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Blame it on that evil *bleeping* slayer!

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Blame it on that evil *bleeping* ....". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The last person Xander ever expected to see again was Dean Winchester. He should’ve expected to run into him again given their career paths. Xander/Dean Slash

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Supernatural > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Dean Winchester(Moderator)DemonaFR2113,280263,75623 Nov 0823 Nov 08Yes

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TITLE: Blame in on that evil *bleeping* slayer!
AUTHOR: Demona
REQUESTOR: blue_icy_rose
FANDOM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Supernatural
PAIRING: Dean/Xander
WORD COUNT: ~3,109
WARNINGS: Slash (of course)
SUMMARY: The last person Xander ever expected to see again was Dean Winchester. He should’ve expected to run into him again given their career paths.
DISCLAIMER: "A vague disclaimer is nobody's friend." - I do not own any of the characters in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and/or Angel the Series, they belong to Fox, the WB/UPN, Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, etc. The characters of Supernatural belong to Eric Kripke, The WB, The CW, etc. Please do not copy or take this story without my permission.
NOTES: Set after Blame it on that evil *bleeping* witch!. You don’t necessarily need to read it, but it will help explain Xander and Dean’s past.
Set during Season Two of Supernatural, set after Season Seven of Buffy.
BETA: feeferj, thanks for looking this over. All mistakes are mine.

Written for the slashfest challenge:
blue_icy_rose’s Challenge:
FANDOM: Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Supernatural
Prompt: Dean/Xander Xander is at the Roadhouse to get information on a demon when Dean and Sam show up to talk to Ash (about what, I don't know, it could be whatever). While Sam and Ash are talking research, Dean and Xander play pool and then decide to go back to one of their rooms. Post-Chosen for BtVS, season 2 for SPN.


Xander finished up the last of his dinner at a corner table in the Roadhouse. He pushed his plate aside and took a swallow of his beer. Ellen always had the best house brew.

“You all done?” Jo asked as she appeared at his side. She had a handful of dirty plates balanced in one hand.

“Yeah Jo,” Xander answered as he handed over his empty plate. “Can I get another on your way back by?”

“Of course. Did Mom give you any details on that demon?”

“Not yet. Ash is still working hard on it though.”

“He’ll come up with something shortly. Where are you staying tonight?”

“Got a room up the road.”

“’Fraid to stay here again?” Jo teased and laughed.

“Seeing Ash naked once was one too many times for me.”

Jo just laughed as she weaved her way through the crowd.


The Roadhouse door was yanked open and two guys walked in. Xander knew they were hunters from how they carried themselves, but he couldn’t see their faces.

Jo stopped by the pair on her way back with his beer. Xander watched as he face lit up, her smile grew almost too big for her face, and her body posture shifted into something slinky – seductive. Clearly at least one of the guys was attractive.

They chatted for a few more minutes before Jo let them go and made her way over to Xander.

“Here you go,” she said as she slid his new mug onto the table.

“Somebody’s got a crush,” Xander lightly teased.

Jo blushed heavily and snuck a quick glance at the pair that had made their way to the bar. “Don’t act like you’ve never had a crush before Xander Harris.”

“Oh I have – had a few. But giddy looks so much better on you.”


Xander watched the two guys as they ordered their beers from Ellen. She knew them, knew them well enough that she had them ready and waiting for them. It didn’t surprise him because she knew more than people realized. But he’d been stopping in pretty frequently for awhile and he’d never seen either of them before.

They spoke with Ellen for a few minutes before she ducked through the back for a moment, yelling to Ash, before returning to tend to other customers. Ash came bouncing through the kitchen saloon doors a few moments later. His smile was wide and genuine and it was obvious that he liked the two guys standing before him. Ash tilted his head back and motioned towards his room upstairs after they spoke for a few moments. The taller of the two followed Ash upstairs, and the other turned to take in the bar.

Recognition socked Xander in the chest as he realized the hunter was Dean Winchester. It shouldn’t have been a surprise to run into Dean in a hunter-friendly bar, but it hadn’t happened so far, and Xander had kind of put that whole night behind him.

But now it was coming back, in color and surround sound, and he realized that he wanted it – wanted it again. He shifted in his seat, his pants suddenly too tight, and the air a little too warm in the bar.

He was going to kill Faith the next time he saw her, just on principle. Because if it had been any other slayer that had been with him when he saved Dean Winchester, they would have never had a wild, crazy, and hot threesome.


Xander let out a nervous breath before he moved through the thin crowd and stacked his quarters on the edge of the pool table to call the next game.

Dean was bent over the table, lining up his next shot. His eyes took their time tracking up Xander’s hand, up his body, and to his face. Xander could tell the exact moment Dean recognized him. His eyes left Xander for a second as he scanned the bar. A slight flair of irritation coursed through Xander as Dean searched the bar for Faith.

“Flying solo tonight?” Dean asked as he turned his attention back to his shot.

“Have been for awhile now,” Xander answered with a deliberately casual shrug.

Dean took his shot and the seven ball rolled into the side pocket. "You just passing through?" Dean asked as he rounded the table to line up his next shot.

“Just until Ash puts together everything I need.”

“So your project is what Ash was working on?” a ridiculously tall, good-looking brunet asked as he stepped up to the table. He’d been the one that had come in with Dean earlier. “Sounds like something nasty your tracking,” he added with genuine concern.

Xander gaped a little at the guy’s comments. That information wasn’t supposed to be public knowledge, not even among other hunters.

“Don’t get your panties all in a twist, Xand. I’d never share this information with just anyone. The Winchestsrs – they’re good people, man,” Ash commented as he walked around from behind the new guy.

Xander heard Dean take the next shot and the ball sinking into the pocket. One more shot and the game was over. “Doesn’t matter,” Xander got out, impressed with how even his voice came out. This hunt was his and his alone. He didn’t need anyone horning in.

Ash nodded and looked down at the folder in his hands. He ran his thumb over the top for a second before he handed it over to Xander.

“It’s all here. You’re gonna need backup.”

“I’ll handle it.”

“Look, you should probably take someone with you,” the brown-haired guy interrupted again.

“Leave it Sam. Xander’s more than capable of taking care of himself,” Dean commented and then took his final shot.

The groan of the loser accompanied the sound of the nine ball finding a pocket.


Dean thought it would be an easy bet, Xander knew it. Playing pool against a guy with only one eye should have been an easy game. But Xander had adapted plenty over the years since his loss…which was why they were headed up the back stairs of the Roadhouse, headed to the room Dean and Sam were sharing. The bedroom was right next to Ash’s, right next to where Ash and Sam were hard at work on a project for the Winchesters, and right where either of them could hear what was about to happen. On second thought perhaps Dean lost on purpose just for an opportunity to torment his little brother.

Xander kicked the door shut after he shoved Dean into the room. He spared a quick glance around the room, looking for the bed, trying to determine which was Dean’s. The folder with Ash’s information landed with a thump on the floor next to their feet. And Xander turned his full attention on Dean.

“Don’t have much time. Sammy might come in here any moment,” Dean whispered against Xander’s lips as Dean backed them towards the closest bed. He surged forward and claimed Xander’s lips, aggressive and harsh as his teeth sunk into Xander’s lower lip.

“What, don’t want your little brother to come in here and find you taking it up the ass?” Xander asked as he bent his head and latched onto the side of Dean’s neck. He bit down hard, teeth sinking into the skin as he sucked. There would be an imprint of teeth that Dean’d have to explain away later.

“Who said anything about me taking it?” Dean growled back as he thrust his hips against Xander’s.

Xander pulled away and swiped his tongue over the already forming bruise before he looked at Dean. “Not gonna happen any other way,” he stated not backing down. “Not tonight,” Xander pressed.

“One of these days I’m going to turn the tables on you,” Dean muttered as he broke away from Xander and headed over to his duffel bag. He bent over to grab the bag before hefting it up and tossing it onto the small table.

Xander followed after him and pressed up against Dean’s back as he sorted through the bag. “Gonna fuck you right here. Drop your pants around your ankles, bend you over this table, and take you right here,” Xander whispered to Dean as he thrust against Dean’s ass.

Dean moaned and ground back against Xander. “What if Sam comes in?” Dean asked even as he pulled the condoms and lube out of the bag.

“Better hope we’re fast enough that he doesn’t,” Xander replied as he gripped Dean’s hips.

Xander’s hands slid around to the front of Dean’s jeans, one sliding under his shirt to rest on his stomach, the other sliding down to cup his erection. He traced along the length and Dean thrust forward into his hand.

“Don’t have all day Xander. Hurry up,” Dean ground out as he reached for his belt.

Xander grabbed his hands and put them flat down on the table. “Keep them there,” he told him and started to work on getting Dean’s jeans open.

Xander unhooked the belt and worked on getting the jeans open. He pushed them down Dean’s hips and they fell in a pile around his ankles. His black boxer-briefs clung nicely to his ass. Xander took a moment to squeeze Dean’s ass through the soft cotton before he hooked his thumbs in the waistband and pulled them down as well.

“Back up just a bit and lean forward,” Xander quietly said as he rested a hand on Dean’s bare hip. Dean slowly shifted backwards and leaned down to brace himself on the table. Xander nudged at Dean’s feet until he got the message and spread them out as far as his jeans would allow him.

“God, I can’t wait to get inside you,” Xander muttered as he pressed himself against Dean’s back and thrust his jean-clad erection into Dean’s bare skin.

“Well then do it. Shut up and do it,” Dean responded and pushed back into Xander.

The lube appeared over one of Dean’s shoulders, but he remained facing the wall. Xander took it from him and quickly popped the top. He squirted out some into his palm and tossed the tube back onto the table. When he was satisfied it was warm enough, he coated his fingers and pressed one against Dean’s hole. Dean tensed for a brief moment as Xander just circled, smearing lube at the entrance. When Dean relaxed, Xander pushed his first finger inside.

It was hot and tight and Xander remembered exactly how it had felt the first time he’d been inside Dean Winchester. He wanted to rush it, wanted to just push inside rightthissecond but he knew Dean didn’t bottom often and he didn’t want to hurt him.

“So tight. When’s the last time you let someone do this to you?” Xander asked as he slowly worked his finger in and out.

Dean just moaned and pushed back onto Xander’s hand, but didn’t answer the question.

“Come on Dean. It’s been awhile. How long since someone pushed you down and fucked into this tight, pretty ass of yours?” Xander pushed. He pulled his finger out and slowly pushed back in with two.

“God…” Dean managed to get out in an obscene breathy moan as Xander kept pressing his fingers in.

“Not gonna answer me….then the answer’s gotta be too embarrassing. Don’t tell me it’s been since the last time you and I were in this position, Dean,” Xander continued to speak. He slid the two fingers in and out, slowly letting Dean adjust, before he began to spread and twist them.

Dean was rocking back and forth, fucking himself on Xander’s fingers. Xander watched as his fingers disappeared into Dean’s tight ass, knowing he would be in there soon.

“Yes, fine, okay. Yes, you were the last. Just come on, Xand… I’m ready, come on,” Dean muttered and smacked the table.

“One more, one more Dean, we’ll get there,” Xander told him as he reached for the lube. He pulled his fingers out and added a little more to his three fingers before he pushed them into Dean.

“Fuck,” Dean whispered as he tensed around the fingers.

Xander reached around and wrapped his slick hand around Dean’s dick. It was still hard, but not as hard as it had been a few moments earlier. Slowly Dean began to rock forward into his fist, sliding the fingers out of him, and then rocking back onto them. Xander let him control the pace, only twisting and spreading his fingers from time to time. Dean’s dick was steadily leaking and his mouth was streaming filth when Xander decided he’d had enough and just needed to be inside him.

He carefully pulled his fingers out of Dean and a condom appeared over Dean’s shoulder in a slightly shaking hand. He took it and slipped it between his lips for a second while he reached down and struggled to get out of his clothes. His hands slipped over his belt and he fumbled for a few seconds before he was able to get it free. He wiped his hands off on his jeans, leaving slick smears down the side that he would worry about later. Now, now he just had to get inside Dean. His pants pooled around his ankles and he managed to push his boxers down enough that he could get dick free and move his hips.

He took a breath to steady himself before he ripped open the package and slid the condom onto his dick. He added a little lube and smeared it along his length with a few quick strokes.

“Come on Xander,” Dean brought him back from his own pleasure.

He carefully held his dick as he pushed into Dean. The head slipped inside and he paused, prepared to wait for Dean to adjust, before he started to slowly push in. But Dean had other ideas. He pushed back, and Xander’s eyes crossed as he slid completely home in one push.

“I’m not a girl,” Dean grumbled as he breathed heavily.

“No need to hurt you though,” Xander replied as he grabbed onto Dean’s hips, his fingers sinking into the pale skin.

“I want to feel it Xander. Think you can manage that?” Dean asked as he turned to look over his shoulder. There was a wicked gleam in his eyes. The challenge was clear.

Xander leaned forward, pushing further into Dean, as he caught Dean’s mouth in an awkward kiss. He let go after a moment and pushed Dean’s hips forward as he pulled his own back. He watched as his dick slipped out, inch by inch, until only the head remained. And then he slammed back in. Dean lurched forward, hands sliding along the table, trying to find purchase but not able to.

“Oh you are going to feel it, alright,” Xander promised.

He didn’t hold back. Didn’t give Dean a chance to get used to the feel of him inside him. He fucked into him, alternating between thrusts and rhythms, never letting Dean relax into a particular one.

It didn’t take Xander long to come. He’d been worked up since he realized it was Dean Winchester that had walked into the Roadhouse. Walking up to the pool table and setting down the quarters had been the beginning of their foreplay for the evening. And when he realized Dean was interested in another round, he’d almost dragged him upstairs right then and there. Xander’s thrusts sped up, became erratic, as he fucked toward his release. He came with a loud groan, muffled in the skin of Dean’s shoulder. His heart was racing, beating hard against his chest, as his hips continued thrusting, pushing him through his release as he filled the condom. He collapsed against Dean’s back, hips still weakly thrusting into Dean.

He felt Dean try to move, try to shift enough weight to balance on one hand to get the other free. But Xander beat him to do, sliding a hand down off Dean’s hip and grasping his cock. It was slippery with precome and Xander easily set up a tight, hard rhythm. It only took a few moments of pulling on Dean’s dick before he was tensing up, squeezing down hard on Xander’s sensitive dick, and coming all over Xander’s hand and the table below him. Xander kept stroking him through it until he felt Dean slide back away from his hand.

They stood there for a few moments, sucking in air and trying to slow their breathing down. It was Dean that moved first, coming back to himself and realizing that his brother was next door and could come barging in at any moment. He turned to look back over his shoulder. His lips were red and bloody from where he’d chewed on them. Xander’s dick gave a little twitch of interest and they both groaned.

“Uh…enough. Get off me,” Dean said with a smirk and a chuckle to soften the words.

Xander held onto the condom and pulled out. They both shivered at the sensation. He slid the used condom off his softening cock and tossed it in the trashcan next to the table. He pulled his boxers back up over his hips, and did the same with his jeans.

They dressed in silence, both still coming down from their climaxes and neither quite sure what to say now that they were done. Faith had been there the last time. Faith had defused the situation with lewd humor and her hot naked body dancing around the hotel room.

“I should get going,” Xander finally said when they were both dressed and just standing there.

“Yeah, okay,” Dean replied.

Xander nodded and turned to leave, but Dean grabbed him, laced his hands into his hair, and pulled him in for a hard kiss. Nothing about them was gentle, nothing soft or yielding, and Xander appreciated it. They kissed, teeth clacking, for a few moments before Dean released him with a leer and a wink.

“See you around Xander,” he finally said.

Xander smiled, an honest smile, and replied the same.


Xander clutched the folder tight to his chest as he pulled open the bedroom door and almost ran into Sam as he suddenly appeared. Sam slowly took in Xander’s flushed cheeks, his disheveled hair, and a confused look crossed his face.

“Nice meeting you, Sam,” Xander told him as he stepped around Sam and moved out in to the hallway. He didn’t look back as he headed toward the stairs to exit the Roadhouse. That was going to be one hell of an awkward conversation between those two brothers.


The End

You have reached the end of "Blame it on that evil *bleeping* slayer!". This story is complete.

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