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Knightverse- First Contact

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Knight of the Sword". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Five years since the end of the War. Timelines diverge. New Allies, new enemies and new directions abound. Join the adventures of Alexander Harrington and his friends and family.

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Knightverse- First Contact

A fanfiction by Drake the Archr

Disclaimer- I do not, nor claim to have any rights to either the Honorverse or the creations of Joss Whedon, or any other crosses that show up here. I would claim Joss’s stuff, if only to rewrite seasons 6 and 7 of BtVS, but I have no money. Oh, and I would have had Firefly on for at least three seasons.

If you have read the first two acts of Knight of the Sword, consider yourself already spoiled ;)

Other series- you can figure those out once you get there

Yes, it lives. I have a long convoluted plot that I am working to get written. Some things may be readily apparent with regard to my plotting. Other things… well you just have to wait and see.

Now, the story continues


“Hello Dawn.”

“Who are you?”

“I have had a lot of names over the ages. I guess the best one you could use for me now is Prometheus.”

“Ego much? Why are we here? Where is here?”

“It has been a long time since someone accused me of that. Anyway, this is a dreamscape. You are asleep right now. It was the best way for me to get in contact with you.”

“Why would you want to do that?”

“You have something I need access to. I only ask as I have very little choice in what I do. I ask, and will respect your choice, even if you say no.”

“Why me?”

“You were, and still are the Key. All I need is a small portion of your power, just so I can duplicate it. It will not harm you to do this.”

“Why do you need to do this? What do you need my power for?”

“I have seen the future and it is dark. Once upon a time, I would have been unable to act, due to some very strict rules I had to follow. Now, I am in the position to do something. “

“Can you show me why?”

“You won’t like it.”

“I need to see it.”

“Very well, look into the future and see why I need to act.”

Images assault Dawn’s mind. She sees the burning of twelve worlds. A shrouded world held in an iron fist. A broken officer taking her ship and joining the League, and leading a battle fleet through to the Alliance. The world of Grayson turned to glass. A man she loved like a brother leading what was left of a fleet against a force twenty times its size. Her friends, her family dead and her home gone. The flag of the Solarian League flying over all the worlds of the Alliance. A shadow dims the light of the galaxy, blood dripping from the stars and worlds.

“Oh god…”

“Yes. You see. I can’t promise you will remember this, in fact I hope you don’t.”

“Trying to save me from nightmares? Been there, grew up with them. Still, this is beyond anything I have seen.”

“I know. I watched after Jon when he was with you. If fact, I followed him and you here. Will you let me learn your power?”

“Take it.”

Dawn felt the tug on a part of herself she had let lie dormant since the arrival in this time and place. It surged to life, and she felt a touch of it link to the being who called himself Prometheus. He was a man dressed in simple robes, like someone would wear in an ancient pagan temple, shaggy blonde hair and eyes that held such pain and still held his humanity. He would be someone that the Buffy of Sunnydale would want to call her, so she could dream about him daily. He felt like someone Dawn could trust. That, and the visions, was why she let him touch this great power.

Flashes of Prometheus’s life flashed in Dawn’s mind. Glimpses, some more than fragments, but she saw him and someone who looked like Jon, just older. A few other people flashed into her mind from his, some friends, some enemies, some trusted above all others.

“Well, that was unexpected,” said Prometheus.

“You think? So is there something else we need to do?”

“Not now. We have other things to do, both you and me. I may be back, but things have to be done first.”

“Ok, take care of yourself, Daniel.”

With those words, Destiny changed course.
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