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A Cook and a Linguist

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Summary: Working at the SGC and leading a team Riley Finn knows to have the best team sometimes he needs the help of a cook and a linguist.

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Stargate > Riley-CenteredIndraLeighFR744,679106524,79620 Nov 0817 Nov 09No

A Cook and a Linguist

Crossover: The TV show Stargate SG-1 and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Disclaimer: I do not own the show Stargate or Buffy.
Spoilers or Timeline: after season 7 for buffy and sometime before season l8 for stargate. No spoilers that I know of.
Summary: Working at the SGC, on an off world mission Riley Finn’s teammates get kidnapped. Determined to have the best team to rescue them, he asks for a cook and a linguist.

“Mr. Finn SG-1 will be ready to go in thirty minutes. Is there any one else that you want to be on the rescue team?” General Hammond asked the leader of SG-14, whose teammates had just been kidnapped by a goa’uld.

“With all due respect General, I need a team I’ve worked with before.” Still dirty from off world escaping from kidnapping natives Major Riley Finn spoke up for what he wanted to go and get his teammates.

“Who? You’ve only worked with your team. SG-1 is proven in times like this.” New to Stargate Command, but with a strong record, Hammond was willing to hear out what Finn wanted.

“Nothing against them, but the people I need for this do work in the mountain. My team and I have worked with them before. Who I take in needs to be able to blend in.”

“Who?” General Hammond demanded.

“Dawn Summers and Violet Smithfield.” Riley spoke, standing at strict attention.

“Who?” Colonel Jack O’Neill asked as he walked into Hammonds office.

“The people Major Finn wants to take with him to rescue his team instead of your team Colonel. Exactly who are they Major?” The general asked not sure of the people mentioned.

“Vi is a new cook in the kitchen, she makes a mean plate of nachos. Dawn is one of the new linguists.” Briefly explaining who he wanted Riley didn’t waste any time.

Staring at Riley for a couple minutes General Hammond asked, “SG-1 has been on the front lines for years. You’ve known what they’ve done, what they are capable of. Who would your team want coming after them? A couple of untried girls or SG-1?”

“Vi and Dawn.”

Not saying anything else, but recognizing that Finn was determined to rescue his team with the help of two untrained girls. Deciding to trust the major, Hammond picked up the phone to call the kitchen and languages department.

After calling for the two people mentioned, General Hammond stared at Finn. Colonel O’Neill sprawled in a chair retying a boot while watching Finn with one eye.

Riley broke attention to sit in one of the office chairs, leaning forward he rested his elbows on his knees. Worried about Graham and a couple other guys he had survived the initiative with, his teammates. Off world to visit a new planet the guys were polite and friendly, until the natives returned from a trip with their ruler Goa’uld with them. At this point everything went to hell. The natives wanting to present the strangers to their ruler and SG-14 trying to get back home safe. Getting separated in a mob of villagers Riley was the only one to escape to the stargate and slip back home. Giving a quick rundown of the trip, Finn was now waiting, very impatiently in Hammond’s office, determined to bring his team home, as soon as he could.

Two young women timidly walked into the General’s office, unsure of why they were summoned, they both feared the worse. They had screwed up somehow.
Only seeing their boss and the second in command at the base, they stood silently, neither speaking.

Not sure why Major Riley Finn wanted these two girls to go with him to infiltrate the enemies territories and rescue the other three members of SG-14. A cook and an academic. Both girls only had the mandatory basic training that all personal who didn’t hold front line positions took. Now seeing the two women in front of him Hammond now remembered reading their files when they were transferred to his command. Both girls had good records with recommendations and no signs of trouble. But nothing to indicate that they had any sort of experience needed to do a rescue mission.

“I called you here for a special task.” General Hammond spoke, intimidating and serious.

“Graham, Travis, and Steve were taken prisoner off world.” Riley explained looking up at the girls. Hearing a voice they recognized they twisted to see who was talking.

“Riley! I didn’t know you were working here.” Dawn scolded her friend, ignoring the serious General behind her.

“We going to go get them?” Vi asked, bouncing. Happy to be out of the kitchen for a bit, even more excited about getting off world. Well not excited that Riley’s team got kidnapped, but off world. Score.

“That’s what I’m planning on.” Looking a bit better, Riley answered.

“General, we are going to need a couple more GDOs and the girls will use my teams code when we come back.” Looking past the busily talking Dawn and Vi, Riley said. “These are who I want to take with me to get my team back. And if you excuse us, we’ll be on our way. General. Colonel.” Gently pushing the girls out of the office Riley nodded respectfully at his commanding officers.

About twenty minutes later Riley, Dawn, and Vi came into the gate room, Ri walking and Vi giving Dawn a piggyback ride. Finn had a determined look on his face, while the girls both had huge smiles.

The wormhole opened coming close to where the girls were standing, as the initial cyclone of the wormhole settled to the flat plane of the event horizon the attitude of the trio changed to one of intent calm. Vi slipping through the gate, followed by Dawn a few seconds later with Riley stepping through after both of them.

In the control room Jack turned to Hammond, “Did we really just send Finn out on a rescue mission with a cook and a scrawny linguist?”

“And I expect nothing less than success. Look at some of what you all have done over the years.” Hammond turned to his second in command, reminding him of some of the odds they had against them.

“He’s right about one thing. I’ve had her nachos, they are really good.” Jack said pulling a chair close to the bank of computers that controlled the gate and settled info the vigil.

Five hours and thirty-two minutes later the gate reopened and Riley Finn’s identification code was received. The control room was filled with people waiting. The base gossip grapevine had spread the word of how a cook and a new linguist were on a rescue mission with the leader of the kidnapped SG team. Hoping for their safe return, everyone waited. Opening the iris, a moment of waiting before a figure wearing Jaffa armor walked through backwards. It was the new linguist, Dawn Summers. Taking a few steps away from the gate she was followed by Violet Smithfield. The cook was carrying Travis and Steve over her shoulders and wearing a bikini. Finn came through seconds later helping the limping Graham walk. Finn was also wearing part of a Jaffa set of armor.

“Hi General. We’re home.”

“Get off you two are heavy.” Vi demanded releasing her hold on the guys. They slid off and hoisted her to sit on their shoulders.

“Major, how in the world did you rescue your team?” Hammond demanded over the speaker system.

“Well Sir, the last time my team was in Cleveland to visit some friends we watched the original Star Wars trilogy.” Riley explained as a medical team was checking over his teammates.

“And we did it with out the monster in the shrinking dumpster.” Vi proudly declared.

“Who got to be Princess Leia?” Jack asked grabbing the microphone.

With out consulting each other everyone announced “Graham.”

“Hey!” Graham retorted happy to be home.

“ Can I keep the suit?” Dawn asked after making the head shield appear and disappear.

“No way. That was not the deal. I strip and get to be the prisoner and then we both share the cool armor.” Vi yelled chasing after Dawn out of the gate room.

“General, we got my team back with no injuries, and they have no idea how we managed it. We all have worked with Dawn and Vi a few times before. I knew we would get everyone out successfully. I need someone who could blend in and I haven’t worked with any of the other SG teams enough to know them as well as I do those girls. Thank you for letting up go sir. Because if you hadn’t let us, nothing would have stopped us from getting them back.”

“Major Finn, you and your team certainly surprised us today.” General Hammond spoke, seeing the cook and linguist with new eyes. As wild as your world can get, people can still surprise you.

SG-14 took a couple weeks off for downtime, right after a huge tray of nachos with Dawn and Vi. People crowded into the cafeteria wanting to see the unexpected rescue team. The next day Vi and Dawn went back to work as usual, but with a new sense of awe and respect from their coworkers.

Dawn and Vi continued working in the kitchen and translating things. Occasionally SG-14 would request their help, even if General Hammond didn’t know what they had done before. He knew that team worked. And work they did, rescues, retrievals, information gathering, what ever their job was the team from the army, the cook, and scrawny linguist got it done.
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