I’m more interested in getting my second in command out from under a growling vampire.”

“Maybe he should try to wiggle out from under him.” Xander proposed.

“Colonel, try it.”


Jack couldn’t believe it. Here he lay under a possibly creature – forget about it being a vampire, they didn’t exist! – and he was ordered to “wiggle out” from under it. This was the best they could come up with?! But maybe he could try it. An order was an order, and other than shooting the thing, he didn’t have a better idea.

He started to move a bit but was stopped by the creature’s growling. It began to sniff him again… And now it was licking his neck!!! Come to think of it, if it was a woman doing what it was doing, the situation would be a whole lot more promising. But it wasn’t a woman, so they needed to find a way to get him out of here in the shortest time possible.

“General, I don’t think it's gonna work,” he said finally... and Jack couldn’t believe the next proposal the boy made.

“Maybe we should try blood. Do you have any blood bags?”

What he next heard wasn’t any saner. “Major Carter, go to the infirmary and get some,” Hammond ordered.

“Could you put it in a cup and nuke it for 30 seconds?” the boy, Xander, added.

And Major Samantha Carter, the rational mind of his team and voice of reason, went to do it without any protest.

Jack let his head fall back on the ground with a thump and wondered when he’d fallen through the rabbit hole.
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