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Always Blood

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Rules of the Hunt". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The team is having difficulty profiling their latest unsub when they get a mysterious visitor.

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Television > Criminal MindsTelumielFR1331,85343230,65424 Nov 0828 Nov 08Yes

The Profile

Disclaimer: This is what happens when I watch too much Criminal Minds. And if I am watching it that much, then it is pretty obvious I don't own it.

No spoiler alerts for either series. But FYI, it is set at least 4 years after BtVS Season 7. Criminal Minds is pretty violent, but I tried to keep it toned down. I was freaking myself out, so my descriptions got heavily edited. :) On to the blood...


Blood is inherited and virtue is acquired. Venezuelan Proverb


It had been a particularly grueling day for everyone on the team. Night had once again come, and they knew they would be finding another body in the morning. Another parent would lose a daughter; another brother would lose a sister; another boyfriend would lose a girlfriend. Forever.

“Ok, so what do we know?” Hotch asked them to recap their profile. Something wasn’t adding up. Maybe if they went over it one more time they would see it.

“All of the victims are teenage girls from good families. They are different ethnicities, went to different schools, had different interests. He doesn’t really appear to have a type,” summarized Derek.

The rest of the team began throwing in bits and pieces of the unsub.

“Knows enough about them to know how to get them to go with him. They were all good girls, not party girls. They wouldn’t go with someone crass or hanging on them. He is charming enough to get them away from their friends, but not too flirty. Probably makes them feel special.”

“This also means he is slightly older than them. Older enough that they are flattered by his attention, but not so much older it feels weird. Early twenties, definitely good looking.”

“They had probably seen him once or twice around, but he was outside their circle of friends. This means their guard doesn’t come up as quickly.”

“He plans ahead for his kill zones, but the place has little or no meaning to him. He always uses empty warehouses or abandoned buildings. Smart enough not to use the same place or even the same street twice.”

“The way he kills them is almost…almost like he is taking what they are. What makes them girls is horribly mutilated. All of the parts of a woman that men are stereotypically attracted to are stabbed repeatedly. The ME said he gave up trying to count the entry wounds. The unsub is taking away their femininity.” This, of course, was the ruminations of Reid.

“And then, after all that, he goes through a ritual with occult overtones. It is his signature, but one of the most elaborate ones I have ever seen. The level of intricacy corresponds to the level of violence. He feels the need to do it because of what he has done, but not out of remorse. That is where he gets off.”

“He kills nightly and, from what we can tell, always has.”

“Which is unusual…no cooling off period. With this level of violence statistically there are 2.4 months between the first kills. It is almost like he started killing after he devolved.”

“We are dealing with an organized sexual sadist and psychopath who is not going to stop.” Hotch summarized.

“Not bad, but why do you head shrinks always think it is about the sex?”


So who do you think it is?
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