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Wishful Thinking

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Summary: Willow wishes - two decades, a continent and a dimension away - someone else wishes too.

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Harry Potter > Willow-CenteredamusewithaviewFR719300112,41523 Nov 0823 Nov 08Yes
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
A/N: Something that's been floating around in my head. I haven't had much (read: any) time to do, well, ANYTHING lately. So updates on my other story might take awhile.
BtVS timeline: right after the whole M.O.M. thing. HP timeline: pre-books.
Continuation: Um... I might, but honestly, I'm sorta hoping someone else will want to pick this up...
Reviews: appreciated!


Willow's eyes filled with tears as she looked at the wreckage of her room. Fish-tank smashed, clothing strewn about the floor and all her carefully-bought and cared-for magic supplies destroyed. Her mother had poked her head in about a half an hour ago and frowned vaguely, then told Willow to clean her room.

"Organized room, organized mind," Sheila had reminded her. "Your father and I have been called out of town, last-minute addition to the signing tour. We're leaving some money on the counter and…" she surveyed the room idly, "We'll leave a little extra so you can buy some new clothes for yourself for the summer. Sears is having a sale next month."

The redhead wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and sniffled. Her parents were going to be gone, again. She would probably be alone this summer, again. "It's not – " she sighed and slid off the bed, kneeling on the ground as she began to sort through the various crushed herbs. "I wish I had parents that c-cared, parents that were ok with – parents that liked magic." Willow chuckled sadly, "While I'm at it, why don't I wish for a cute little puppy or a sister…"


"What are you doing?" Petunia Evans hissed.

Lily jumped, her head still full of the effects and variations of the amount of adder scales in a common 'dizzy draught', and looked up at her irate sister. "What?" She pushed an unruly lock of red hair behind her ear, "I'm dancing the Viennese waltz, what does it look like I'm doing Petty?"

"I see what you're doing, but why are you doing it here? Where anyone can see you?"

The redheaded witch looked around the room, bright light shown in from the windows and through them she could see the privacy fence that enclosed their small yard. "Who's going to see me? Not everyone is as interested in what people do in the privacy of their own homes as you are, Petunia."

A faint red flush rose up the older girl's cheekbones and she grit her teeth. "I – you – you little freak! Why can't you keep your weirdness in your own room? It's one thing to – to actually go to that freak school and quite another to just leave your freaky stuff lying all over the place! I can't even have Vern – friends over without worrying they're going to stumble over some – some piece of magic crockery!"

"That's your problem, not mine." Lily looked back down at her homework resolutely, not wanting her sister to see the tears that were pricking at her eyelids. "Anyway, mum and dad don't have any problem with it; they have friends over all the time."

Petunia sniffed, folding her arms, "They're just as bad as you are. They think it's so – so bloody wonderful!"

"'Tunia," Lily sighed, schooling her expression into one of mischief as she looked up, "Have you ever thought that, well, mum and dad are alright with magic and I'm a witch. Maybe you're the one who's not normal?"

"I – that's," Petunia spluttered, "Just keep your freak things out of sight!"

The young witch watched with sad eyes as her sister stormed up the stairs, flinching when she heard Petty's bedroom door slam. She blinked furiously, forcing back her sorrows as she tried to concentrate on the words on the page.

"Bugger," she muttered, tossing her quill onto the parchment. "It's not – I wish I could have had a sister who liked – who was like me." Lily picked the eagle-feather back up, and sighed. "It would be nice to have someone to talk to, at school…"


In a place beyond time, a beautiful woman's face suddenly morphed into a visage of unspeakable horror. She smiled, baring sharp fangs and black gums, "Wishes granted, my pets. May you get what you needed, as well as what you seem to want."


Rose Evans smiled wearily into her husband's anxious green eyes, "I'm fine. Really. Bring her in."

He nodded and went to the door, opening it a crack to admit a slight figure. Quick as a flash a tiny form scaled the hospital bed and settled beside Mrs. Evan's knee. Long, stick-straight red hair framed a pixyish face and bright, solemn hazel eyes.

"Is dis my sissy?"

"Yes, Willow," Rose tilted the bundle wrapped in her arms slightly, to show the tiny red face. "This is your sister, Lily Elizabeth Evans." She shifted the bundle and reached one arm out to scoop her elder daughter closer so they were sitting side-by-side on the hospital bed.

Willow wrinkled her nose, "She's small."

"She'll get bigger," Robert Evans reassured her, moving to the side of the bed, draping one arm across the pillows to be closer to his three girls. "When she's older you two will be best friends."


"Yes, dear. I promise."

Little Willow leaned closer to the bundle and smiled, "Hello Lily! I'm going to be the bestest big sister ever."

Lily cooed softly and, to her parent's consternation, grinned.


AN2: So? Please drop me a line if you liked it, or want to adopt it. Free to a good home!

The End

You have reached the end of "Wishful Thinking". This story is complete.

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