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No happy endings (Revised)

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Summary: Dawn tells Dean what she really is, Dean freaks and reverts to type

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Supernatural > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Dean WinchesterkateruthFR151924,09323524,93024 Nov 0821 Feb 10No

Chapter One edited

Title: No happy endings
Summery: Dawn tells dean what she is; Dean freaks and reverts to type
Spoilers: Season 5 BTVS none specific for Supernatural
Rating: PG 13
Disclaimer: All characters belong to their respective owners I am only playing for angst value. Everything belongs to Joss Whedon and Eric Kripke
Notes: The story is being heavily updated but this should be the last edit for chapter one. Thanks to my lovely and talented muses museinspire and Maraliz for their help.

Dawn couldn't quite believe she'd been so stupid again.
She'd been so dumb; dumb in leaving college to hone her Watcher skills, dumb for leaving home and double-dumb for getting involved with Dean Winchester.
It really shouldn't have been a surprise. She had traveled with him for almost six months before anything had happened between them, she had seen the way he had casually hooked up with women for the night and then left; sometimes with a promise to call, most times with nothing more than a cocky smile and a 'thanks Babe'.. So she really shouldn't be curled up on the old leather seat of a diner shaking and fighting tears.

But she was, and the image of Dean and her; her legs wrapped around his waist as he.... She viciously shut down the memory, wishing it was one of the fake memories the monks had created for her when she wasn't real. But that wasn't the case this time. This was real and it hurt like hell.

She knew how he felt about the supernatural but she had hoped that she was human enough now that he could overlook it. But the look on his face when she had told him had twisted her insides around until she had felt so small and cold and alone that she had to leave, and when she had come back he had moved on. She quickly and firmly squashed the memories that threatened to overwhelm her.

She checked her phone out of habit, but there were no messages.. The pragmatic Watcher side of her told her that of course he hadn't called! He more than likely wouldn't. She couldn't help feeling like a stupid little girl. But even now she couldn't summon up enough dignity not to want to go crawling back to him after he had shown that he clearly didn't want her. God, she felt so pathetic.

The only saving grace was that Buffy hadn't given her the third degree when she had summoned enough courage to call her. Her sister had been amazingly generous, listening to her in silence, offering to send a car for her and generally being the best sister in the world at that moment. She had instantly shut down Buffy's idea of coming to get her, not the least of it had been because of the humiliation of having her older sister bail her out, but also because she wasn't so mad at Dean she wanted Buffy to kick his butt. Well she was that mad, but it wouldn't make her feel better anyway.

She took a long drag of Coke, wishing she had ID so she could buy beer but even if she did, looking around the diner she knew it was better to be on guard; she could fall into a stupor at home. Out here there were hundreds of things looking at her like she was dinner and most of them were demonic.

She hefted the bag onto the table and looked at the contents, she'd done a pretty good job at exorcising Dean from her life; all her clothes were neatly folded, her IPod and phone neatly tucked away. No trace of Dean whatsoever. It was then, when she was pawing through her duffel that she realized she had packed his Metallica T shirt.. Maybe there was a medal for stupidity, Dawn thought, if so, she was getting gold.

She had told Buffy once, when she was heartbroken over Riley and his episode of being an ass, that she would have taken the pictures down, She would not want to see the face of the man who had betrayed her and Dawn stood by that statement.

Out of sight out of mind.

She didn't look up even as she realized he was standing above her. The familiar scent of his aftershave and that Dean smell bringing back traitorous memories. She sucked her soda through the straw and waited him out.

"We need to talk." Was all she got for her effort.

"No." She wasn't going to make this easy for him.
"Dawn I admit I overreacted, I'm sorry," he says, roughly as if not used to apologizing, given his past history, Dawn supposed he wasn't. He didn't stick around long enough for aplogies.

"I'm sorry Dean, for ever thinking that you could ever be interested in someone like me." She was glad she sounded angry, it masked the humilation, the pain of the truth.

"Dawn if this is about that chick, then I...It didn't mean anything."

She looked up at him now and he wished she hadn't because he could feel her eyes drill into him as if she was inscribing her wrath, her pain upon his chest.
"That's the point Dean, it never means anything to you. If it hadn't been this argument it would be one a month down the line and you know what? If learned one thing all these years from watching Buffy, it was to get out while you still can," she states blankly, tiredly.

She got up and brushed past him and he let her, unable to fully comprehend that he could have screwed up this badly, but Dean was nothing if not a quick learner and in a few short strides he had overtaken her in the parking lot. He grabbed her with quiet strength, not enough to hurt her, but enough to pull her against him. She squeaked for a moment but any sound was swallowed by Dean's kiss, strong and passionate. He can't tell Dawn how he felt but he can show her. He felt her melt against him before her small fists were pressed against his chest, pushing him away. He sucked in air, feeling his lower lip covered in the strawberry lip gloss she wore.

He looked at her, so small and delicate and sad, so different from the strong, confident woman who hunted beside him, he knew he had said something wrong by the sadness that intensified in her eyes. He felt as if he had missed something small but significant, something that would open Dawn up.

"This is standard ‘Dean Seduction’ procedure," she stated. "This…" she gestured between them which Dean could only guess meant the sexual attraction between them. "works fine." She gently placed her palm over his heart, wanting some connection, wanting him to understand with a verocity that almost scared her "This is what's missing."
He felt the warmth of her hand on his shirt, seeping into his skin and he gently placed his hand on top of hers.

"I let you come hunting with me and Sammy, I let you drive my car, I let you put on the crap that you call ‘music’ on my stereo... Woman I love you! I freaked, okay? Anytime something matters well....I ain't good at this and I bolt. But I don't want you to go back to Cleveland or wherever big sister has her base. Stay here with me," Dean pleaded softly, desperately.
Dawn looked up at him and didn't reply
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