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A Cook and a Linguist

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Summary: Working at the SGC and leading a team Riley Finn knows to have the best team sometimes he needs the help of a cook and a linguist.

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Stargate > Riley-CenteredIndraLeighFR744,679106524,79120 Nov 0817 Nov 09No

What are they planning?

“Grass skirts.”


“Flowers and leis.”

“You said lay!” Steve laughed at Graham who was reading from a clipboard. The two guys were at a stack of crates near the base of the ramp to the gate.

O’Neil and Hammond were standing near the large doors watching half of SG-14. The last couple of days SG-14 had been working on a project under Hammond’s orders while the rest of the base was searching the base for SG-1’s scavenger hunt. Teal’c was nearly run over by Dawn and one of the guys in the base janitorial staff racing to the finish line. Hammond called it a tie and gave both teams the four day leave passes.

“What are they up to?” Jack asked. SG-1 and 14 had been in the commissary since the start of the hunt. SG-1 was there so people could find them for questions or to verify the winner and SG-14 had been working on a project and napping to catch up on missed sleep.

“You held a scavenger hunt for the base. That was a great idea. They are working on something for the alpha base that will hopefully have the same impact as your hunt did here.” Hammond said.

“It looks like they’re packing laughing gas.” Jack said with both of the guys laughing.

“103 pineapples and 75 coconuts.”

“Check and check.”

“Are they making a huge fruit salad?” Jack asked over hearing part of the inventory check.

Jack wasn’t able to listen for an answer when he was almost flattened by Finn walking backwards into the gate room pulling a cart with a crate on it.

“I can’t believe you forgot air holes.” Riley said missing the door frame and O’Neill’s foot only because he jumped out of the way.

“Un uh, box preparation was your job. I was just supposed to get one of these. It’s not like I could just stop at the grocery store down the street.” Travis said following behind with a hand on the box, keeping it balanced or so he claimed.

“Hey, Ri. Do you think we have enough food?” Steve loudly asked.

“We planned enough for a small party at the Council School. We should have enough.”

“A small party at a school uses the same as a party at the Alpha site?” Jack asked shocked.

“Yep. The small unplanned parties that is. Those girls can eat.” Travis answered reaching for the clipboard and check list.

“How much longer till we leave?”

Hammond and O’Neill both turned to see who was joining the conversation. Dawn and Vi dressed in clothes that were defiantly not BDUs and with packs at their sides.

“Congratulations on your win ladies. I take it you want to use your leave off world?” Hammond said not surprised that the girls had heard about SG-14’s project from either r the base gossip or from the guys.

“Sure do.” Vi answered.

Walking over to peek at Graham’s clipboard Dawn said, “There were no conditions or limits on when we could use the leave or where we couldn’t go, and the gate is already being opened for the guys so you’re not making a special thing for us to head out with.”

“Oh I wasn’t trying to stop you I was just wondering if you would mind taking a camera along with you so I could see Stevens’ face when he see’s you two show up uninvited.”

“It’s in Dawn’s bag.”

Noticing Dawn’s interest in their planning Steve tried to nudge her away, “Scram, this is our turn to throw the party. WE are planning it. That means no advice, no suggestions, no nothing, you sit there and drink something out of a coconut with a little umbrella….um Travis, did you get the little umbrellas?”

Travis’s response was to carefully set the lid of the crate he was digging though down and leave the room. A few minutes later Jack laughed when Travis walked back in the room with his hands full of packages of the little cocktail drink umbrellas.

Looking over the room Finn announced to the General, “Ok Sir, It looks like we have everything. Do we have permission to head to the Alpha Site?”

“SG-14 you have a go.” At Hammond’s order Walter in the control room started the dialing sequence, after the gate flattened out from the opening woosh the guys headed up the ramp with Travis and Steve at the remote controls of the motorized palates holding all the crates.

Half way up the gate Vi asked, “Did you guys pack a virgin to sacrifice in case we need one?”

“They didn’t need to pack one, Travis and Steve can walk on their own.” Dawn said right before they stepped through the gate and out of hearing from O’Neill’s laughter.

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Cook and a Linguist" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 17 Nov 09.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking