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Twilight in Sunnydale

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Summary: Instead of James, Victoria & Laurent finding Bella & the Cullens in the field, The Bringers do. Based on the book series, not the movie.

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Twilight in Sunnydale

Chapter 1: Potential

Summary: Instead of James, Victoria & Laurent finding Bella & The Cullens in the field, The Bringers do. Based on the book series, but likely contains spoilers for the movie, which I have not yet seen.

Disclaimer: I certainly don’t own any of these characters.

Notes: I've read and re-read the site rules for posting, just in case I was in violation for posting this at the same time as the movie was coming out. I didn't see anything, so here goes. This story is set during S7 of BtVS and begins during the baseball game during Twilight. I haven’t seen the movie yet, so this is based on the book, hence why it is included under the Literature section. I don’t usually write 1st person POV, so please wish me luck on remembering to do so!

Thank you to MaraLiz & Rorylondra for your beta help!


I watched as Edward ran around the bases. Okay, correction. I didn’t even actually have time to blink and Edward was already on second base. One more crack of thunder and Edward was cheering with his team after he crossed home plate. Esme called him ‘safe,’ so I assumed he crossed home plate, but my human eyes couldn’t follow the action as well as I would have liked.

Suddenly, Esme tensed next to me and, in the next second, the entire family was surrounding me, creating a barrier between me and whatever danger Alice had likely foreseen. I knew that Edward had probably read the danger in her thoughts, but I could only assume that he had managed to share the information with the rest of the family, most likely too quickly or too low for my human ears to comprehend. It was enough to send me into a partial panic, turning into full on panic when dozens of robed beings charged out of the woods. Even in the lack of sunlight, I would see the knives in their hands. Although I rationally knew that knives would have no effect on The Cullens, I knew that for every rule, there seemed to be an exception that only existed when I was present. I hoped my never-ending bad luck wouldn’t get Edward’s family killed. They were talking to themselves, but it was Jasper, probably feeling my anxiety, who came to my rescue. I felt a wave of calm settle over me even before he spoke.

“Bella, we won’t let them get you,” he told me and I could hear the confidence in his voice. I just wasn’t sure, yet, how good of an actor he was.

“Get me? What do they want with me?” I asked. Weren’t these guys coming for The Cullens? Why would they be coming for me? What did I do?

Edward turned to me and kissed my forehead gently. “I would rather you not have to witness what we are about to do, but there are too many to run and guarantee your safety, so we’ll fight to protect you. Still, I dread the impending hatred and fear that will most certainly fill your eyes once you see us in action,” he told me, placing another quick kiss to my hairline before turning back to the enemy.

I could feel the family brace themselves for the fight. Emmett, Edward, and Jasper created a wider perimeter and Carlisle, Esme, Alice and even Rosalie redistributed themselves around me as a second line of defense. Knowing that the women were less inclined toward aggressive fighting than the men were, I was just beginning to ponder why Carlisle remained behind when Alice leaned toward me.

“Everything’s gone hazy and I can’t see the outcome. He’s staying behind as a precaution in case you required medical attention,” she explained before resuming her position.

Carlisle handed me the bat they had been using to play baseball and apologized to me, “I’m very sorry, Bella, that I have no other means of protection to offer you, should they get past us. We usually have no need for weapons and so we did not think to bring any with us.”

I nodded at him. Of course they didn’t think to bring weapons. They were the weapons!

Suddenly, Alice gasped and a moment later, Edward, Emmett and Jasper pulled back to close ranks, though I couldn’t tell why. A moment later, my question was answered as a swirl of red lights began to swirl in the clearing in between us and the robed men that I could now see were all disfigured in some way. The men didn’t seem to have any particular speed above that of normal men, but they did have a grace that I had come to associate with the supernatural world I now inhabited, but was not yet a part of.

The red swirl caught my attention again as it intensified and broke out into three distinct shapes. I felt Edward stiffen, once again standing next to me, my very own self-imposed vampire bodyguard. The forms solidified and I heard Rosalie gasp. While we were all concentrating on the potential threat of the nearest proximity, she had noticed what the rest of us had failed to see. The robed men had halted in their progression toward us.

With Edward’s attention refocused on the men, his eyes widened and he announced, “They’re re-evaluating their strength, wondering if they will have enough to get her now. Whoever or whatever these beings are, they have power.”

“Are they a threat, Alice?” Carlisle asked.

Alice’s frustration was evident on her face as she responded, “I don’t know. I can’t get a bead on them.”

“Then we must be prepared for anything,” Carlisle announced, once again taking up his defensive stance.

The lights swirled into cocoons until they faded to reveal three young women in front of them. Two of them had dark hair, though they were different shades and one of them had very distinct red hair. She seemed to be the one in charge as she glanced in their direction and then looked at the other two. The older looking brunette wore form-fitting clothes and quickly squinted her eyes suspiciously at The Cullens before turning her attention to what she must have perceived as the greater threat. With a nod of her head, she pulled a sizeable sword into view. Next to me, Edward snorted, but waved away my questioning gaze. I’d get it out of him later, I decided, then congratulated myself on believing that we would survive this encounter.

Alice subtly shook her head that she still couldn’t get a read on the situation, but Edward seemed to have relaxed a little bit. Apparently, his telepathy seemed to still be working. I didn’t get a chance to ask him what was going on because the redhead was finally speaking.

She addressed us first, “There’s a lot to talk about and I’m sure there will be lots of questions…”

She paused and glanced at the sword-wielding Amazon looking one before turning back to us, “…apparently, on all sides, but I suggest we get through this first and we can deal with the rest later.”

She turned to the younger brunette, “Dawn, we let you come along, but you get defense. Set up your perimeter and take out anything that gets past us.”

“Yeah, right,” Dawn grumbled, “Like anything ever gets past the two of you.”

“Dawn,” the redhead warned and Dawn sighed.

I recognized the sigh. It was the same sound I often made when being told that I wasn’t of any use in a fight and that I did not have any skills that I could contribute to help my family and friends. And, then Dawn pulled out a harness that was lined with sheaths containing at least a dozen knives. As she strapped it onto her chest, she looked over at us and gave a slight smile.

“Don’t worry,” she offered. “They are really good at what they do. I’ll be lucky if I see any action at all and nothing is going to get Bella. But, it would be best if you all stayed out of the way. Faith’s been itching to kill something since she broke out of prison last month to help with the impending apocalypse and the number of teenage girls in our house right now is enough to make anyone want to massacre the lot of them. It’s best to just let her get it out of her system before she thinks too hard on the fact that there are a bunch of vampires standing in defense of one of our charges. Oh, and here we go.”

A bag that I hadn’t seen before moved across the field toward the redhead, who had moved in line with the woman Dawn had indicated was Faith. The bag opened just as the robed men seemed to come to a conclusion that they should still attack and moved as one across the field. Faith grinned the same grin I had seen on Emmet’s face when he thought he was going to have a decent fight to engage in, but the redhead simply stood there, no weapon in sight. Suddenly, Faith moved forward and engaged the enemy in a blur that I usually only associated with The Cullens’ capabilities. She laid destruction in her wake, but there were too many of them for her to take all of them on herself and they were coming in from multiple angles. I understood why Dawn wanted The Cullens to stay out of the line of fire when dozens of knives began to fly out of the bag near the redhead, twisting and swirling in the air seemingly of their own accord. Although the knives wouldn’t hurt the vampires, I was pretty sure that they didn’t know that. Even if they did, it would make the job harder if the knives were careening off of their granite-like skin instead of hitting their intended targets. The carnage picked up and I knew that I was not the only one among us that was now staring in awe.

I risked a glance at Dawn and realized that she seemed unimpressed, maybe even bored, until her head suddenly picked up a second before Faith shouted a ‘pay attention’ to her and threw one of the robed men in our direction with such force that he bounced off of the meadow. He was on the ascending trajectory of the impact when one of Dawn’s knives flew through the air, impaling itself deeply into the robed man’s neck, killing him instantly. She called back a joyful ‘thanks!’ to the brunette even as she took another knife from its sheathe.

When the fight, or slaughter, was over, Faith was panting, but not as heavily as I would have been and I was shocked to see that there were black streaks fading from the redhead’s hair. In all of the chaos, I hadn’t even noticed that her hair had changed colors. I looked up at Edward when he pulled me closer to him, into his familiar protective embrace. As usual, I felt out of the loop, but I knew that I wouldn’t get half of the answers I was looking for until I could get Edward alone.

Dawn relaxed as the other two women began to walk back toward us again. All of the knives flew through the air, leaving a trail of blood that seemed to dissipate through the air immediately. The bodies of the robed men began to decompose at an exponential rate and when I looked up at Edward this time, he was watching Dawn. Her lips were moving, but I couldn’t hear her.

“What’s she saying?” I whispered to him.

“I don’t know,” he admitted, “It’s not in a language that I recognize, but I know she is the one cleaning up our field. Without knowing the words, her intention is to return the natural balance of the clearing.”

“There’s a language you don’t recognize?” I asked and he flashed me a quick smile.

“A few, but I’d wager that they fell out of common usage long before I was born,” he replied.

Suddenly desperate for knowledge, I pressed him, “Do you know what is going on?”

“A little. I know they don’t want you harmed and they know we’re vampires, but they seem to understand that we want to protect you, although the one that is Faith doesn’t trust us. She didn’t want to leave Dawn on the defensive perimeter because she thought the girl was too close to us and she wouldn’t be able to save her if one of us tried to attack her,” Edward explained. “That was about all I was able to get before they went into some type of a ‘battle’ mode and all of their thoughts were shielded from me.”

“That’s possible?” I wondered aloud.

“Apparently,” Edward responded and I could hear the wary quality his melodic voice had taken on. I knew my natural ability to keep Edward out of my mind sometimes bothered him, but given proof that it was possible for them to actually block their thoughts from his mind at their choosing also meant that they could possibly plant false thoughts as well.

Dawn must have been close enough to hear him speaking because she turned around and spoke to the redhead in a language I didn’t understand and with a nod of the woman’s head, I knew Edward could hear them again with his almost imperceptible sigh of relief. That relief was short lived when Edward and I realized at virtually the same time that Dawn was somehow aware that he could read her mind.



Xander always tells me that I’m observant, so it came as no surprise that I figured out pretty quickly that the people surrounding our charge, with their pale skin and golden eyes, were vampires. The second thing, almost immediately after the first, was that they were protecting her and, by the look of the bronze-haired boy who was certainly not a boy, at least one of them would protect her with his life…or unlife. Whatever. As long as they stayed out of Willow and Faith’s way, The Bringers will be dead and maybe we’ll have some new allies. God knows we need some. Mostly, all we have is a bunch of scared girls. Someday, they could have the strength and skill to survive the night in Sunnydale, but right now, I fight better than they do. Of course, I have Faith to help me learn how to improve my chances a bit, as long as Buffy doesn’t find out.

I must have been daydreaming a little too much because I barely noticed the wicked smile Faith threw at me before she threw one of The Bringers in our direction. He bounced on the ground and was dead before he landed again. All of my knife throwing practice was starting to pay off. I suspected that Faith’s concession to Buffy wanting me to be safely out of the line of fire was that I could take an enemy down from a distance. My aim was improving, but the chemical compound that I had laced the blades with would have killed The Bringer even if my aim had been off. That was Andrew’s idea. Okay, so it was based on the blade of the Witch King, but Andrew still cooked up the recipe for her, so she counted it as his idea.

The battle ended with all of The Bringers down and with Willow glaring at Faith for letting me play with sharp, pointy things. Damn! Now Buffy’s going to find out!

I heard what the vampires were murmuring about and my years of eavesdropping on the Scoobies’ conversation helped me to read their lips even when they were speaking too softly for me to actually hear the words. Apparently, one of the vampires was a mind-reader and Willow’s battle-mode spell was freaking them all out. I turned to her and told her to release the spell after I finished cleaning up the bodies and shared with her why. Although she was a little nervous about it, Willow agreed to do so after Faith snapped at her to start trusting my instincts. It felt strange having Faith sticking up for me, but I wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth. I did, however, wonder if he could read my thoughts or if my mind was just a big green blob to him. The look of confusion that cross his face at just that moment didn’t clear that up for me in the slightest. I made a note to see if I could talk to him later, but only if I could manage to get Willow distracted. She wouldn’t like that I was going to trust my secret to perfect strangers, and vampires at that, but considering we were standing in the middle of a field in daylight, not pure sunlight with the overcast day, but certainly enough daylight to flambé our normal stock of vampires, helped to convince me that these were not the same kind of vampires we were used to dealing with.

Faith, of course, decided to break the ice in her classic Faith fashion. Now that The Bringers were contained, she put her sword away and met Edward’s gaze. He nodded just slightly before she threw the stake she had in her hand at her full strength. Edward grunted, staggering backward, but not losing his balance as the stake splintered against his chest and fell in pieces to the ground. Well, that answered that question.

“Wicked,” Faith declared, and I knew she was contemplating whether she thought she could take on any of them in either a fight, or in bed.

From the look on Edward’s face, he could hear Faith loud and clear. He met my eyes again and the confused look returned. He flinched when he met Willow’s eyes and I could only imagine what he saw in her mind. Or, knowing Willow, she might have smacked him right out of her mind if she thought she might have the need to.

“Ladies, perhaps introductions are in order,” the blond male vampire stated. He looked like…well, he looked like their dad, actually. It wasn’t in his age, but in the way that he carried himself, the way he put himself between us and his family. I could see that now, they were a family and, Bella, the Potential the Seer had woken screaming about, held a place among them, as one of their beloved family members. It was clear, now that the dust had settled, that she was perfectly comfortable among these vampires, clinging to the bronze-haired one, not out of fear, but with a confidence that they would face any dangers together. The prospect of finding allies today just became more likely.

Taking a deep breath, I took a step forward. “Since you seem to have a mind-reader among you, I’m sure he could already tell you that our names are Dawn, Faith and Willow.”

Everyone except for the mind-reader and one other, a girl vampire with short, black hair, seemed surprised that I recognized the talent. Either she was another mind-reader, or she had some other type of talent. I would have to try to figure that one out. Maybe it would reveal itself as we talked some more.

The ‘father’ smiled in reassurance and I remembered another vampire who could make me feel safe with that same type of a smile. I silently wished Angel well, even as I turned my attention to what the blond vampire was saying.

“I’m Carlisle Cullen and this is my family. My wife, Esme. Our son, Edward and his lady, Bella. Rosalie and Emmett. Alice and Jasper. Welcome to Forks. What were those…things?”

“Short version. They’re called The Bringers. They are servants for The First,” I told him

“The First?” Edward asked, then staggered back again. I imagined that he read all he needed to in Faith’s mind when he tugged Bella into a protective embrace. “What’s a Potential? A potential what?”

Oh, this was going to go over well, I could tell. Oh, well, best to just get it over with. Judging by the snickers coming from Faith, I wouldn’t be getting any help from her and I knew that my begging Willow to be the one to get to tell this Potential was about to bite me in the ass.

“Um…Potential Vampire Slayer?” I replied, waiting for the fallout to happen.

I was met with stunned silence, until the one of the vampires, Rosalie, I think, suddenly burst out laughing. Quite hysterically, actually. It took her a few moments to compose herself and I glanced at Edward, who seemed to be looking at her with mild amusement. When she finally calmed down enough to speak, she giggled again as she announced, “Only you, Edward, would find not only a mortal, but a mortal that is destined to want you dead!”


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