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Buffy and Wookiees

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Summary: What to do if you end up in a dark, dangerous forest? You rescue a puppy and make friends.

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Star Wars > Buffy-CenteredWhiteWolfFR151548,98270297103,91224 Nov 0831 Dec 09Yes
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Disclaimer: Buffy and the Wookiee aren't mine.
Time: A few years after Chosen and a few years before Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace. Except Spoilers. Most spoilers are from Star Wars.
Comment: This story is finished even the two sequels, more than 90,000 words.

Buffy and Wookiee

Buffy walked through a forest of trees, which could easily rival skyscrapers. The canopy of the trees was far up high and thick. It only let a shimmer of light through. Not many plants could thrive on the bottom of the Forrest. Those that could, were carnivore of nature. She almost got eaten by one of those plants. She had to do some weeding and gardening to get out of that mess.

The spared vegetation made it easier for walking. The obvious back-drawn of the situation was that she wasn’t on Earth anymore. Such forests and plants didn’t exist on Earth. She really hated being kidnapped and then thrown into a portal to god-knows-where. To add to it there wasn’t anything edible in sight or at least nothing that looked edible, like fruits or nuts.

She had walked for two hours and the only thing worthwhile seeing were some footprints of some kind of creature, which she wasn’t very excited to meet. With how big the footprints were she could imagine how big the creature itself was. She would have guessed at least twenty feet, probably more. It seem to have claws as toes and was walking on his hind legs.

Buffy wasn’t even slightly curious about meeting it.

It was good that Buffy had such great night vision, otherwise she would have been walking blind. Not that there was much to see; a few lizards and small mammals, man eating plants and of course the only thing which really worried her were the tracks. For a Hell dimension it wasn’t that bad, of course the tracks weren’t encouraging her, but there was a small chance it was a friendly plant eater. Not that there were much plants to eat for a very big creature. The plants might eat it instead.

The forest was eerie quiet, even with her enhanced hearing she couldn’t hear much. In her third hours she was getting a little despaired of finding anything civilized, edible or slightly comfortable to rest on. The despair of not seeing her family and friends again was sipping into her mental state. The quiet wasn’t helping much for it didn’t give her any distraction. Everything quickly changed when she heard the sounds of a struggle.

She didn’t hesitate and went straight for the sounds. The thought to have found something to scare the boredom outweighed the fear of finding something dangerous, which could scare her to death. But after all she was the Slayer and there was a great possibility that she could handle whatever made those sounds.

She ran toward the sounds and it became louder. When she rounded a Skyscraper trunk, she saw the creature, which roared in rage and intimidation. It, with all probability, had made those tracks she had found earlier. She halted in shock because it was even scarier than she had imagined. It looked like a damn T-Rex. The head was smaller, it had fur, his tail was a little smaller and it had longer arms.

Buffy was rethinking about her assumption of being able to handle whatever she would find. The only plus side of the situation was, that it was smaller then a T-Rex, not by much. Buffy’s instincts told her to get away from it, especially as she didn’t have any good weapons on her, with the exception of a piece of wood she had found lying around, to use as a club.

Before she could make a step backwards, she noticed why the Furry-T-Rex was making such a racket. It was about to eat a smaller creature, well smaller for the Furry-T-Rex. It probably was a head or two taller then Buffy. The smaller creature looked like a bear with manes, but it moved more like a human and had a spear-like weapon with a wicked metal blade at the top. At the moment the Bearman was seeking cover behind it keeping the Furry-T-Rex from eating him up.

Buffy had no doubt who would win this fight. The Bearman could only win with a lucky strike and the Fury-T-Rex was too careful, only snapping at the Bearman, when there was minimum of exposure to the weapon. She was now contemplating what to do. The Bearman was the first sign of civilization she had seen, since she had dropped into this world, but on the other hand there was no guarantee, that the Bearman was a friendly fellow, even after she had rescued him.

Buffy shook that thought out of her head. She wasn’t even sure, if she could rescue the Bearman or even survive an encounter with the Furry-T-Rex. But all her hesitations went out of the window, when she heard the Bearman cry in pain.

She sighed in defeat and ran toward the Furry-T-Rex, assessing its weakness and strength on the run. The Bearman was down with a gaping bite in his shoulder, where the Furry-T-Rex bit him.

She was going to execute a very difficult manoeuvre. She ran under the Furry-T-Rex torso between his legs. She held her club and swung it at its head, before it could take another bite out of the Bearman, which would have been fatal for the Bearman. She hit it right on the spot and the creature stepped back, more out of surprise than the force Buffy put behind it, although it could have squashed a human being.

It took a few more steps back to evaluate Buffy’s threat potential, before it would attack again. Buffy put herself between the Furry-T-Rex and the Bearman. The Bearman was surprised to see her and it whined like a wounded dog. It was still holding his spear bravely. Buffy was looking at her club and knew that she couldn’t hold the creature at bay with it, but with the spear she might have a chance. She threw her club at the Furry-T-Rex’s head to distract him. She pulled her arm back and looked over her shoulder.

“Spear please,” Buffy said it with authority and a bit of pleading in her voice.

The Bearman hesitated. He didn’t seem to want to be separated from his weapon being left weaponless with the Furry-T-Rex around, but then he stretched his arm out to Buffy, who grateful took the spear.

“Thanks,” Buffy said and the Bearman growled something in return. Buffy didn’t understand it, but she had the feeling it was an encouragement.

Now that Buffy had the spear, the Furry-T-Rex was even more cautious. Although it would have looked ridiculous to any bystander who would have come onto this sight, Buffy wasn’t about to give her advantage away to the Furry-T-Rex and started to twirl the spear in front of the predator. She let it twirl above her back and in front of her with such speed that it was blurry and it was making an eerie sound. She hoped that it would be enough to make it think twice before it would attack her, for she was planning to sell her hide for a great price and take it with her, if needed be.

The creature wasn’t attacking, but neither was it retreating. It was abiding its time. Buffy knew she couldn’t hold this pace for long and decided to give the Furry-T-Rex an incentive to leave. She leaped forward and slashed at its head, cutting it. Not deep enough to really wound it, but enough to hurt.

The Furry-T-Rex yelled out in pain and Buffy leaped away from its retaliation, which followed up quickly. It roared angry at Buffy, with wide open jaws, which could swallow her whole. Buffy attacked again and this time she went for the legs. The blade of the spear was sharp and slit through flesh with ease. Buffy was out of reach of his jaws, but not his arms. One claw was swung at her. She barely could avoid losing half her face. She rolled and went again for the legs. The creature turned his head in her direction and its body followed.

Buffy got on her feet and start moving to get at the back of the creature. It followed her and she was running circles around him. It looked like the Furry-T-Rex was chasing his own tail. Buffy was contemplating on how to take the creature down, before it would catch on and stopped turning around his own axle.

Buffy suddenly jumped at the tree, which was like a wall and veered back to the creature. The Furry-T-Rex was still in his axle momentum and couldn’t change his direction. Buffy flew pass the creature luckily avoiding its claws and slitting its throat. She landed on her feet with a roll ready to attack and defend herself, but the only sight she saw was the Furry-T-Rex standing in shock, bleeding from its throat.

Buffy relaxed somewhat and moved toward the Bearman still keeping her eye on the creature. A second later the Furry-T-Rex collapsed hitting the ground making the ground quack.

“Timber,” Buffy said cheery and turned to the Bearman. She kneeled next to him placing the spear next to her, close by if any other predator might think of showing up. He was looking astonished at her. He probably couldn’t believe what he had just witnessed. She only gave him a cheery smile. She looked at his wound and stretched her arm out to touch it without really touching it. Her fingers were hovering a few inches over the wound. They weren’t bleeding profound and no major blood vessel seemed to be broken or his specie healed fast.

“That must hurt like hell,” Buffy said sympathetic going for her blouse, ready to tear it up and use it as bandage.

The Bearman made some growls, gently placing his uninjured hand on her hands. He then pointed at a leather bag.

“Don’t tell me you have a first-aid kit with you?” Buffy sounded hopeful and walked over to the bag to get it. She opened it to see if there was anything useful in it. She was surprised to see a plastic container in it. She pulled it out to have a closer look at it.

The Bearman was now growling enthusiastic.

“You want this?” Buffy said, holding the container up. The sounds she got in reply sounded as a confirmation. She walked to him and handed it to the Bearman, who had troubles opening it. Buffy took it back and opened it. It smelled bad. The Bearman stuck his fingers into the container removing some balsam and was rubbing it over his wounds. He made sounds of relieve.

Buffy understood it and took it over from the Bearman finishing the job. He looked better, but the blood lost had taken his toll on the Bearman. The balsam had stopped all bleeding. While the Bearman closed his eyes, Buffy went through his bag to see if there was some other useful stuff. There was a knife in a sheath with a loose big enough for the Bearman to wear at his hip, when he would strap it across his chest over his shoulder. The next thing she removed surprised her. It looked like a portable computer. It had a lot of strange letters on it. It looked even more advanced than anything Earth had. It didn’t fit with the rest of the Bearman. Why was he carrying a spear instead of a more advanced weapon? Although the metal of the blade was of a strong metal or alloy.

She was wondering where she had landed, but there were more important questions to ask. Her first priority was survival, thinking on how to get back was secondary. She was hoping that her friends would find a way back for her. The Bearman was making some growl sounds to get her attention and stuck his hand out to her. Buffy handed him his stuff back.

He took the computer thingy and pressed a button to turn it on. A few more buttons pushed and he growled into the gismo. A moment later he got growls in response. It seemed to be a communicator. The Bearman didn’t talk long with his friend on the other side and only looked at her once, which Buffy assumed he was telling about her. She really hoped they were a friendly bunch or at least grateful.

After he had disconnected the call he placed it back in his leather bag and tried to get up. Buffy helped him up. When he was feeling steady on his legs he took the knife out of its sheath and walked toward the corpse of the Furry-T-Rex. He started cutting in it. After a few cuts she could see that he was starting to skin it. He turned his head to Buffy and gave her a small questioning growl.

“Oh, forget it,” Buffy said holding her hands in front her and shaking her head. “I think that I killed it and saved your life was enough.”

The Bearman gave her an amused grunt and continued with his work. It was a little difficult working with one hurt arm. He moved stiffly, but he wasn’t doing a bad job. Buffy only helped him to move a big body part, but otherwise didn’t want to dirty her hands. There were a few times that Buffy wanted him to take it easy, but the Bearman wasn’t slowing down by his injury. Either the balsam worked miracles or this creature had a high healing capacity.

Buffy’s belly started to growl. The Bearman heard her and turned to her. She looked apologetic. He chuckled a groan and while growling, he pointed to his bag. Buffy went for it and looked through it. She hadn’t looked thoroughly the first time she had gone through it, hoping to find something eatable. At the bottom was a plastic bag. It was sealed, but she could open it easily. It looked and smelled like dry meat. She wasn’t about to think about what kind of meat it was. Beggars couldn’t be a choicer.

She took a piece and took a bite out of it. She chewed on it. It wasn’t that bad. She offered the Bearman some, but he shook his head and kept on skinning. She sat their watching him. As there didn’t seem anything else to do. Then she picked up a sound, that didn’t sound natural. The sound reminded her of some kind of engine. The Bearman heard it too and started to roar. He got a response back from at least two different roars.

Buffy had deduced that it were his friends that came to help him. She was still hoping on them being friendly, but nevertheless she placed the spear across her legs, not wanting to give any impression of weakness.

The engine sound came closer and Buffy could see the light-beam of headlights. It was flying at least forty feet off the ground. When it was above them the light blinded her and it took her a few seconds before her eyes had adjusted. It landed gently and barely making a sound when it touched ground. Buffy was astonished at what she saw. It was some cross between a hovercraft and a truck with an open cabin. The back was big enough to store the Furry-T-Rex and that was probably why they had taken this vehicle and at the front in the cabin stood three more Bearmen.

“Wow,” Buffy said shocked for words. They were even taller then her Bearman and there facial features were more matured. Buffy turned to her Bearman. “You’re just a puppy!”

The Puppy, as Buffy was from now on thinking about her Bearman, didn’t understand and only grunted merry. Two of the new arrived Bearmen jumped out of the vehicle and talked with growls to the Puppy. They were at seven to eight feet tall. They seemed to be impressed by the kill, but the Puppy then pointed at her. Both turned to Buffy and stared at her with disbelieve.

Buffy was a little unease by their stares. She smiled weakly and waved back with a small, ‘hi’.

The third Bearman, who had piloted the vehicle, exited the vehicle and joined the others. He was the tallest of them. Buffy had noticed that they were carrying some riffles that would make Xander and Andrew piss in their pants from envy. They could have come right out of a SciFi movie or tv-show. The last one had a crossbow. Buffy felt under armed. She could only hope the blade was strong enough to take a few of their blasts.

The third Bearman started to argue with the Puppy. He was towering over him. The other two were walking toward her. Buffy stood up leaning on the spear. The Bearmen were talking with her with growls and grunts, and with gestures. Buffy thought that they were talking about her kill.

“Yep,” Buffy replied and held the spear off the ground showing that she was the one who did it.

The Bearman on her right gave her a friendly pat on her shoulder, probably congratulating her. If she wasn’t the slayer she would have buckled through her knees. Then the two went to the corpse and continued with skinning the Furry-T-Rex and butchering it out, continuing where the Puppy had started it. While one was skinning the corpse the other was removing its guts/intestines and other inner organs.

Buffy attention returned to her Puppy and the third Bearman. They were in an argument. Buffy walked over to them. She reached them just before the taller Bearman was about to slap her Puppy. Buffy went on instinct. Even though she only knew him for a short while, he had become her friend. And nobody touches the Slayer’s friends and gets away with it.

She swung her spear toward the back of the taller Bearman’s knees with the handle end of the spear. Taken by surprise he went down through his knees and landing on them. Buffy twirled and hit him in the face with a roundabout kick, which made him end flatten on his back. She twirled the spear so that the blade ended at his throat.

“Nobody touches Puppy, while I’m around. Got it!” Buffy said ending it with a growl to emphasize her words, which he didn’t understand.

The taller Bearman wasn’t moving. He was still surprised, how quickly he was taken down, even with a sneak attack. He might not have understood the words, but the growl and the glare Buffy gave him, spoke volumes. Before he could response, his fellow Bearmen were roaring with laughter at his humiliation. He turned his head toward them and roared back at them to be quiet. When he turned his head back toward the human woman, she had removed the blade from his throat and was hitting the teenager over his head.

“You have no right to look smug or offended, Puppy. You probably deserve a beating,” Buffy said slapping him over the head again. “For being so careless.” This time she poked him in the hurt shoulder where the Furry-T-Rex bit him. He roared in pain more out of shock than that it hurt that much.

“If I ever found you doing something stupid like that again,” Buffy pointed to the Furry-T-Rex. “I’ll feed you to one myself.” Buffy was glaring angry and disappointed at the Puppy. Who looked down embarrassed and made an apologetic sound. She took his arm and pushed him toward the other Bearmen, who were butchering her kill. “Now help your friends over there.”

The Puppy walked meekly to the others to help. Buffy turned to the Bearman that she had floored. He was looking amused up. She smiled back and offered her hand to help him up, which he took. It felt like picking up a horse. It wouldn’t have surprised Buffy at all if he was heavier than a horse. Buffy was glad that he wasn’t holding a grudge. He gave her a friendly pat on the shoulder and was going to the others, helping to strip the meat of the carcass. Buffy had no intention to help them and sat down to watch them. After a while she had fallen asleep. It had been a tiring day after all.

End Prologue.
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